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May, 2022

Three Ways to Optimize Social Media for Improved Search Engine Optimization Performance

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Other search engines like Bing and Yahoo are popular as well, but Google is used by nearly 88% of the global population, making it the top search engine. It raises the question, “Do my social media efforts impact my search engine optimization (SEO) performance?”.


What is NAP? How Does it Help Local SEO?

Google and other search engines crawl this information when finding out about your company. And, critically, search engines won’t trust your company. This adds your company NAP to Google Search and Google Maps. Search for any incorrect NAP online, outside your site.


Visual Content Marketing on Social Media!

You can even create branded hashtags and encourage your customers to use them when sharing their content to make it easier for you to search, find, and promote them. Optimize visuals for search engines. Search queries are not reserved for only text anymore.