The 8 Dos and Don’ts of Email Marketing A/B Testing


Your emails are delivering some results, but you were hoping you’d be seeing much more from a channel with such an impressive reputation. If this sounds familiar, chances are your solution is email marketing A/B testing. 4 Dos of email marketing A/B testing.

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4 Basic A/B Testing Tips for Beginners


Take a moment to think of your favorite meal. If your business is at a standstill for improving open and click-through rates, it’s time you start making changes in your email and landing pages. A/B testing is the answer for optimizing your email marketing and landing page performance.

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How to Run an A/B Test [FAQs]


I''m going to take a stab and say that has never happened. According a report by Econsultancy , only 28% of marketers are satisfied with their conversion rates. One of the best ways to get out of that conversion rut is to embrace your mathematical side and run an A/B test.

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4 Ways to Use the A/B Testing Tools in HubSpot (Plus a Bonus Tip)

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A/B testing is a great way to put marketers in our place. Making even educated guesses means that you aren’t basing your decisions on data, and that is a critical point. A/B testing will help you back up your marketing decisions. Or a blue button?)

7 Tips to Boost Your Email Nurturing Results Immediately

B2B Lead Generation

People aren’t looking for a reason to read your email nurturing messages, they’re looking for a reason to delete them. However, according to a MarketingSherpa survey of email recipients, 58% of those who stop reading, disengage or unsubscribe later cite “lack of relevance” as a key factor. Do your nurturing emails treat people like objects to convert i.e. get a click? Focus on humanizing your emails to build a connection and actually offer value.

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How to Optimize Event Invitation Emails: Templates & Samples


Let’s walk through the event email templates and some sample invitation emails. Invite email template essentials. Include the following details when you set up your invite email template: The “who”. Optimizing your email invites makes a good turnout more likely.

The 24 Best Email Marketing Tools


The primary cost of poorly crafted or mis-targeted emails is lost business opportunities, though in extreme cases it can damage a firm’s reputation as well. Sample review: “You need a tool to manage your email list and subscribers. Quickly create emails from templates (e.g.,

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How To Create & A/B Test Facebook Landing Pages

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What is a Facebook Landing Page? A Facebook landing page is a standalone web page, disconnected from your website’s main navigation. Here’s how to create one for your next Facebook campaign, and how to optimize it using A/B testing. A Benefit-Oriented Headline.

How to Design Landing Pages that Convert

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But there is a process that includes several different elements that can take your landing pages to the next level. Get A Free Consultation. What Is a Landing Page? A landing page can be defined as a standalone web page created specifically for a marketing campaign.

Custom vs. Templates: How Should You Build Your Website?

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Websites are a wonderful thing: They serve as the digital home for brands of all sizes, and brands use them to demonstrate services and products, as well as their character and personality. A Quick Rundown. Typically come with a higher price tag. Templated Websites.

How to Use UX Testing to Improve Your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

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According to a survey by Havas , “people wouldn't care if 74% of the brands they use every day just disappeared.” Today's shoppers place a lot more value on customer experience than ever before. They then move on to converting a new customer. Get A Free Consultation.

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Best Practices for Email and Landing Page Templates

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Creating and reusing these templates is a great way to save time and ensure consistency across your marketing channels. In fact, even experts can get stuck in a rut and continue to execute the same mistakes (despite an ever-evolving market).

How to Boost Email Conversion Rates With A/B Testing [Video]


So don''t feel bad -- especially because there''s a way to tilt the odds in your favor so that you''re right more often than not. With a little old thing called A/B testing. How to A/B Test Your Emails [Transcribed]. 4 Email A/B Testing Ideas.

Using email effectively in your content marketing


That’s not a bad thing. Spam is a bad thing. Irrelevant content is a bad thing. Which is why email deserves a little more respect from marketers. Timeliness and a sense of urgency will improve open rates. More on A/B testing below.). A/B Testing.

10 Dos and Don'ts of A/B Testing


If it takes a bit of thought, you're probably not doing it enough. The problem with that is, even just a minor test can go a long way, improving traffic, leads, and even sales if done right. 10 A/B Testing Dos and Don'ts.

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How to Develop Great B2B Buyer Personas (With Templates) 


A B2B buyer persona represents your ideal client decision-maker. Feel free to use our buyer personas template down below to jumpstart your messaging strategy. Learn how to engage with your buyer on a deeper level. | #BuyerPersonas | #ContentStrategy Click To Tweet.

How to Write a Sales Email + Sales Email Template Download


When a lead takes action or becomes a customer, we call this a conversion. When you create a conversion-based sales email template, your goal is to have the person who receive your sales emails take an action. A step-by-step guide on how to write a sales email.

How to increase your conversion rate in email marketing


Your visitors have a limited amount of time and attention, and your competitors are vying for all of it. The following tips will provide a framework that you can use to evaluate your email marketing approach and revisit best practices.

Reinventing the Fathom Website with Creative Conversion


As is common when a company decides to restructure and revamp procedures, establishing and promoting a brand identity was put on the backburner, and marketing and advertising the Fathom brand was lost in the dust to the hustle and flurry of the shuffle.

How to Perfectly Manage a PPC Campaign [Template]


As you prepare to create a PPC campaign, it's important to get a rundown of what a successful campaign entails, and identify management misssteps that you'll want to avoid. Build a keyword strategy based on your research. You use a template!

