How to use Account-Based Marketing to Acquire High-Value Customers


Prologue: Account-Based Marketing is an approach wherein the B2B companies, particularly those seeking to reach the key decision-makers of specific accounts, prioritize and customize their marketing approaches for converting the most promising potential customers. Account-based marketing (ABM), also known as key account marketing, is a highly orchestrated approach to business marketing. Account Based Marketing

The B2B Marketer’s Quick Start Guide: ABM Orchestration

Heinz Marketing

By Brenna Lofquist , Senior Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing. In today’s digital technology landscape there are numerous platforms, tools and technologies at the disposal of every marketer—almost too many. Account targeting functionality.


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How to Manage an Account-Based Sales Team


If you’re keeping up with the latest B2B trends, you’ve probably heard or read the term “Account Based” recently. Many B2B organizations deal with a smaller lead pool and longer sales cycle, which means you’ve probably had to adjust your marketing campaigns accordingly. And, that’s where account-based marketing and sales come in. Your VP of Sales is responsible for managing your account-based campaigns.

How Account-Based Sales Development Benefits B2B Marketers


Account-Based Sales Development is an amalgamation of integrated strategies encompassing personalized, omnichannel & multi-threaded outbound activities to architect high-value opportunities for both the prospects as well as the existing customers & optimize their experiences to ultimately help B2B brands optimize their core bottom-line endeavors including the sales revenue optimization. Account-Based Sales Development (ABSD) involves focusing on quality leads.

How Today’s Go-to-Market Teams Generate Revenue


So, here it goes: Revenue growth for marketers has never been about capturing leads, doing a hand-off with your sales team, and then yet another hand-off to a different team when the lead becomes an actual customer. Target accounts that are already in-market with Bombora and G2 integration.

Benefits of Content Personalization for B2B Marketers


Benefits of Content personalization for B2B marketers are innumerable as it is the future-proof way for the marketers to attract, engage, convert as well as retain the customers in an era of digitization of everything. Furthermore, Gartner’s research shows that spending on ad & marketing technology is at the highest, amounting to a stunning 29% of the total marketing budget, thus, making it the single largest area of investment. B2B MarketingPrologue.


KickFire’s all-new IP-to-company API Aims at Optimizing B2B Firmographic Data


This provides the B2B marketers an excellent opportunity to leverage the company’s name to create hyper-targeted campaigns to attract, engage & convert the prospects from multi-channel marketing endeavors (regardless of DBA or the discrepancies about common names). This will allow the B2B marketers to streamline the criteria for market segmentation, based on diverse industries.

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How to find the target audience: 6 simple steps


According to HubSpot, “A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.”. When creating a buyer persona(s), the marketers should consider including customer demographics, behavioral patterns, motivation & goals. The following are some of the target market demographics examples & ways the marketers can use to find their personas on multiple channels across the web: 1.

Top Facebook Ad ideas for B2B SaaS Businesses


As most of the popular B2B SaaS companies are advertising on Facebook, the B2B SaaS marketers want to comprehend the best digital advertising strategies for their businesses. According to ZoomInfo, 39% of marketers stated that they have been using Facebook to converse with their audiences.


7 Benefits of Using B2B Martech Software During Lockdown


The B2B marketing landscape has evolved in recent years to be completely digitized. According to Emailmonday, on an average 51% of the companies are using marketing automation and about 58% of the B2B companies are planning to embrace the technology. What is B2B Marketing Software.

How B2B Marketers can Attract Gen Z to Improve Their Brand Value


For a major part of the last decade, the marketers invested numerous time & effort to attract the most inscrutable generation that ruled at our times – the Millennials. Millennials redefined the businesses & marketing technics in all spheres & were on the key focus radar of the marketers from all the sectors including the B2B industry. Methods to Draw Gen Z to B2B marketing Endeavors. B2B MarketingPrologue.

#10 Best Practices for Effective Lead Nurturing


Read more on How to Build Customer Loyalty with Content Marketing. Hence, effective lead nurturing strategies are crucial to bringing your marketing and lead generation efforts to full fruition. You can personalize your email marketing campaigns.

How to Design, Manage & Optimize Multichannel B2B Content Strategies


The modern B2B world businesses are witnessing transcendence – by raising their digitization games to showcase their products or services & by enhancing their web presence leveraging integrated approaches to build full-proof multichannel strategies for their marketing endeavors. The offline methodologies of research involve attending to the B2B marketing events, reading newspapers, watching televisions, following niche-specific influencers & listening to the podcasts.

7 Reasons to Use Content Marketing for the B2B Lead Generation


The very purpose of content marketing has been associated with the feedback mechanisms to trigger lead generation processes for B2B businesses. With the evolution of the content strategies for omnichannel marketing & with the evolution in the algorithms of the search engines, content marketing became an indispensable tool for the businesses, not only to generate leads but also to nurture them. Marketing has to create content people actually want.”. Prologue.


Why Content Distribution is the Perfect Marketing Strategy


Content distribution is something that qualifies as the perfect marketing strategy, as this is how marketers can provide the pieces of content to their audience groups for consumption through various channels & media formats. Content Marketing

Why B2B Marketers should focus on Data Preparation


The backdrop of B2B marketing has now evolved & companies have started brainstorming about the swathe of their digital footprints, left on several platforms at web, which are utilized in creating hyper-targeted advertisements or campaigns to attract, engage & convert their potential buyers. Artificial algorithms such as K-means clustering also help the marketers in hyper-targeting & converting their prospects through omnichannel marketing endeavors. B2B Marketin

5 Reasons to use Emotional Analytics in B2B Marketing


The perpetual brand proposition of a product or service that the existing & potential customers might have in their minds helps create hyper-personalized targeting strategies, to optimize the experiences of the prospects through omnichannel marketing endeavors. We breathe in an era where optimizing customers’ experiences are an indispensable element of B2B marketing endeavors & eventually paves the way for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). B2B Marketing


8 Reasons why B2B Marketers Should Prioritize Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM)


B2B marketers think that if they are providing spectacular products or services, it’s more than enough as the services will speak for themselves. Though the impact of inbound marketing in attracting, engaging & converting the prospects can’t be neglected , the former statement is also partially true, as it resonates with the positive word of mouth marketing in practice. Ways Businesses can effectively strategize & execute Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM).


THE HACKIES: A customer-centric approach to building marketing and sales stacks


What used to generally be a straightforward problem-solution-benefit sale has evolved into a complex, multi-phase, multi-channel engagement. For years the emphasis in the B2B market has been on sales acceleration — moving prospects ever faster through the sales and marketing funnel, and the funnel mistakenly being seen as the buying journey. To accelerate B2B buying, marketers need to have more than just a CRM, marketing automation, and web analytics.

5 Imperatives of B2B Content Marketing


Seth Godin, the famous American author & entrepreneur stated the importance of content marketeering as follows: “Content Marketing is all the Marketing that’s left.”. Any business is driven by a sense of awe that needs to be applied across all of its marketing sub-sets, including the content strategies, to inspire innovation. Having the brains for awe is something that lays the foundation for the marketers to introspect & think beyond the established patterns.