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How to Classify User Intent at Scale


The post How to Classify User Intent at Scale appeared first on MarketMuse. At MarketMuse, we are pursuing intent classification with the help of machine learning using a continuously learning model.

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Outstanding Classified Advertising Must Stand Out

Marketing In Real Life

Classified advertising and directory advertising offer an alternative that reaches the same target audience as more costly display advertising. While large, display ads can command attention simply by dominating the page, small classified advertising needs to work much, much harder to get noticed.


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Persona Classification and the Buying Committee: The What, How, and Why – Pt. 1

Heinz Marketing

You classify and generalize. Over the next three posts, I will break down the B2B buying committee and build an understanding of each persona type that could be included and the what, how, and why you should be classifying your personas this way. Persona Classifi- What?

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How Do You Classify Demand Generation Systems?

Customer Experience Matrix

I’ve been pondering recently how to classify demand generation systems. Since my ultimate goal is to help potential buyers decide which product to purchase, the obvious approach is to first classify the buyers themselves and then determine which systems best fit which group. Right--classifying demand generation systems.

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How to increase website engagement with content recommendations


How to classify content The magic behind content recommendation relies on classifying content to match your and the reader’s goals. Content can be classified in several different ways, such as: Words in the title. How the content is classified might affect your use case. Keywords or tags. Categories.

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Reference Data Management Fundamentals: What It Is and Why It Matters


Reference data is data that defines the values that are used to classify and characterize other data. It is, in essence, the “What, Where, When, Who, and How” of data.

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Google Updates Search Console To New Item Classification System via @sejournal, @MattGSouthern

Search Engine Journal

Google finishes migrating all Search Console properties to an updated system that simplifies how pages, items, and issues are classified. The post Google Updates Search Console To New Item Classification System appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

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