The Formula for Account-Based Marketing


Whether you’re already doing it – or thinking about doing it – you’re probably one of an increasing number of B2B companies transitioning to an account-based approach to sales and marketing. Peter K Herbert, VP of Marketing at Terminus, an Atlanta-based company helping sales and marketing teams execute ABM campaigns, was just such a professional. (In Watch the video series: A True Story of Account-Based Everything from DiscoverOrg.

The Force Behind High-Performing Account-Based Marketing


Account-based marketing (ABM) depends on many pieces coming together: marketing, sales, channels, data and metrics, to name a few. The accounts you target for ABM have multiple players, often on buying teams, who visit many sites and look at lots of content.


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Account Based Marketing Strategies: 7 Tactics to Improve Campaign Performance


With marketing technology changing the landscape and leveling the playing field, you can leverage ABM strategies to not only hit your monthly numbers — but to exceed them. This is crucial among account based marketing best practices but is often overlooked.

15 of the Best Account-based Marketing Software for 2020


Are you in the market for your new account-based marketing software solution? Recall that account-based marketing is a marketing strategy that targets companies, rather than individual customers. Account-based Marketing Software.

6 Account-Based Marketing Insights from #FlipMyFunnel


It was a great gathering of B2B thought leaders, innovators, and account-based marketing practitioners that highlighted how marketing and sales professionals are winning with ABM. Then, after your prospects become customers, you continue to actively market to them to grow their customer lifetime value and create advocates. For them, it started as an attempt to try something different when their broad-based inbound strategies were failing.

Social Intelligence Accelerates Account Based Marketing


A key strategic imperative of Account Based Marketing (ABM) is gaining insights about the intent of executives and decision makers within the prospect company. Knowing the intent of the key leaders in a company can help you formulate your sales strategy relative to that account, personalize your discussion and build long lasting trusted relationships. How do you gain insights about the intent of the buyers and influencers?

How to use Account-Based Marketing to Acquire High-Value Customers


Prologue: Account-Based Marketing is an approach wherein the B2B companies, particularly those seeking to reach the key decision-makers of specific accounts, prioritize and customize their marketing approaches for converting the most promising potential customers. Account-based marketing (ABM), also known as key account marketing, is a highly orchestrated approach to business marketing. Account Based Marketing

How To Get Your Data Ready for Account Based Marketing


Orchestrated Account Based Marketing “plays” are multi-touch and multi-channel requiring accurate contact information to support direct mail, phone outreach, emails and social. For example, when reviewing the postal addresses of contact records, the marketing team may notice most contacts contain the company’s headquarter address. Target accounts are often large organizations with multiple offices, and many contacts reside in regional offices.

Announcing the Second Edition of the Clear and Complete Guide to Account Based Marketing


We’re thrilled to announce the release of the NEW, second edition of Engagio’s Clear and Complete Guide to Account Based Marketing ! It’s been three years since the original version was published – the definitive guide to what was then “the next big thing in B2B marketing” – but a lot has changed in that time. Now, ABM is no longer the next big thing – it’s here to stay: 93% of B2B marketers claimed ABM is very/extremely important (an increase from the previous year).

Full Funnel Account-Based Marketing Plays: Customer Retention


A full-funnel approach to account-based marketing, which prioritizes your current customers while still growing the top of the funnel, is the future of marketing. However, this is where we’re seeing the biggest shift in marketing. Account-Based Marketing

Why You Should Pair Sales Engagement With Your Account-Based Marketing


I think we’re all tired of hearing about (and trying to achieve) that coveted Sales and Marketing alignment. When it comes to aligning teams, an account-based strategy is the right place to start. An account-based strategy across marketing and sales is the most efficient and cost-effective resource allocation to reach as many buyers as possible in a coordinated way. Are Sales and Marketing Focusing Attention Where It Counts?

Tips For Incorporating Direct Mail Into Your Account-Based Marketing Campaigns


The Rise of Account-Based Marketing Direct Mail. The act of sending personalized mail, once a common practice, is now reserved for birthdays, holidays, and, of course, businesses trying to market their services. Leveraging direct mail in your account-based strategy can be incredibly effective – it’s tangible, memorable, and leaves a lasting impression of your brand. Because of that, you must be intentional with what (and when) you’re sending.

