The state of ecommerce


Amazon, Alibaba, Pinduoduo forecasted to be the leading retailers in 2024. Here are the key takeaways from the event: Pureplay retailers will dominate in the future. As a result pureplay retailers like Alibaba, Amazon and are projected to dominate the retail sector by 2024.

10 Jobs Artificial Intelligence Will Replace (and 10 That Are Safe)


Why: You probably already receive robo-calls on behalf of various products and services, and career growth in the telemarketing space is expected to decline by 3% by the year 2024. Why: This one is surprising because the job growth is supposed to increase 7% by 2024. 6) Event Planners.

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What’s Trending in Marketing for December 2019

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Data from Vivid Seats shows that the number of live TV related events greatly increased over the last few years. The total number of live TV events grew from 348 in 2012 to 1,559 in 2019. The success of these events shows how popular tv shows and characters really are.

Transitioning from Marketing to Martech in 2020? Try Shoshin

Martech Advisor

billion by 2024. As human beings, we are naturally prone to adding a context around every event, but this can significantly deter our decision-making capabilities. Martech is a rapidly growing space, demanding attention from every marketer across the board.

Pay With Litecoin


As per Lee, Litecoin was created to be an easy mode of fee between different events. Bitcoin’s supply will enhance less than 2% beginning on the 2020 halving, and will ultimately go to less than 1% a yr after the 2024 halving. Pay With Litecoin.

7 Business Intelligence Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020

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We live in an omnichannel age where the average consumer engages a brand on up to six touchpoints before making a purchase: Some of these new tools use AI to predict events more accurately by employing predictive analytics to identify subtle relationships between seemingly unrelated variables.

Top 10 PPC Trends for 2020


billion by 2024. Otherwise, you may appear that your brand is supporting a horrific event.” The landscape of digital advertising will be more dynamic in the year 2020 than ever before.

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Mobile Marketing: 20 Actionable Tips You Need to Know


billion in 2024. Sendinblue makes it easy to promote personalized, time-sensitive sales and special events notifications via SMS. On January 9, 2007, the entire world changed. That’s the day Apple’s first smartphone hit the market.

FocusVision updates Decipher platform to automatically create surveys from Word docs


The ever-expanding CX management market covers a wide range of tools and offerings and is expected to be worth over $14 billion by 2024. They also reviewed their KPIs and looked at how could they be more flexible to just-in-time needs based on each event at the stadium.