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June, 2022

Commercial, Informational, Navigational, and Transactional Keywords: What You Need to Know


Of course, you want to get site traffic that aligns with your SEO goals. That’s why you need to be mindful of a keyword’s search intent. Without understanding search intent, it’s difficult to cash in on your SEO initiatives even if you generate heaps of organic traffic.

Google E-A-T Guidelines for SEO


SEOs have been debating E-A-T since Google’s Medic update back in 2018. Some SEO experts agree that E-A-T is a ranking factor, while others think it’s better described as mere guidelines on how to optimize your blog architecture for higher rankings. Why is E-A-T important in SEO?


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How To Inspire Content Teams To Care About SEO


When organizations begin with SEO, they often start with a dedicated SEO specialist. They’re often working alongside content teams with commercial priorities, who are driving content and working separately from SEO teams. Why content teams need to care about SEO.

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What To Look For When Hiring An SEO Company – 8 Tips

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What to consider when evaluating good SEO companies to work with. SEO is an effective and necessary element of the website growth plan. SEO companies utilize varying techniques to get high position rankings in Google for websites. Where is the SEO company located?

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