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Summer Reading for B2B Marketers: 10 Must-Read Blogs to Get Back in the Zone

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Graham Gallivan As we move towards the end of the dog days of summer, your marketing strategy shouldn’t cool down with the weather. Or maybe you took some vacation days of your own and need a pick-me-up to get back in the zone. Demystifying Social ROI in B2B Marketing.

B2B Marketing Zone launched

B2B Lead Generation Blog

A new B2B marketing community that I am participating in was just launched. The B2B Marketing Zone is a marketing community site that was launched as collaborative effort between Tom Pick and Tony Karrer. The community features content from other B2B marketing bloggers I enjoy such as Ardath Albee ( Marketing Interactions ), Paul Dunay ( Buzz Marketing for Technology ) and Jon Miller ( Modern B2B Marketing ) as well many others.

Three Things Smart B2B Marketers Will be Doing in 2016


What will successful B2B marketers to be doing more of, or differently, in 2016? Download the eBook to read all of the thoughts from these experts regarding the keys to B2B marketing success in the coming year. Marketing Technology is Worthless Without Training.

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12 Lessons I’ve Learned From Writing 1,000 Blog Posts

Type A Communications

Marketing Andrew M. January 10, 2017 by Tom Pick In Taekwondo, students are taught they must perform each kick at least 1,000 times before they can safely say they have learned the kick. read more.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

B2B Marketing. Pressure to demonstrate ROI: the great recession and subsequent slow recovery have forced B2B marketers to do more with less, and do. Never flush with cash in the first place, B2B marketing groups have been. Marketers need to take the.

3 Tips for Using Social Media for B2B Marketing


Social media can be a great business tool to use for marketing, sales, PR, customer service, and HR. But with the right knowledge and strategy, social media can be an invaluable part of a B2B online marketing plan. Guest post by Larry Alton.

12 Lessons I’ve Learned from Writing 1,000 Blog Posts


Marketers who blog consistently are far more likely to see positive ROI and generate significantly more leads. For example, the #Nifty50 Women in Technology post here—a collaboration with Cheryl Burgess of Blue Focus Marketing —remains one of the 10 most-read Webbiquity posts of all time.

B2B Blogging Trends for 2011


Blogging is often viewed as the core component of a B2B social media marketing strategy, and other than discussion forums, it’s the most mature component of social media. So what’s next for B2B blogging?

Here’s What 25 B2B Marketers Think Are the Key Trends in 2016

Paul Gillin

I was delighted when B2B Marketing Zone – a website and newsletter that I devour – asked me to be one of 25 contributors to its “ B2B Marketing Trends for 2016 ” e-book. I love this content concept, and it’s an idea more B2B marketers could adopt.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

B2B Marketing. Pressure to demonstrate ROI: the great recession and subsequent slow recovery have forced B2B marketers to do more with less, and do. Never flush with cash in the first place, B2B marketing groups have been. Marketers need to take the.

B2B Marketing Trends 2016-2020: Social Media Breakfast Wrap


What trends will drive B2B marketing over the next three to four years? Where should savvy B2B marketers invest their resources to optimize results over the next few years?

You Need to Remove ‘Contact Us’ from Your Page


Get more conversions ActiveDEMAND helps increase conversions Marketing takes time and resources and so you'll want to make every campaign as effective as possible. ");}); You Need to Remove ‘Contact Us’ from Your Page. Here’s Why… Book an Appointment: the new Form Fill.

The Importance of Google and Mobile-First Indexing


Automate Your Marketing with ActiveDEMAND! ActiveDEMAND is an integrated marketing automation platform designed specifically to help businesses generate more leads. ActiveDEMAND includes all the tools required to deploy online marketing campaigns.

How to Get the Latest and Greatest B2B News and Insights – Personalized Just for You


Since its inception, the B2B Marketing Zone has been the one place to catch up on all the latest posts from the leading B2B bloggers, writers like Brian Carroll , Chris Abraham , Ambal Balakrishnan , Ardath Albee and many more. The latest addition: Aggregage , the platform that powers the B2B Marketing Zone (or BMZ) has added a robust personalization engine. Sign up and sign in to personalize your content from the B2B Marketing Zone.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

B2B Marketing. Pressure to demonstrate ROI: the great recession and subsequent slow recovery have forced B2B marketers to do more with less, and do. Never flush with cash in the first place, B2B marketing groups have been. Marketers need to take the.

Moving out of Your Comfort Zone: Embracing Marketing Plans and Tactics to Take Your B2B Organization to the Next Level


Sorry Harry - In the B2B marketing world of today, company management need to have their eyes wide open, embrace change and push their comfort zones to the limit. The key for B2B enterprises is finding the right social media tools and using them in the most effective way.

How Manufacturers can Resurrect Product Content from the Dead Zone

Industrial Marketing Today

In general B2B and technology (software and IT) marketing, there is usually a well-defined path for lead generation and nurturing with content. These B2B marketers seem to have a bottomless well of content to tap into. I’m sure that’s not by accident but the result of forward thinking and a lot of hard work on the part of content marketers in those industries. In my opinion, product-centric content is and will always be very important in manufacturing marketing.

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B2B Marketing: Top US and UK Influencers and Brands

Onalytica B2B

We analysed the B2B marketing discussion last year and earlier this year , and we wanted to continue with these reports to show how influencer trends map out over time. It’s intriguing to see new influencers entering the discussion and driving the discussion on B2B Marketing.