Using Intent Data Throughout the Customer Journey


I love intent data. First of all, because it makes me feel like I can read people’s minds — isn’t it cool that we have data that helps us to figure out what someone’s intentions are? You can also use the resources we have in the Dive School on intent data. What is Intent?

2019 TOPO Summit Rundown: Where Account-Based Marketers Are and Where They’re Going


The TOPO Summit, put on annually by the eponymous sales and marketing advisory firm, gathers the most forward-thinking sales and marketing practitioners to talk best practices and brass tacks on state-of-the-art revenue generation strategies. This year, account-based marketing came out of the batting cage and up to the plate as the go-to practice for high-growth, highly aligned marketing and sales teams. What does account-based marketing look like today?

Why The Modern Marketer’s Guide to ABM is a Must-Read for Marketing Practitioners


New marketing and advertising strategies are always becoming available, and to stay competitive as marketers we continuously learn and evolve as the marketing field does. See how The Modern Marketer’s Guide to ABM can make ABM work for you. Account Based Marketing

Can You Shortcut ABM and Still Make it Work?

The Point

In marketing circles, there’s little argument these days that a well-planned, well-executed Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy can pay real dividends. In the marketplace, this disparity between, on the one hand, the appeal of ABM as a marketing strategy, and, on the other, the resources required to make it work, creates a conundrum for those companies eager to give ABM a try but unwilling to make the investment required as a first step.

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Chronicles of an ABM Superhero: VersionOne Drives 2x More Sales Opportunities with Account-Based Marketing


Over the past year, their marketing team has launched and scaled an innovative account-based marketing program with Terminus. Shifting from Inbound to Account-Based Marketing. Being an enterprise software provider, VersionOne competes with very large companies that have even larger marketing budgets. Historically, the bulk of their marketing efforts were focused on generating inbound leads, which proved to be neither effective nor scalable.

Using Intent Data Throughout the Customer Journey


I love intent data. First of all, because it makes me feel like I can read people’s minds — isn’t it cool that we have data that helps us to figure out what someone’s intentions are? You can also use the resources we have in the Dive School on intent data. What is Intent?

The Future of B2B Marketing; New Tactics for a New Generation

Inbox Insight

If you haven’t changed your approach to B2B marketing in the last 5 year, this article shows why you should. The strongest B2B marketing plans have adapted and evolved to meet the new buyer dynamic. This has meant making digital marketing tactics an integral part of the B2B marketing agenda, rather than an extension. What’s Changed in the World of B2B Marketing in the Last 5 Years? Marketing Tactic #1: Data-driven targeting. Reading time: 2 minutes.

The B2B Marketer’s Quick Start Guide: ABM Orchestration

Heinz Marketing

By Brenna Lofquist , Senior Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing. In today’s digital technology landscape there are numerous platforms, tools and technologies at the disposal of every marketer—almost too many. Account targeting functionality.

Triblio’s Ingredients for Successful Orchestration ??


The same goes for ABM, you need certain “ingredients” in order to orchestrate a successful account-based campaign that targets key accounts. Not every account you target will have the same needs and pain points. Add Two Cups of Intent Data. Multi-Channel Mix.

Triblio at B2BMX: ABM Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow


Around 2017, it was clear to marketers that new ABM strategies were needed. During early ABM, customers took lots of time to build account lists and place accounts into channels. Data picks the highest-fit accounts and puts them in the right campaign in real time.

Is ABM a One-Hit Wonder?


But there’s also a parallel in the marketing world. As we see new trends come and go, and attitudes shift, it’s worth considering for sustainable strategic demand marketing what separates a one-hit wonder from a solid-gold standard that stands the test of time.

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How Quadrotech Achieved Radical Transformation with ABM


In it, he explained how he successfully shifted Quadrotech to an account-based approach and the steps he took to execute the transition effectively. By building out a webinar campaign that unified marketing channels with sales plays, Quadrotech hit a record 1,000 registrations.

