Pick The Right Plays: Using the Go-To-Market Framework


Doing so may also offset declines in aging products a company sells. Go-to-market plays : Add-on campaigns, cross-sell campaigns, in-app message campaigns, user research, and product launches.

So Close – Next Gen Precision Marketing!

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Above all private label is growing 3 times faster than manufacturer brands and expected to reach 25% by 2027 (Nielsen). On one hand Amazon sell products like Huggies by Kimberly Clark. According to Wikipedia, Precision marketing is “ A marketing technique that suggests successful marketing is to retain, cross-sell and upsell existing customers. We’re all well aware of the massive disruption the CPG space is going through.

50% of Marketers are Hampered by Siloed Data

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In its marketing trends for 2018, Marketo highlights a Forrester study predicting that the approximately 100,000 software vendors of today will grow to 1 million hyper-specialized companies by 2027. Integration of marketing data and creating a “singular view” of your prospects and customers is one of the most critical steps to undertake in order to achieve any number of business objectives such as customer acquisition, retention, loyalty, upsell and cross sell.