Mon.Jun 17, 2024

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How Connected TV Advertising Can Transform Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing Insider Group

Wherever consumers go, they’ll be encouraged to interact with your messaging in a personalized way. Essentially, you have the chance to gain visibility and with audiences through carefully curated touchpoints backed by data. For instance, let’s say you’re a law firm that tracks your website visitor traffic regularly.

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How Manufacturers Can Win Big with Account Based Marketing (ABM) and Industrial Content Marketing


While Approved Vendor Lists (AVLs) can be valuable for some manufacturers, they often prioritize cost savings and compliance over fostering innovation and building personalized solutions. ABM addresses these challenges by taking a more strategic and personalized approach. Why look for an alternative?

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The importance of meeting prep


One of the most critical touchpoints in the sales cycle is the meeting. And, over time, you can continue to personalize what you share and when, based on your customer’s unique needs. By searching the buyer’s website, recent news, and pulling relevant insights about their industry, you can demonstrate a high business acumen.