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What is account-based marketing or ABM and why are B2B marketers so bullish on it?


Account-based marketing or ABM is a B2B marketing strategy that aligns sales and marketing efforts to deliver targeted advertising, as well as personalized content and messaging, to high-value accounts. ABM isn’t new, though. It has been used by B2B marketers for well over a decade.

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Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Account-Based Marketing Efforts


For the last several years, marketing experts have been driven by metrics that provide them with insight into their consumer market. As the digital space grows, more competitors come online and the marketplace changes, account-based marketing strategies become a more innovative method to teach impact and support marketing initiatives.


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A Complete Guide to Account-Based Marketing (ABM) For Marketers (Examples Included)

Pam Didner

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Account-based marketing (ABM) has become a buzzword in recent years. However, there is confusion among marketers concerning what it means and how to do it effectively. This guide is for those new to ABM or seeking to improve their approach. What is account-based marketing?

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Conquering Four Common ABM Hangups for the Big Win


Implementing and leveraging an account-based marketing (ABM) motion pays off with a larger, healthier sales pipeline, increased account engagement and bigger deals, closed more quickly. This post covers how to overcome four common challenges B2B revenue teams face when deploying an account-based strategy.

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The Definitive guide to Account-Based Marketing

Unbound B2B

Quick Summary: Account-based marketing is a strategic sales and marketing technique that engages and converts highly-targeted audiences. ABM is all about focusing your marketing efforts on high-value accounts that have the maximum potential of converting into sales.

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22 Potential Touchpoints for Your Next ABM Sales Play

The Point

When designing sales plays as part of your Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy, it pays to start with a few key questions: 1. Ex: cold outreach, warm outreach, account penetration, customer retention, cross-sell/upsell …). What is the primary objective? Click To Tweet.

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Align Your Revenue Team for ABM Success


Account-based Marketing (ABM), sometimes referred to as key account marketing, is a go-to-market (GTM) growth strategy based on account awareness, where a revenue team identifies and engages with individual customer accounts as markets of one. Opportunity accounts.