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What are Essential Skills For A B2B Email Marketer?


Going over email metrics in the morning, analyzing what didn’t work mid-day, testing new templates and list cleaning in the afternoon — the life of an email marketer is a busy one. But it’s also creative, design-heavy, and nuanced, making the skills necessary to succeed in an email marketing position highly diverse.

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Here is how pros do conversion rate optimization

Kevin Indig

In this guide, which I wrote with some of the best conversion experts in the world, I show you how to leverage Interactives, think about Surfaces and Levers and build a conversion testing system that slowly but surely iterates towards wins. Testing is part of the Scientific Method, an iterative way to learn and understand.


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How to Optimize Landing Pages to Enhance Customer Experience


You won’t get everything perfect on the first iteration, but once the page is live, analytics and A/B testing will help you improve your landing page incrementally. After that, use analytics and split testing to make it best in class. Test Across Devices and Browsers. And it’s an ongoing process.

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Top 10 Mailchimp Alternatives in 2020 (In-Depth Analysis)


That said, Mailchimp still remains a really robust software, with best in class editor having a lot of email templates (with 3rd party support) amongst other things. Advanced email testing and analysis. Limited A/B testing. You could only test subject lines. You don’t plan to A/B Test Email Content and Automations.

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3 Reasons Why Intent Programmatic Outperforms Profile Programmatic in Advertising


Programmatic advertising takes a huge leap forward once you add Best-in-Class intent analytics. In AB Tests, the same ad creatives and landing pages using Best-in-Class Intent Programmatic ads consistently perform twice as well as Profile Programmatic ads, in terms of click-thru, view-thru, and spend/conversion.

Intent 8
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Data-Driven Marketing: How to Effectively Use Data in Your B2B Marketing Strategy

B2B Digital Marketer

Marketers consider themselves as creatives rather than statisticians. These decisions helped companies significantly boost performance, increase profitability, dramatically lower costs, and make their teams world-class. We could actually run the test, do it in a way that’s not intrusive to customers. Should we not do this?

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What to expect when you’re expecting #MarTech next month


This is a master class that you won’t want to miss. In this session you’ll learn: the six areas where these best-in-class marketers excel; how you can build and leverage your business acumen; and how to make your data, analytics, and metrics more relevant to the C-Suite. to achieve the best outcomes.