White Paper Alternatives for the Savvy B2B Marketer


Podcasts. Podcasts can be powerful lead generators that bring in new customers and build brand awareness much in the same way a traditional white paper would. One example, Showrunner.fm , has seen great success in the B2B podcast realm.

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The Best Content Marketing of 2016


Last year, GE dominated this list thanks to its innovative sci-fi podcast, The Message, which managed to top the iTunes charts. This year’s top content marketing covered topics like dating, science, politics, mascara, Ryan Reynolds, trap music, and anthropomorphic breakfast food.

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Content Intelligence Marketing: Why B2B Companies need it


According to a study published by attomdata.com, technology is becoming increasingly powerful & by the year 2025, computers will be able to mimic the intelligence of humans. Prelude.

10 Common Marketing Terms That You Won’t Hear In 10 Years


Of course content is more than blogs and text, it’s also video and photos and podcasts and whatever else we can fit onto a web site. Marketing is going to be a new world in 2025. As a marketer, every day I hear something new.