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How to Keep Your SEO When Relaunching Your Website


Scan the current website to create a list of all indexable pages (URLs) prior to the relaunch. Make sure to redirect any removed URLs to relevant active pages. To the extent possible, retain all current page URLs. Make sure any changed URLs are properly redirected to the corresponding new URLs on the redesigned site.

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LinkedIn Advertising Best Practices and Advanced Tips


It offers B2B marketers targeting capabilities unmatched by other platforms, including region, industry (more than 550 categories ), job title, seniority, and company size (revenue or employee ranges), as well as matched lists and retargeting (more about these options below). My saved audience isn’t in the drop-down list!

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How to Make a Splash with a New-to-the-World Website


This means doing keyword research (determining the best keyword phrases to target based on a combination of relatively search volume and low competition or difficulty); mapping the selected keywords to specific pages; then optimizing the navigation, content, URL, and other elements of on-page SEO for each page.

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5 Steps to Find an Email List for Healthcare Marketing

Fount Media

Meta Title- How To Find The List For Your Healthcare Marketing Campaign url – How to source the healthcare marketing list Meta Description: Read our blog article about healthcare email marketing and 5 best steps to source an email list for an effective email campaign.

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8 Advanced Google Search Tips To Optimize Your Web and Content Marketing

Marketing Insider Group

Be careful because some top pages that list advanced search operators have outdated commands.) These functions let you search for pages with a particular word in the URL or page title. For an example of how this works, you can use inurl:spaghetti or intitle:spaghetti to find sites with “spaghetti” in the URL or title.

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Understanding Google SERP Features in 2021: The Complete Guide

KoMarketing Associates

Only the very bottom listing, from Merriam Webster, is an organic search listing. In many cases, users now have to scroll to even see the top organic listing. That same research found that the value of a #1 organic SERP listing fell by 37% in just the years between 2015 and 2017 alone. Search Result URL Information.

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The Email Marketers Guide to Using List-Unsubscribe


List-unsubscribe is a native unsubscribe option offered by popular inbox providers like iOS Mail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and to make it easy for users to unsubscribe from unwanted emails. Because it gives subscribers an alternative to designating your email as “spam,” list-unsubscribe also provides a benefit to email marketers.