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14 Marketing Over Coffee Podcasts You Need To Hear

Marketing Insider Group

Marketing podcasts (and coffee) are hot! A few years ago, I was interviewed by Marketing Over Coffee podcast host John J. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, from AI and the Writer’s Strike to the future of event planning, and the Martech landscape. This marketing podcast is hosted by John J.

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10 Podcasts That Will Foster Innovation and Growth in Marketers

Marketing Insider Group

Simple: You turn to other experts for a bit of mental and career rejuvenation through resources like books and podcasts. Instead, let your ears absorb some refreshing new concepts by tuning into some growth-focused podcasts. Recommended Podcasts for Marketers. This fast-paced podcast is full of wisdom. What gives?


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Podcast Marketing Statistics for Businesses


Of course, every emerging technology is a new growth opportunity for marketers, regardless of the format or accessibility, but the channel that reigns supreme in the age of convenience has to be podcasts. Here are a few podcast statistics that cover the specifics of this marketing format.

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The SharkPrenuer Podcast Featuring Green Leads CEO Mike Farrell

Smashmouth Marketing

Green Leads CEO Mike Farrell was recently a guest on Kevin Harrington’s (from SharkTank) SharkPrenuer Podcast with co-host Seth Greene (Podcast DirectResponse Marketing Expert). On the Podcast, they covered many topics including: How Green Leads is a B2B lead and appointment generation company.-Why

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How to Choose the Best Podcast Host


So you’ve been thinking of starting a podcast and finally made it happen? Once you have recorded, edited, and finalized everything (using a podcasting tool like Audacity, Zencastr, or, it’s time to spread the life-changing audio programs to your audience. That means you need to host your podcast.

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How to Use Podcasts as Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy


Podcasts are used by several influencers, industry experts, and entertainment artists to share perspectives, ideas, and unique insights with a target audience. So how do podcasts fit into your content marketing strategy? And podcasts offer an exciting opportunity to do just that. Take NerdWallet , for example.

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Podcast: Technology Intelligence Data-Driven Decision-Making

HG Data

Technology Intelligence Data-Driven Decision-Making In this episode of the MarTech Podcast, Elizabeth Cholawsky, CEO of HG Insights, reveals how Technology Intelligence enables businesses to gain insights into market trends, competition, empowering decision-makers to make informed choices and solve complex problems.