5 Ways To Supercharge Your Personalization With Buyer Persona Insights

Tony Zambito

Buyer Personalization Will Matter As The Balance Of Power Shifts To Buyers In A “New World Order” Of Buying. New technologies accelerating a change in how sellers interact with buyers. Buyers shifting to digital self-serve preferences will grow.

What is a Buyer Persona Insight? And, how to develop a rockstar B2B buyer persona?

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The global pandemic is profoundly changing the face of the B2B buyer. B2B revenue leaders and marketers are spending a lot of their time focusing on understanding buyer personas. A study by Gartner revealed 80% of the average B2B buyer journey took place online in 2020.


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The State of Buyer Personas 2012

Tony Zambito

This June marks ten years since the first buyer persona development methodology was pioneered and launched by the firm Goal Centric now called Buyerology. The adoption of research-based modeling of buyers that leads to buyer personas has been mixed. It has resulted in many misguided definitions and practices that have not produced the potential results other organizations have seen when the goal-based methodology is utilized.

5 Steps for Succeeding in Account-Based Marketing

Unbound B2B

Relative to the mass-market approach of the B2C world, B2B promotion requires a much more targeted approach. This is the reasoning behind account-based marketing, otherwise known as ABM. The temptation with modern digital marketing is to stick to familiar channels.

Account-Based Marketing Playbook - ABM in the House Episode 5


ABM in the House: a series of conversations between Alex Olley, Co-founder of Reachdesk and Declan Mulkeen, CMO of Strategic IC, as they explore how to build an effective Account-based Marketing (ABM) programme. ABM in the House - Building Your Account-Based Marketing Playbook.

HubSpot Account Based Marketing: Orchestrating your ABM Marketing Program

Lake One

87% of marketers that measure ROI say ABM outperforms every other marketing investment. Maybe it goes without saying, but we think that Account Based Marketing is here to stay as an effective strategy to drive more leads for your business. Inbound Marketing.

36 Account-Based Marketing Stats to Know in 2020


As marketers, we've become experts in our target audiences. This might be why only 28% of salespeople say marketing is their best source of leads. The answer to this question could be account-based marketing (or ABM). 67% of brands leverage account-based marketing.

New Approaches To Understand Customers Needed In A Digital Transformation World

Tony Zambito

In my article Rethinking Buyer Personas In An Era Of Digital Transformation , I presented four trends impacting the state of buyer persona development. Whereby, rethinking buyer persona development and insight gathering in a digital-centric world becomes a necessity. This applies to buyer persona development today. Especially as related to the veiled covering of old sales and product marketing methods and presenting as an expert method.

How to Implement an Account-Based Marketing Program in Your Firm


For many years now, B2B marketers have spent time and effort carefully crafting buyer personas based on demographic profiles, needs analyses and former sales results, among other criteria. The burgeoning trend towards account-based marketing (ABM) takes that a step further, by customizing activities to enable a laser-sharp focus on each specific target account. Successful marketing isn’t about selling, it’s about serving.

6 Account-Based Marketing Insights from #FlipMyFunnel


It was a great gathering of B2B thought leaders, innovators, and account-based marketing practitioners that highlighted how marketing and sales professionals are winning with ABM. Then, after your prospects become customers, you continue to actively market to them to grow their customer lifetime value and create advocates. For them, it started as an attempt to try something different when their broad-based inbound strategies were failing.

A Complete Guide to Account-Based Marketing (ABM) For Marketers (Examples Included)

Pam Didner

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Account-based marketing (ABM) has become a buzzword in recent years. However, there is confusion among marketers concerning what it means and how to do it effectively. What is account-based marketing?

The 10 Building Blocks of Account Based Marketing

Inbox Insight

Drive repeatable success, whatever your account based marketing approach with this step-by-step process guide…. Whether you’re in the early stages of deploying an account based marketing strategy, planning a scaled down account based marketing pilot or are in the midst of a fully-fledged ABM program, we have a water-tight methodology that you can pit your planning against. Target Account List (TAL) creation.

How to Define Buyer Personas for Account-Based Marketing (ABM)


What is a Buyer Persona? Buyer personas are overviews of the people you engage with directly during the sales process. They are used to guide your sales, marketing, and customer success teams throughout the buyer and customer lifecycle. Think of a buyer persona as a “composite sketch” of your customers. What a Buyer Persona Is Not. ” Why Buyer Personas Matter for B2B Account-Based Marketing.

