10 Jobs Artificial Intelligence Will Replace (and 10 That Are Safe)


And AI is already being used to develop marketers’ content strategies and email marketing playbooks -- it’s only a matter of time before it plays a bigger role in the process. Why: This one is surprising because the job growth is supposed to increase 7% by 2024.

How Do You Market a City? 9 Famous Olympic Bid Videos From Around the World


Cities around the world start the bid process a full nine years before the Games, and it takes another two for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to select the winner. Boston, MA, USA: 2024 Summer Olympic Bid Video. Melbourne, Australia: 2024 Summer Olympics Bid Video.

The Future of B2B Marketing: Predictions from #FutureM15 Speakers

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Anita Brearton, Founder of CabinetM (a discovery platform to connect marketers to marketing technology companies), starts the conversation by noting that 57% of the sales process happens before the sales person ever touches the customer. Chista Carone, Chief Marketing Officer at Boston 2024 , explains that this presents a huge opportunity for marketers to step up their game and how we market to each other.

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Adobe on how to select and future-proof your CMS


The global content management market accounted for just under $5 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach over $14 billion by 2024. This facilitates content creation and publishing but introduces multiple systems into the process of content organization and deployment.

5G Is Coming: Here’s How You Can Prepare


billion people in the United States are expected to have a 5G subscription by 2024. Data will be processed in milliseconds, meaning ad biddings will need to be processed in milliseconds.

GDPR Compliance and the Shifting B2B Dynamics


The regulation was legally enforced on March 25, 2018, & has made it obligatory for inbound marketers to make sure that the data gets collected & processed safely. Right to restrict processing of data: Individuals can now request to opt out of the processing of their personal data.

Consumers Could Drive Data Sharing and Personalization with Blockchain Marketing

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A 2018 survey by Wintergreen Research predicts that the global market for blockchain will exceed $60 billion by 2024. Customers Drive the Sharing Process.

27 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website


of their marketing budget to social media by 2024. Getting started with paid advertising can be a simple process. Let's do a little reverse engineering of our thought process. Make this an easy process.

Brand Growth with Chatbots: How Companies can Make Use of it?

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billion by 2024 according to Global Market Insights. Without waiting for a second, chatbots can answer the queries and make the process seamless, smooth and hassle-free. Emerging technologies have played a pivotal role in how businesses market their product or services.

Blog #4: Deep Learning: The Rise of Cognitive Science Technology


The area of Cognitive Sciences is rooted in Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) and includes diverse Machine Learning (ML) methods from disciplines like: data mining, deep learning, neural networks, graph learning theory, natural language processing and decision trees or random forests. billion between 2015 and 2024. IBM and MIT Visualization and interpretations of patterns are mental processes that humans are particularly adept at.