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AIO is Poised to Change How B2B Buyers Find You


Ask an AI-powered chatbot a question and get back a concise, curated answer. That, in a nutshell, is the compelling difference between SEO (the old tried-and-true) and AIO (which is about to turn digital marketing on its head). SEO has been a staple of inbound digital marketing for years.

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Differences Between AI Overviews and SGE that Enhance Marketer’s Engagement Opportunities


It’s been roughly two weeks since Google announced AI Overviews! We have been able to observe the transition to AI Overviews in real-time. The code base and many of the modules that power the AI remain the same, there are some attributes of AIO that have implications for marketers.

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10 observations about the transition of SGE to AI Overviews in May 2024


What a month it’s been for AI search technology! After almost a year of testing in labs, Google took the step we were all waiting for and began rolling out AI more broadly across search. AI Overviews are built on the same Large Language Model (LLM) as SGE, and BGP is able to track their presence just as it did with SGE.

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