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One Click That Mattered


Clicking one link after the other. confused look on my face* I clicked it. We opened the admin console totally sure that there’s nothing wrong. cue soothing zen music* Apps -> GSuite -> GMail -> Authenticate email, everything was exactly as it is supposed to be. What does this START AUTHENTICATION button mean?

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Beyond ‘click here:’ 4 rules for better email CTAs


I’ll get straight to the point: “Submit” and “Click here” are ineffective calls to action (CTAs) for your email campaigns. (I’ll If you don’t structure your request effectively, you’ll end up with variations on “Submit” and “Click here.”

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Report: Email Marketers Seeing Open Rates and Click-Through Rates Rise

KoMarketing Associates

Marketers who use email have seen their delivery rate fall over the past year, but new research indicates that open rates and click-through rates have begun to rise. Furthermore, the average click-through rate is now up 4.4% Most marketers (44%) claimed that they have seen click-through rates rise as well. from last year.

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Zero-Clicks Study


The phenomenon of zero clicks in Search is leaving many marketers wondering how their target customers are acting, and grappling with how best to appeal to them online.

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Stream On or Tune Out: Personalize Your Buyer Journey so Audiences Click Next

Speaker: Randy Frisch, Co-Founder, CMO and President, Uberflip

The way we engage with technology has changed—from the way we watch TV (Netflix), to the way we consume music (Spotify), to the way we exercise (Peloton). We have tuned out on old one-dimensional experiences. Your buyer expects each stage of the journey to be curated so they can stream away!

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Decreased Website Traffic: Is Google Sending You Fewer Clicks?

Single Grain

Is Google sending fewer clicks to websites? Recent data seems to suggest that Google search has been slowly sending websites fewer and fewer clicks over the last six months. Clicks up too, but not as much. Clicks up too, but not as much. Click-through rate down. Have you noticed a decrease in your website traffic?

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Zero-Click Searches: How to Optimize for Featured Snippets


As a result, more searchers are finding their answers without making a single click. This article will explain zero-click searches. What is a zero-click search? A zero-click search occurs when a user finds their answer without needing to visit any website outside the search engine results page (SERP).

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9 Award-Winning Customer Advocacy Success Stories

How Staples got 4,112 social shares that generated 19,210 clicks. These 9 short, easy-to-read success stories will teach you new strategies to mobilize your advocate community to drive ROI. Get an inside look at the strategies behind: How Cisco published 4,000 pieces of user-generated content.