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Can Small Businesses (Really) Use AI for Marketing?

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Are you tired of spending countless hours manually creating content, following up with leads, and analyzing data for your small business marketing ? Have you thought about using AI for small business marketing to make your life a little easier? Here’s the scoop on AI for small business marketing.

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6 Digital Marketing Strategies To Set Your Small Business Up For Success


Businesses. Even bigger enterprises were considered to being worthy of calling legitimate businesses. Small businesses, on their own, started rewriting several industries and practices. Imagine discussing an idea and seeing it as a product launch in a few days — small businesses can do that.


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How to Grow Your Small Business with Data: 4 Practical Tips

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a new company looking for a strong start or a town staple looking to break bad habits, you can always improve and grow your small business. Ultimately, making these changes to your small business practices will help improve your bottom line. For some, that might mean entering new markets.

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Marketing among top AI applications for small businesses


Forty-one percent of small businesses are considering using AI to help make business decisions, according to a new study conducted by American Express. Small businesses said they are considering AI for a wide range of use cases. Take the 2023 MarTech Replacement Survey Larger businesses more confident overall.

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What Is the Gemini Effect in B2B Marketing?

B2B business-client relationships are often more complex than those in the consumer world. Or do they select a reward that is beneficial to their business or the associates who work for them? At first glance, reward and recognition programs would appear to be an ill fit for the world of B2B marketing. What should they redeem for?

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Money Lessons For Small Marketing Businesses Post-COVID


The global pandemic has disrupted most small businesses in some way. As conditions begin to return to normal, there will be numerous lessons to take from the pandemic to ensure that businesses can survive future events. What are the key money lessons for small marketing businesses post-COVID? Contributed post.

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Small Business Data Set

HG Data

The post Small Business Data Set appeared first on HG Insights. HG Functional Area Intelligence™ is a solution that predicts where detected technologies are used on both a departmental and location-specific level within an organization.