Challenger Marketing: How To Succeed In Today’s B2B Battleground

B2B Marketing Insider

” This was one of the bold statements Brent Adamson, co-author of “ The Challenger Sale ,” and the recently released book “ The Challenger Customer ” made during his kick-off presentation on challenger marketing at the Content2Conversion Conference last year.

5 Essential Disciplines For The B2B Marketing Professional

KoMarketing Associates

No matter what your specific industry is, if you’re in B2B, there are a several very useful disciplines and points of action that can help you implement campaigns successfully. Once you’ve identified key areas where your marketing strategy is working (e.g.

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Does Your B2B Company Score in the Red Zone? Make Your Proposals a Touchdown!


Having quality collateral, whether electronic or print, is typically a priority for most B2B companies. Marketing collateral is often used during the early stages of the sales cycle. The Answer: B2B companies get lazy with proposals and most of the time, quite frankly, they stink.

Are You Doing Remarketing Wrong?


For any business using online advertising as part of their marketing strategy, remarketing offers the opportunity promote brand awareness and capture leads even after a potential customer has left your website. Automate Your Marketing with ActiveDEMAND!

Track and Use Data from SMS/Text for Your Marketing


The Power of Incorporating SMS/Text Into Your Marketing. Here’s a question: Are you using this valuable channel for your marketing efforts? SMS marketing (i.e. text marketing) is a powerful channel, and we want to be sure you’re making full use of its potential.

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Why Agencies Should be Doing More Webinars


Not only are they an ideal lead generation tool, they create many marketable assets: the live event itself, the recorded webcast, possible follow-up eBook or blog post , etc. Webinars are particularly useful to marketing agencies. Automate Your Marketing with ActiveDEMAND!

Personalization and Behavior-Based Trigger Marketing


Personalization and Behavior-Based Trigger Marketing In today’s marketing landscape, it’s becoming increasingly more obvious that it’s the end customer who drives marketing. ActiveDEMAND includes all the tools required to deploy online marketing campaigns.

New Best Practices in Drip Campaigns


New Best Practices in Drip Campaigns Drip campaigns – or “nurture campaigns” as they are often called – have been part of the marketer’s essential tool belt for some time now. What does that mean to you as a marketer?

What To Do When B2B Content Marketing Efforts Hit a Proverbial Wall

KoMarketing Associates

There are times when a content marketing initiative’s results seem to plateau. This may happen with every online marketing program, be it content development, SEO performance, or building a presence in social media. Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone.

How to Make B2B Content Curation a Win-Win [Podcast]


What role should content aggregation play in your B2B blogging strategy? What value does content syndication provide to B2B bloggers? How can B2B marketers capitalize on aggregation as part of their overall content marketing strategy?

Conversation Analytics: Calls vs. Good Calls


How each marketing channel is performing in terms of quality conversations. Determine if the keywords are reflected in the marketing content, ads, and assets.

Five Things Marketing Agencies Need in an Automation Platform


It isn’t with marketing automation solutions like this. Multi-channel marketing automation requires marketers to be consistent with marketing content and context across multiple marketing platforms, however, while customer activity and responses are collected and prioritized.

Six Ways to Search-Optimize a Blog


Most B2B website content (other than items like news releases and upcoming events) and much B2C content as well is fairly static; once it’s written, it tends to stay pretty much intact for the life of the website. Nearly every industry has its own specific directories and syndication sites as well; for example, B2B Marketing Zone for B2B vendor and influencer blogs, and Social Media Informer for social media-related blogs.

How to Get More Blog Traffic – Real World Data


This B2B blog isn’t necessarily representative of all blogs of course, but the trends likely aren’t much different for many business blogs. Business Blogging Social Media Marketing b2b blog traffic sources b2b marketing zone

Building Your Brand Strategy


Building Your Brand Strategy A company’s brand can be considered its face it shows to the world, and as a modern-day marketer you have to ask yourself…are you putting your clients’ best face forward? ActiveDEMAND includes all the tools required to deploy online marketing campaigns.

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Diving Deeper Into Drip Campaign Best Practices


Diving Deeper Into Drip Campaign Best Practices In a previous post, we talked about drip campaigns and how they have been an essential part of a marketer’s “tool kit” for some time. Marketers need a full “360-degree view” of their customers to provide messaging that meets individual needs. (we’ll

Do You Need to Recombobulate Your B2B Marketing?

Great B2B Marketing

So how does all this apply to B2B marketing? For example, when a software company offers its products through a paid subscription model instead of an installed licensing model, a transformation is required in how you market, sell and deliver products and services.

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Content Automation is the Future of Content Creation


Content marketing is a well-established pillar of marketing, and content is king of the castle. One of the biggest challenges facing marketers is promoting the content, ensuring it stays relevant and getting it in front of the right audience.

Why Marketing Agencies Need Enhanced Dashboard Reporting


Why Marketing Agencies Need Enhanced Dashboard Reporting It is one of the primary tasks of a marketing agency to routinely report to their clients the results their marketing efforts and initiatives have yielded. Marketing greatly impacts the success of a company.

B2B Product Marketing Tips in the Age of the Customer


Sixty-nine percent of senior marketers cite understanding buyer needs as the most important go-to-market strategy, and 80% of these same marketers view creating collateral as their top priority. Insights from World-Class Product Marketers. of Product Marketing, Pivotal.

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The Importance of Value-Add Marketing Assets


The Importance of Value-Add Marketing Assets The key to any lead generation campaign is to provide something of value to your prospects, something they can read, use, learn from or engage with. We call these VALUABLE MARKETING ASSETS.