How to Be Comfortable on Video: 16 Fool-Proof Tips


We’re all on video more than ever before—whether we like it or not. From video conferencing and webinar panels to shoot-and-share social videos and company productions starring employees , video is everywhere in today’s businesses.

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12 Tips That Actually Help with Zoom Fatigue


Video calls. They’re not just a fact of remote work, but a veritable lifeline. Except when they’re not. People (especially office workers) are increasingly experiencing burnout and exhaustion from constant video conferencing, a phenomenon that’s been dubbed “Zoom fatigue.”. And it’s not just at work.

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13 Things You Should Do When Filming Remote Interviews


An interview with a compelling person is nearly always an entertaining thing to watch (it is, after all, the premise that many a late night or daytime talk show is built on). But what happens when it’s not feasible to be in the same physical space as your interviewee?

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Tips for Working Remotely From People Who Do it All the Time


Google. Microsoft. Facebook. Amazon. LinkedIn. Twitter. Airbnb. They’ve all asked at least part of their workforce to work from home in light of the current health situation. More companies are likely to follow—maybe even yours.

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How to Engage Employees with Internal Communications Videos


You would think we’d be living in a golden age of internal communications. After all, today’s companies have more ways of communicating with their employees than ever before, from email newsletters to live meetings to Slack. Yet many employees are disengaged with their work.

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How We Executed a Telly Award-Winning Video Marketing Campaign


It may not surprise you to hear that the Vidyard marketing team publishes a lot of videos. Social videos, demo videos, promo videos—the list goes on. But our annual holiday video is always one of our very favorite productions of the year.

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to TikTok for Business


“ OK boomer.” VSCO girls. “ Old Town Road.” ” Even if you’re not on TikTok, you’re probably familiar with some of its most pervasive memes. TikTok, or Douyin, as it’s known in China, is a social network where users share short videos, typically set to music.

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Stay Connected During COVID-19 with Free Video Tools


Businesses are facing unprecedented challenges in how they market, sell, and stay connected during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

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14 of the Best and Worst Video Trends From the 2010s


The internet in general and video in particular have made HUGE strides in the 10 years between 2010 and 2019. Consider for a second, that when that decade started, YouTube was equivalent to a kindergartener, not yet the world’s second largest search engine.

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As Demand for Video Surges, Vidyard Redesigns Video Hosting Platform and Launches New Tools to Help Any Business Professional Communicate Clearly Using Video


Vidyard announces powerful new video collaboration and communication tools and redesigns its enterprise video platform to make video creation and management easy for any business professional. .

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18 Awesome Vidyard Hacks You Need to Know About


Vidyard can do a lot. I mean, seriously A LOT. But there are some cool things that even the most experienced users may not know about. These hacks, tricks, and little-known features will take your Vidyard game to the next level and have you feeling like a video pro in no time at all. Contents 1.

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Vidyard’s Personalized Holiday Video Wins Globally-Recognized Telly Award: Best B2B Video Campaign of the Year


Winning video campaign delights the audience with creative storytelling and hyper-personalization that brings each viewer into the story.

How to Make Demo Videos That Drive Pipeline and Revenue


Think about the last infomercial you saw, maybe showing the amazing qualities of some revolutionary cleaning product (Shamwow, anyone?). Imagine the most recent time you went to a big box store and there was someone there showing off the features of a fancy new blender.

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13 Things We’ve Learned About Onboarding Remote Employees


We’re living in unprecedented times. As things stretch on, we all have to adapt to this new normal. For companies, figuring out how to onboard new employees remotely is now a must-do activity. If your existing staff is already working from home, it’s a safe bet your new hires will be as well.

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3 Ways a Video Strategy Empowers Your Sales Team to Win More Business


Video is a powerful tool for individual reps. But when the entire sales organization coordinates its video selling efforts , it can elevate mere tactics into a revenue-crushing sales strategy.

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How to Make a Documentary: A Step-by-Step Guide to Filming Like a Pro


On my way to Dreamforce this year, I hitchhiked 1,000 miles in a painted caravan full of people with jackets that read “Bandit Tour.” The running joke was that anytime strangers in the towns we passed through asked if we were a band, we said yes and made up a place we were playing that night.

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The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Video Marketing


In fall of 2014, Facebook leadership took a good long look at YouTube and Snapchat and Instagram and pivoted—partly—to video. “In In five years, most of Facebook will be video,” Mark Zuckerberg announced. Today, that promise is nearly reality. Half a billion people watch video on Facebook every day.

How to Record and Produce Videos Remotely


TD Bank remade one of their most popular ads by having the original actor film it at his home using an iPhone 11 Pro (with a little help from his sister). That ad’s now airing on TV and being promoted online. In the original video , a TD Bank employee dances around a seemingly empty branch.