The Value of Account-based Marketing for B2B Demand Generation


Content marketing is one of the most common strategies B2B marketers use for demand generation. The best way B2B businesses address this issue is with an account-based marketing (ABM) approach. What is Account-Based Marketing?

How to Operationalize Account-Based Marketing

DiscoverOrg Sales

If prospects don’t fit your Ideal Customer Profile, they shouldn’t become leads. But that doesn’t stop a lot of sales and marketing professionals from pursuing any and all hand-raisers, regardless how poorly suited they are. From Peter K Herbert, VP of Marketing at Terminus , an Atlanta-based company helping sales and marketing teams execute ABM campaigns, comes this guest post, a simple, three-part model to operationalize ABM: Fit + Intent + Engagement.

Creating Perfect Buyer Personas


Buyer personas are the second most popular criteria for content segmentation according to B2B marketers yet only 44% actually utilize them. The written characterizations that a B2B marketer creates about the buyers who make vital decisions regarding the product, service or solution that is being offered is known as a buyer persona. In the absence of this blueprint, a successful marketing strategy cannot be built. Steps To Building Persona.

Focusing in on your Account-Based Marketing Goals - ABM in the House Episode 4


ABM in the House: a series of conversations between Alex Olley, Co-founder of Reachdesk and Declan Mulkeen, CMO of Strategic IC, as they explore how to build an effective Account-based Marketing (ABM) programme. We've got our Buyer Personas that we want to target in each account.

How Understanding The Goals And Intent Of Buyers Can Transform Marketing

Tony Zambito

Understanding the difference between intent-driven and goal-driven behaviors allows for deeper levels of understanding buyers (customers). Primarily, it helps with making sense of the tasks and activities buyers perform. This is also an important principle behind buyer insights research and buyer persona development. The many articles, books, and promotional material written about buyer personas, in general, are missing this key point.

How to Run Account-Based Marketing in 2020

Inbox Insight

These days, we see more B2B businesses turning to account-based marketing (ABM) as their go-to strategy with 88% claiming to see an improvement in conversion rates. Instead, marketing leaders want quality over quantity, and favor holistic methods for winning over their customers.

How To Measure Account-Based Marketing In 7 Easy Steps


In many ways, account-based marketing (ABM) has more in common with art than science. Success in ABM requires a great deal of personalized outreach, and because ABM is centered around human relationships, it can be challenging to measure the returns on account-based marketing campaigns. B2B marketers can’t only rely on quarterly revenue reports to measure the success of ABM efforts. 7 Steps to Measure Account-Based Marketing.

Account-Based Marketing Playbook - ABM in the House Episode 5


ABM in the House: a series of conversations between Alex Olley, Co-founder of Reachdesk and Declan Mulkeen, CMO of Strategic IC, as they explore how to build an effective Account-based Marketing (ABM) programme. While previous episodes have explored How to Redefine Your ICP , How to Build a Target Account List , Building Out the Decision Making Unit (DMU) , and Focusing in on your Strategy and Goals, Episode 5 explores Building your Account-Based Marketing Playbook.

7 Steps to Get Started with Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Circle Studio

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a powerful B2B strategy for reaching and engaging specific, named targets in order to grow your sales pipeline. For B2B firms with high-value, low-volume deals, ABM can help align the efforts of marketing and business development, while providing more intentional support during a long and complex sales cycle. As with any marketing strategy, an account-based marketing program requires the right approach in order to be effective.

What is Account-Based Marketing? Why Your B2B Company Needs ABM

The ABM Agency

As the world grows increasingly digital, marketing strategies are forced to transform. The successful ones have done so with account-based marketing , a digital marketing strategy that uses personalized content and messaging to identify and engage with high-value accounts. .

The Account-Based Marketing Guide for Small Businesses


If you’re in marketing or sales, odds are you’ve heard of account-based marketing (ABM). It’s a method that’s been gaining popularity in the marketing industry because of its ability to deliver high levels of ROI. In fact, “companies with ABM in place generate 208% more revenue for their marketing efforts,” according to Marketing Profs. Here’s our account-based marketing guide to get you started: Develop your ICP.

Best Practices on Developing an Account-Based Marketing Strategy

Launch Marketing

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a B2B strategy in which businesses target a clearly defined set of targeted accounts and create personalized campaigns focused on key decision makers within those accounts. Targets are generally high-yield accounts and are considered a good fit for the business’ products or services. Marketing efforts are thus more personalized to the individual prospects and can lead to higher conversion rates.

