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When Is It Acceptable to Have a High Churn Rate?

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Understanding and effectively managing your churn rate is crucial for long-term success. Your churn rate refers to the rate at which customers discontinue their association with your business, either by canceling a subscription or ceasing to make purchases.

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What are the essential Lead Management Metrics in 2023?


Lead Management Metrics in 2023 A new year means new objectives for the company. So, before we introduce the Lead Management metrics you should be tracking in 2023, let us answer a very basic question: What are the Lead Management Metrics? It’s about time we introduce the top lead management metrics you should be tracking in 2023.


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11 Powerful Customer Retention Strategies You’d Need in 2023


11 Powerful Customer Retention Strategies You’d Need in 2023 For a business to thrive in today’s competitive market, it must find sustainable ways to attract new customers. 11 Effective Customer Retention Strategies in 2023 1. This will help you with business promotion as well as customer acquisition.

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Content Marketing KPIs for Your Content Strategy


In this article, we’ll explore the metrics that matter most for content marketing in 2023. Cost per acquisition This metric measures the cost of acquiring a new customer through content marketing efforts. Metrics such as churn rate, customer lifetime value, and repeat purchase rate can help to track customer retention.

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Think the martech landscape is big? Here’s the size of the software industry overall


These numbers from G2 are inclusive of the fact that they’ve handled over 760 merger and acquisition cases since January of this year. Is 2023 the Year of the Martech Cataclysm? Up to 20% of the current martech landscape could churn before 2024. What about consolidation, you say? So, yes, consolidation is happening.

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SaaS Marketing Plan Guide: How to Grow Your SaaS Sales in 2023?

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Even when you’ve completed a sale, the work doesn’t stop there: onboarding, churn rates, growth hacking, and a slew of ROI calculations are all part of the complicated terrain that SaaS marketers require to navigate. Their sales cycle usually follows a three-step process: Acquisition : Getting new users onboard.

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8 Marketing KPIs every SaaS brand should track


In fact, the market overall is expected to reach a staggering $623 billion by 2023. We’re still early-stage here, but metrics to measure at product / market fit level include: Cost per Acquisition (CPA) / Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). That’s a rapid evolution! This is where you begin to pull towards more quantitative metrics.