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Helping School Districts, Teachers and Students Stay Connected During COVID-19 with Free Video Tools


Vidyard provides free access to its online video and virtual teaching tools to help K-12 school districts and teachers take their communications online with private video content.

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Thought Leadership Videos: So You Want to Be An Authority?


Jay Baer has a podcast about word of mouth marketing. Rand Fishkin has a blog about SEO. Ann Handley has a newsletter about storytelling in marketing. All three are examples of thought leaders who have found a niche in which to become an expert.

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How to Convince Reluctant Sales People to Use Video


Some salespeople understand the value of video intuitively. They see the writing on the digital wall, see how prospects grow harder to reach by the week, and adopt it as a way to break through the attention barrier. Some reps on your team may already use it. Ask around.

9 Types of Video Every Business Must Have to Succeed


There are SO many different types of videos you can make for your organization. From how-to content to case studies, explainers, and beyond—the possibilities are practically endless.

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Filming an Interview: How to Make Good Interview Videos


Recording an interview video may seem straightforward—we’re talking about a person in front of a camera right? But there’s actually a lot to consider if you want to avoid a boring look and feel.

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Tired of Long Video Calls and Emails? Try Asynchronous Video


There’s a saying in carpentry that I feel applies to our current situation. It goes something like this… There are three rules in carpentry: Always use the right tool for the job. The right tool is always a hammer. If it’s not working, get a bigger hammer.

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What You Need to Know About Secure Video Sharing


Viral video, that’s what it’s all about…right? For most businesses, the most important thing is to make sure your video reaches your target audience. But when your video contains sensitive or even confidential information, what then? How do you make sure only the right people see your content?

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What You Need to Know About Twitter Video to Do It Well


In the competitive world of social media marketing , it can be hard to ensure your brand’s efforts stand out from the crowd on an established platform like Twitter.

9 of the Best Video Marketing Examples From B2B in 2019


Have you ever Skyped in space? Met the Godfather of demand gen? Or been on a dating show for… features? Some of the brightest minds in B2B marketing have turned their attention to creating videos that inspire, thrill, educate, and yes, build pipeline and revenue.

Working with a Video Production Company: 9 Steps to Success


There are many ways to produce a video. You can do it yourself, you can hire an in-house video team, and sometimes, you call in the big guns. Video production companies (a.k.a. video production agencies) exist to make videos for companies like yours.

How to Create Explainer Videos That Actually Explain Things


If you’ve ever tried to explain something cool or complex to a friend or coworker, you know how tough it can be to explain something both effectively and succinctly. That’s where explainer videos—a popular type of video for businesses —come in. Contents 1. What is an Explainer Video?

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The 2019 Video in Business Award Winners


Skyping in space. A sales rep eating blazin’ hot wings during a pitch. An explainer video that treats you like a 5-year-old. An amazing parody of The Godfather starring, well, you!

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5 Types of Talk Triggers to Get People Talking About You


Every marketer’s dream is to turn their customers into brand ambassadors—or, at least, it should be! Brand ambassadors, or customer advocates, are walking, talking advertisements, who are free of charge. They provide the highest quality leads for one simple reason: authenticity.

Promo Videos: How to Build Hype with Your Teasers


When given the choice between text and video, 72% of people would rather watch a video to learn about a new product. People love to watch, and that makes promo videos the bread and butter of top-of-funnel marketing campaigns.

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How to Create the Best How-To Videos: Tips and Tricks


Ever type “how to <fill in the blank>” into Google and noticed the number of video tutorials that appear on the results page? There’s a how to video for everything! Those videos are more than just search engine window dressing.

Video Storytelling: How to Drive Connection Through Narrative


Companies need many things to thrive: Visionary leadership, a compelling offering, exceptional service, and much more. But in today’s noisy marketing landscape, what your brand really needs is a story. Well, maybe a few stories, if we’re being honest).

Adoption of Video Messaging and Screen Recording in Business Skyrockets by 400% as Remote Work Becomes the New Normal


In the past 90 days, Vidyard has added 2.8 million users of its video creation, sharing, and engagement tools, with an increase of more than 400% in new monthly sign-ups.

6 Ways to Grow Your Email List Using Facebook Live Video


Videos are a compelling way to drive website traffic and generate leads. According to a report published by Renderforest, brands that used video content in their demand generation strategy generated 69% more leads and 80% more conversions than those that didn’t.

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How to Put Together an Effective Sales Rollout Plan for Video


Once your sales organization is sold on the idea of using video , it’s up to you to get everyone using—and succeeding with—it. Create a detailed sales rollout plan, launch it, measure it, and incorporate feedback. Contents 1. Create Your Sales Rollout Plan for Video 1.1

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