Small Business Email Marketing: 7 (Easy) Tips for Growth


Do you want to improve your small business email marketing strategy? As a small business, email marketing can be one of your biggest assets. But let’s be honest: it can also be a difficult code to crack. Does Email Marketing Work for Small Business?

7 Best Email Service Providers for Small Businesses


Are you looking for the best email service providers for small businesses? Email marketing remains one of the best ways to drive passive income for your business. So, today, we’re going to share the 7 best email service providers for small business.


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Top 5 Bulk Email Tools For Small Businesses in 2020


Let me prick a bubble for you. Because according to a report by Radicati , the active email users in America came out to be 3.9 Of course, email marketing is working at a top-notch rate. And finally, we have shortlisted a few. They provide an offer of a forever free plan.

The Best AWeber Alternatives for Small Businesses (Compared)


Are you looking for AWeber alternatives for your business? But like all marketing tools, it may be lacking key features that your business is looking for. Or perhaps you’re looking for an ESP with a free plan to get started and keep costs low. Want to give it a shot?

8 ActiveCampaign Alternatives for Small Businesses (Pricing & Features)


Before we dive into the list, though, let’s take a quick look at what ActiveCampaign has to offer so we can do a true comparison. ActiveCampaign: A Brief Summary. And while they have a great support team, users have complained of spotty service.

New Marketing Automation Options for Small Business in the VEST Report

Customer Experience Matrix

GreenRope workflow GreenRope is all-in-one software sold primarily to very small businesses such as lawyers, real estate agents, consultant, coaches and membership organizations. The features within these functions are unusually sophisticated for a micro-business system: email includes dynamic content and a/b tests; Web pages also support a/b testing; Web forms allow progressive profiling; email and Web responses can automatically trigger a follow-up action.

Top A/B Testing Tools to Optimize Your Conversion Rates in 2021


The right A/B testing software can help you generate more leads and sales and maximize the potential of your landing pages. With so many A/B testing tools on the market, how can you pick the best platform that suits your A/B testing program? It’s a win/win.

B2B Marketers Should Stop A/B Testing in 2018


Several years ago I was hired to help fix some serious website conversion issues for a B2B SaaS client. A year earlier the client had redesigned their website pricing page and quickly noticed a significant drop in conversions. The pricing page itself was quite standard; there were several graduating plan tiers with some self-service options and a sales contact form for the enterprise plans. Before coming to us, they accelerated A/B testing on the page.

A/B 55

How to Use Social Media for Small Business: 11 Simple Tips


Nearly three-quarters of American adults use social media—making it a critical part of any business strategy. It’s also important for reaching those who haven’t heard of your business yet. 11 essential social media tips for business. Start with a plan.

Ecommerce Advertising Strategy: How We Doubled PPC Sales for ThinSlim Foods (w/ a 3X ROAS)

Single Grain

ThinSlim Foods is a brand of low-carb products that has been doing quite well: they’ve grown 100-150% every year for the last seven years. But although they were getting a good ROAS, they weren’t able to increase conversion volume with their account structure.


What Ecommerce Growth Hacks You Must Use to Sell More in 2021


What Ecommerce Growth Hacks You Must Use to Sell More in 2021. Looking for a hack to boost your ecommerce growth this year? We’ve got you 10+ ecommerce growth hacks that are 100% actionable! In fact, businesses are all set to cross $843 billion in sales this year. .

ABM & Ecommerce: How The Two Are Changing Business Right Now


Standard broad-range marketing tends to leave a disconnect between the marketing team (tasked with driving initial interest) and the sales team (tasked with turning that interest into conversions). Ecommerce, meanwhile, is steadily taking over the retail world, offering superior pricing, convenience, and flexibility. Legacy businesses, even those reluctant to go online, must adapt to these new standards or be left behind. Each is changing the world of business in a major way.

How to Set-Up and Optimize an Ecommerce Conversion Funnel to Drive Sales


If you’re running an ecommerce business, you already know just how difficult it is to carve out your niche in a hugely competitive marketplace. Calculating your profit margin can be a rude awakening for some ecommerce firms. Where can you steal a march on them?

Killer Tips For Your Next FB Ad Campaign From 10 Industry Experts


That’s why we reached out to 10 industry experts to help lift the curtain on how to market for small businesses on Facebook. ” “Where is advertising for small businesses going in 2019?” And how to market your small business on Facebook with tips, tricks, and everything in between! . Any Facebook advertising tips for small businesses specifically? Start small and test often. Patience is a virtue.

Ads 64

24 Conversion Rate Optimization Tools for Research, Feedback, Analytics & More


Believe it or not, driving traffic to your website -- albeit challenging -- isn't enough to sustain your business. In an effort to truly leverage that investment in traffic, marketers must use conversion rate optimization, or CRO, to convince said traffic to complete a desired action. In some cases, these optimization techniques might be as basic as changing the color of a CTA. In other cases, there's a lot more that can be improved.

7 Father’s Day Promotion Ideas to Increase Summer Sales


Father’s Day has become a popular holiday that’s celebrated worldwide. It’s a chance for children of all ages to celebrate dads everywhere. And for you, that means it’s the perfect reason to run a profitable holiday sale. Build a Stunning Landing Page.

7 Best WordPress Geolocation Plugins for Localized Marketing


But how can you leverage the power of geolocation if you’re not a coder or don’t consider yourself “tech-savvy?” These tools will do all the heavy lifting, so you can use geolocation to build a stronger marketing strategy. A/B split testing.

Best 71

9 Best WooCommerce Bookings & Appointment Plugins


Scheduling appointments can take up a big chunk of your day. It’s why some businesses even hire a dedicated person for it. A plugin will let you set up online forms, calendars, and email alerts, so it basically does all the work for you. Clicks on a button.

