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Purposeful Planning: Tech, Talent, or Programs? How to Structure Budgets and Teams for Long-Term Growth


The post Purposeful Planning: Tech, Talent, or Programs? How to Structure Budgets and Teams for Long-Term Growth appeared first on Demandbase. In this article, we explore how data-informed strategies help marketers determine which processes, technologies, or positions drive the most ROI.

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How Outcome-Based Vs. Traditional Sub-Account Budgets Serve Everyone Better

Vision Edge Marketing

In business, the purpose of a budget is to ensure our organizations have enough resources to meet its objectives. The use of sub-accounts is the most common approach to budgeting and is used to separate funds for different expenses. The best place to start is to understand the purpose of a budget. We all have one.


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Report: Omnichannel Marketing Yielding Positive Results for B2B Marketers

KoMarketing Associates

As B2B marketers expand their budgets to improve upon demand generation, new research suggests that implementing an omnichannel strategy may be the key to success. In general, most B2B marketers (47%) use their product marketing budget to execute their omnichannel program. Only 20% have an omnichannel-specific budget.

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Content Marketing and Social Media: 25 Insights and Stats from Three Research Reports


Content Marketing: Growing and Maturing How are content marketing budgets holding up in these challenging times? Budgets are growing. of content marketers had larger budgets last year than the year before. expect budget increases this year. How are goals and strategies for content marketing changing? An eye-opening 91.6%

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Loyalty Auctions: The Next Reward For B2B Markets

Looking for ways to boost engagement in a B2B loyalty program? With only one winner per auction your ability to control reward expenses is tightly managed and accurately budgeted within known/fixed parameters (unlike other rewards). With only one winner per auction your reward can be blockbuster without breaking the bank.

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ABM Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

B2B Marketing Zone Submitted Articles

"If you’re still in the earliest stages and need to secure the buy-in and budget to expand your ABM program, I’d like to offer a key piece of advice: ABM is a marathon, not a sprint."

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How to Calculate Demand Gen Budget: A Rough Guide

The Point

Budgeting season is here again, and demand marketers are not immune. How big does your demand gen budget need to be in order to support your organization’s revenue goals in the new year? Alternatively, is the budget you’ve been handed enough to do the job? We prefer to base budgets on MQLs vs. raw inquiries.