[ABM Case Study] Townsend Security Increases Account Engagement 4x with Intent-Based ABM Program


Townsend Security uses Terminus to get greater visibility into their total addressable market (TAM) , determine their ideal customer profile, establish deeper relationships with their partners, and build brand awareness to audiences that traditional methods had been missing. .

Infogroup Develops B2B Intent Data Potentiality


On the 28 th of April 2020, Infogroup unveiled its competency to process B2B intent data using its real-time data platform Data Axle. Leveraging B2B intent data is extremely beneficial for marketers and has been reported to improve the close rates by over 75%.

B2B Content Marketing; A Masterclass in Content Amplification

Inbox Insight

B2B content marketing is hard work, and it’s getting harder all the time… Marketers are blogging up to 800% more than 5 years ago, but getting 190% fewer shares. This is according to a study by the American Marketing Association. Statistics such as these are alarming, especially if content marketing is an important part of your B2B marketing strategy. What do you want content to do, in the context of wider marketing and sales efforts?

What B2B Marketing Tactics are working right now during COVID-19?


In its wake, it leaves political unrest, economic downturns, and market instability. A company that was in the market for new software could now be merely trying to survive. How should B2B marketers be planning their programs and strategies for the rest of 2020 and beyond?

Who’s Who in the Intent Data Business?

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

Buyer intent data is gold, and like the eponymous rush of 1848, data-driven organizations are scrambling to make the most strategic and lucrative use of this digital resource, particularly for account-based marketing (ABM). We’ve compiled some big names in the intent data space. A leading provider of B2B intent data, Bombora relies on a data co-op to track content consumption behavior of B2B buyers. They leverage intent data to accomplish all this.

How ABM Maturity and B2B Sales Revenue are Intertwined


According to a study by CMO , 71% of the companies that invested in account-based marketing reported their Return on Investment (ROI) is somewhat or significantly higher than traditional marketing methods. Read more on Top 5 Ways to Supercharge ABM with Intent Data.

Wasn't ABM Supposed to Fix B2B Buying?


Before my kids woke up this morning, I had ordered groceries for the week, subscribed to a digital news channel I've been meaning to read more, and signed up for an online workout class (that I'm likely to skip). Aren't B2B marketers aware of the importance of customer experience?

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ABM Campaigns: How Your Inside Sales Team Can Win From It

Unbound B2B

In fact, statistics show that the priority of marketing teams in B2B companies is to turn leads into customers. The account-based marketing (ABM) approach can help inside sales teams to solve these issues and increase sales significantly. Introduction.

The surprising (positive) benefits ABM brings to your customers


30-second summary: The foundation of good account-based anything is data and insights about customers. When companies shift go-to-market models to focus on a defined universe of accounts, they naturally invest more in knowing those accounts.

How Account-Based Advertising Benefits B2B Businesses


B2B marketing thrives on the principle of reaching the right people in the right company well ahead of your competitors & deliver the right message every time. This is where the concept of account-based advertising. Only the right accounts must be chosen & targeted.

Where is Martech Headed? 3 Trends Explained


In B2B, marketers often look to technology for productivity gains. At Triblio, we’ve been following three martech trends: the transition from leads to accounts, the transition from single to multi-channel campaigns, and the transition from reactive to prescriptive marketing. Today’s blog examines each of these trends in detail, breaking down how they’re changing the way modern marketers do business. Leads vs Accounts. Single vs Multi-channel.

4 Ways to Deliver More Value to Customers Using ABM


ABM has been widely adopted by B2B professionals because it’s been proven to have a higher ROI than any other marketing strategy. However, ABM supports a broad range of strategic business initiatives, including growing business in existing accounts. Account Based Marketing

What B2B Marketing Tactics are working right now during COVID-19?


In its wake, it leaves political unrest, economic downturns, and market instability. A company that was in the market for new software could now be merely trying to survive. How should B2B marketers be planning their programs and strategies for the rest of 2020 and beyond?