Best 58

Conversion Rate Optimization Statistics You Need to Know


What Is a Conversion Rate? For example, if 100 people visit your site, and 25 people end up buying your product within a given time, your conversion rate is 25%. A high conversion rate means your website design , sales copy, and marketing strategy is going well.

How to Master Startup Marketing: Experts Share Their Secrets


It’s an all-too-common story: Someone is learning how to market a startup, so they acquire all the trappings of a marketing operation without knowing why they work. They launch a Twitter account, a LinkedIn company page, a website, and start running ads—and nothing happens.

How to Promote a Product: 15 Must-Try Strategies


” That line makes for a killer movie, but an equally awful marketing strategy. The truth is that if you want new leads, you need to learn how to promote a product to maximize conversions. But to do so, you need a place to drive your incoming traffic. Run a Contest.

Wix Email Marketing Vs Mailchimp: Which Is Best For Your Business? [2020]


Millions of businesses use email marketing software as an easy and cost-effective way to reach a large number of customers. According to Blue Mail Media , over 196 billion emails are sent daily and 109 billion of those emails are business emails. This is a tie.

Best 310

Best B2B Email Marketing Software for 2021


B2B means business-to-business, while b2c means business-to-customer. So B2B email marketing, basically is a specific category of email marketing strategy where your target audience are businesses and not individual customers. Templates, Reporting, A/B testing.

The Ultimate B2C Marketing Automation Guide: How It’s Different


B2C short for (business to consumer) marketing refers to the approach of selling goods and services directly to consumers. Some of the popular examples of these companies are (SaaS), Mywish (eCommerce), Amazon (Ecom and Saas combined) etc.

B2C 212

How to Master Startup Marketing: Experts Share Their Secrets


It’s an all-too-common story: Someone is learning how to market a startup, so they acquire all the trappings of a marketing operation without knowing why they work. They launch a Twitter account, a LinkedIn company page, a website, and start running ads—and nothing happens.

10 Email Marketing Platforms To Grow Your Business


Lessons from running my business: 1) Email marketing is like plumbing. 3) There’s a direct correlation between how hard you work and how successful you are. Therefore, why not use it to make your business grow faster and smoother. Templates, Reporting, A/B testing.

Email 212

3 Steps to Winning Customers from Big Box Retailers With Long-Tail Keyword Phrases


Focusing hours of hard work on keywords and metadata likely isn’t any small business owner’s idea of money or time well-spent. Yet, the ROI from doing so has a long tail that seriously impacts your bottom line. In fact, not spending time on SEO can mean failure for your ecommerce business. A typical client wants results as soon as SEO tactics are implemented,” says Katey Ferenzi , a client education manager at Bigcommerce. “As Ecommerce

Free email marketing tools that will make your day every day in 2021


As far as marketing channels go, email remains a powerhouse with 4 out of 5 marketers preferring to give up social media than email marketing. Businesses drive more revenue—$36 for every $1 spent—and brand awareness with email than ever before. A/B testing.

Tools 109

Top 10 Mailchimp Alternatives in 2020 (In-Depth Analysis)


Mailchimp has been wooing marketers with their easy to use interface, beautiful templates for a long while. It became a CRM platform. Mailchimp is a good option only if: You need a ‘Forever Free’ Plan: Another major plus for the beginner marketer. Limited A/B testing.

13 best newsletter tools to grow your business


How to choose the right newsletter tool for your business. How to set up a free email newsletter with ConvertKit. ConvertKit’s email software will grow with you and your business. and “will email marketing even help my business?” (of Create a free ConvertKit account.

Conversion Intelligence—The New Era of Marketing


In a world where it seems like the next big thing is just ‘round the corner every day, there’s comfort in holding on to the old way of doing things. Lightbulbs, bicycles, and laptops are but a few of these once-misunderstood tech inventions. A fun yet poignant example comes from chess.

The Direct Impact of Email Marketing on Your Company's Sales Growth


If you’re building a strong online presence for your business, you can generate sales in many ways, from using PPC ads to sending promotional emails. Although email marketing has been around for quite a while, it hasn’t become obsolete.

Email 247

7 MailChimp Alternatives (Our Feedback After Trying Them Out)


So here, we share our in-depth feedback and comments on using the top alternatives to MailChimp: SendX Campaign Monitor ActiveCampaign AWeber ConvertKit Constant Contact Drip Our team went deep into MailChimp, and realised that in a lot of cases, it isn’t the right fit for a lot of businesses. Their support can be really bad, and their pricing can be a worrisome venture as your email list size grows. This is a major bummer for a lot of users!

Restaurant Email Marketing: 9 Strategies for More Customers


For local businesses like boutiques or restaurants, they rely on traditional advertising methods, such as handing out flyers or putting out physical signs throughout the community. That’s because it will give you a significant edge over your competition. Create a Lead Magnet.

Email 86

Top 14 Lead Generation Software Solutions


To achieve sustainable business success, you need a marketing funnel that finds, acquires, and converts leads. However, salespeople’s days working a phone bank to canvas leads have dwindled into the distant past. It includes opt-in popups and an A/B testing tool.

The Definitive List of Cyber Monday SaaS Deals


He had been noticing a recurring spike in online sales on the Monday following Thanksgiving. People were making purchases from their work computers where they had faster internet connections so that their kids couldn’t get a sneak peek at their gifts. Get a free trial below.

List 195

ClickFlow as a Clearscope Alternative

Single Grain

As a result, more and more businesses are forced to update and refine their search engine optimization strategies to get and stay on page one of the SERPs. Indeed, a forecast indicated that SEO spending would surpass $80 billion by the end of 2020. You can A/B test: Titles.