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Enterprise Sales vs. SMB Sales: Decoding the B2B Sales

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Win rate : The percentage of customers who won as opposed to open, lost, or stagnant opportunities. The win rate is also known as the opportunity-to-win ratio or the opportunity-win rate. Typical KPIs include: Rates of conversion.

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Microscopic View of B2B Intent Data for Easy Lead Generation

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Businesses can use intent data to find qualified leads, reduce churn rate, etc. . These bits of data are similar to puzzle pieces that when together enrich first-party data for single or multi-channel campaigns. Lower churn rate.


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How Data Mining Improves Buyer Experience


According to Gartner, by 2023, more than 50 percent of data and analytics leaders will be responsible for data creation, management, and analysis. Get a hold of fragmented data: Data mining supports multi-channel integration of user data and the efficient functioning of CRM platforms.

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8 Best Practices for Successful B2B Marketing Automation


To get the best results, you must navigate massive amounts of data while managing numerous channels, deliverables, and campaigns. Forrester has predicted that spending on marketing automation will hit $25 billion by 2023 , signaling a 14% annual growth rate since 2017. Create a cohesive multi-channel experience. Marketing automation allows you to create a seamless experience across numerous channels, ensuring that your messaging is cohesive on any device.