How to Define Your Ideal Customer Profile for Account-Based Marketing


Account-based marketing (ABM) has shot to popularity in recent years because it offers teams a focused, structured way to develop personal relations with their curated lists of target accounts – and of course, it’s a proven way to efficiently drive revenue. With account-based marketing, your organization can be proactive and intentional by targeting the best-fit accounts that are most likely to buy from you. Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing: the Most Lucrative Market At Your Fingertips


As a B2B marketer, you have probably heard of account-based marketing (ABM), which is sometimes referred to as customer-based marketing. ABM is widely used in B2B marketing because it’s well suited to the long sales cycle, helps build customer relationships with multiple stakeholders, accelerates the sales process , and offers multiple opportunities to close the deal. Align Sales and Marketing Teams. Account-Based Marketing b2b

Reach Your Highest Potential With Account-Based Marketing

HG Data

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a contemporary marketing approach that has revolutionized the marketing industry and changed how outbound works. ABM works hand in hand with account-based advertising (ABA) and account-based sales (ABS) to create the most effective account-based results. Why You Should Switch to an Account-based Focus. ABM Helps You Focus on the Right Accounts.

The Telltale 8% Drop In Content Marketing Effectiveness

Tony Zambito

The annual Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs B2B Content Marketing Benchmark Study 2016 is quite startling. Perhaps not as drastic as the Dow falling by 8%, but to see the percentage of marketers who believe their content marketing was effective drop to 30% from 38% in one year is a revelation. Buyers Are Saying The Same. In one such buyer interview, an executive handed me a folder, rubberbanded. The Right Buyer Understanding Matters.

How to Create An Ideal Client Profile


Building out ideal client profiles is the same idea — creating something in the short term that will help you market and sell to your audience in the long term. It all comes down to building out client profiles. What Is An Ideal Client Profile (and why you need them).

A Guide to Account Based Marketing


The traditional inbound marketing approach has served B2B marketers well for many years and it continues to do so. More than 60% of companies seem to think so—and they plan to launch account based marketing campaigns in the next year. So just what is account based marketing, why should you be doing it and how do you get started? What is account based marketing? ABM also helps align sales and marketing teams.

Focusing in on your Account-Based Marketing Goals - ABM in the House Episode 4


ABM in the House: a series of conversations between Alex Olley, Co-founder of Reachdesk and Declan Mulkeen, CMO of Strategic IC, as they explore how to build an effective Account-based Marketing (ABM) programme. While previous episodes have explored How to Redefine Your ICP , How to Build a Target Account List , and Building Out the Decision Making Unit (DMU) , Episode 4 looks into Focusing in on your Strategy and Goals. And the first one is account penetration.

Worksheet: How to Define an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) for Account-Based Marketing


Creating An Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Account-based marketing (ABM) programs are wildly successful because they focus on generating revenue from a carefully selected list of target accounts — in other words, exclusively from companies that are a great fit for your solution. Instead of waiting for leads to come to you, your sales and marketing teams will collaborate to turn your target accounts into customers and advocates for your brand.

Account Based Marketing Services, a B2B Marketers Guide for Large through Enterprise Level Execution

The ABM Agency

Reading Time: 7 minutes Proponents of account-based marketing (ABM) praise the B2B strategy for its ability to align company goals, streamline sales and marketing processes and generate long-term growth and a higher ROI. What is Account-Based Marketing?

How to Build an Account-Based Marketing Technology Stack


One of the biggest questions I’ve heard from B2B marketers this year is what kind of technology is needed to implement and measure account-based marketing , or ABM. Terminus is an account-based marketing software company , so it’s not as if we don’t have a stake in the game. But above all, we’re B2B marketers, too. We wrote last week about the four tactical approaches to account-based marketing, which are: 1:1 ABM.

THE HACKIES: Hacking your stack for account-based marketing


Account-based marketing (ABM) at its core is laser-focused B2B marketing. By no longer doing “spray and pray” email blasts to thousands of contacts for lead generation, marketers are adhering to an account-based approach that leverages existing B2B marketing technology. Marketing automation. In one way, they do, because ABM wouldn’t exist in the context it does today without the whole category of marketing technology.

How ABM Masters Do Account-Based Marketing


The ABM Masters is an alliance of account-based marketing partners dedicated to bringing you the best ABM content and experiences and helping you, too, become a master. Recently, we joined six other ABM Masters for a webinar to discuss how our B2B marketing and sale teams execute account-based strategies. The experts featured on the webinar were: Tyler Lessard , VP of Marketing at Vidyard. Kristi Bjornaas , Marketing Manager at Reachforce.