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Why You Should Start With Copy Instead of Design: A Data-Backed Lesson


We've been chatting about this a lot lately on HubSpot's marketing optimization team. In the past, our marketing team has typically followed a design first, copy second order of operations when designing web pages. Older Template (Control). Newer Template (Variant).

5 Email Copywriting Tips for Creating Engaging Content


Padriñán from Pexels According to Forbes , email marketing continues to be a great vehicle for lead generation, inspite of the popularity of social media platforms and all the marketing methods that have been designed to help generate more leads and sales from them. and a whole lot more!

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We Asked Our Audience What They Really Think of PDF Ebooks: A HubSpot Experiment


Seriously, think about it -- when's the last time you had to type Command + P and print out a document? But as it turns out, our perceptions of what our audience actually values when they download out content were a little. More specifically, this has meant creating a lot of PDFs.

Improve Your Offer Strategies by Learning to Let Go

Marketing Action

So, you came up with the perfect email campaign for a targeted list. You created an irresistible subject line, snappy content, and a dynamic call to action (CTA). A recent survey by Act-On and Ascend2 asked marketing leaders how they were driving email marketing success.

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How To Convert More Through Email Marketing [White Paper]


You always offer interesting information, and the templates are pretty. Enough people like them that you have a significant subscriber base (let’s say 50,000 for example). Conversion Optimization Email Marketing A/B testing conversion mobile responsive designOK, so you’re great at creating email newsletters.

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5 YouTube Description Templates That Have Helped Our Videos Go Viral


But in the latter half of the year, the team feared the major losses in traffic they could face if they didn't hop on board -- so they implemented a strategy that enabled them to grow YouTube subscribers by 25% in just two months. Include a CTA. YouTube Description Templates.

How to Build a Process for Growth Experiments


When you work inside a business, it can feel like all anyone talks about is growth. Brian Balfour , former VP of Product at HubSpot and a thought leader in the world of growth marketing, is an expert when it comes to building a process for experiments that enable growth overtime.

How to Create Personalize Email Templates for B2B Buyers to Get More Clicks

Unbound B2B

In a 2016 Salesforce survey conducted among 4000 marketers, 80% of respondents agreed that “email is core to their business”. For instance, 47% of participants in a study reported that they read emails based solely on the subject line. A high open rate however, is attainable.

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5 Email Trends to Watch in 2018

Inbox Insight

How will technology evolve to heighten engagement and create a better relationship with your audience? With up to 269 billion emails sent per day, you’ve got a lot of competition when it comes to making yourself heard. A/B Testing.

How to Identify and Fix Friction on Your Landing Pages


You’ve spent a lot of energy (and budget) getting targeted traffic to your website. Often times this comes as a result of landing page friction -- a barrier that prevents your visitors from completing the action you'd like them to take. Here are a few examples: Persuasive copy.

5 ways to be creative and data-driven with display advertising


Optimising through A/B testing or multivariate testing. Yet, to achieve a greater ROI in display advertising, combining data with creativity is the best strategy. Firstly, heatmaps offer a visually appealing combination of data and creativity. What is A/B testing?

7 Conventional Landing Page Design Tactics You Should Still Test


Proven landing page techniques are commonly practiced for a reason, but what works for 90% of websites won’t automatically work for yours. The genius of A/B testing your landing pages is that it allows you get a little bit crazy without making a permanent error.

13 Little Landing Page Experiments That Can Make a Big Difference


You''ve got to set a control and treatment. but they know that those small tests can have a big impact. And if you need help with the "running" part of the experiment process, check out this post on A/B testing.). 1) "Pay With a Tweet" Instead of a Form.

How to Use "Pay With a Tweet" to Generate Leads


One of the things that prevents lead gen content from going viral is that anyone wanting to read that piece of content has to fill out a form. Not everyone is happy filling out a form with only an idea of what content lies behind it. How to Create a Pay With a Tweet Button.

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You Need to Remove ‘Contact Us’ from Your Page


There are many benefits to using a web form to capture contact information. After all, the point of having a web site is to get customers to contact you to buy your product or offering. And similar to a web form, we collect their contact data when they book their appointment.

How to Plan Email Marketing Campaigns Without Pulling Your Hair Out [Free Template]


Or you were planning several email campaigns at once, so keeping track of all the details for each was kind of like trying to juggle while skateboarding while accomplishing your 50-squats-a-day goal. Email marketing requires a lot of attention to detail.

How Even YOU Can Master PPC Campaign Management [TEMPLATE]


But in the world of search engine marketing (SEM), using paid search (PPC) to rank on a search engine results page (SERP) for a given term comes pretty close. So, how do you do PPC "properly" so you actually get leads at a reasonable cost? You use a template.

The Secret to Successful Email Marketing: Testing


According to a recent CSO Insights survey, email marketing was the top lead generation program based on quality and quantity of leads. Although there isn’t a silver bullet, you can start by considering what metrics to measure, your expected results, and continually test, test, test!

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7 Key Design Tips for High-Converting Landing Pages [+ Free Templates]


Here''s some food for thought: Companies see a 55% increase in leads when increasing their number of landing pages from just 10 to 15 , according to our 2012 Marketing Benchmarks Report. Landing pages are a fundamental -- and undeniable -- part of a sucessful inbound marketing strategy.

How to Attract More Clicks to Your Blog Posts: 11 Revealing Title Tests


I recently wrote a post on how to use content discovery platforms to amplify your reach , in which I share tips on using these platforms to share your blog content on other relevant sites across the web. What a great way to do A/B testing on your blog post titles!).

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