The 50 Best Startup Tools For 2021

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Whether you’re thinking about launching a business in 2021 or working on growing one, you probably recognize and understand the importance and value of tools. In this post, we’re listing the 50 best startup tools and resources you should consider using in 2021.

SEO Salary Report 2021: How Much SEO Pros Get Paid via @sejournal, @theshelleywalsh

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How much do SEO professionals make? See the average SEO salary by job title and years of experience in survey findings from 2,300+ respondents. The post SEO Salary Report 2021: How Much SEO Pros Get Paid appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

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Is Content Marketing Becoming the New SEO?

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If you were to step back in time into a marketing conference from a decade or so ago, content marketing SEO would be the buzzword you’d hear on everyone’s lips. Because, you know, SEO. The Relationship Between SEO and Content Marketing: It’s Complicated.

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How Content Pruning Can Boost Website SEO

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Optimize for SEO – reworking titles, headers, meta descriptions, and body content. The post How Content Pruning Can Boost Website SEO appeared first on Marketing Insider Group.

Learn SEO in 2021: The Beginner's Guide to SEO


Exploring the ever-changing world of SEO can seem intimidating if you‘re not sure where to start. In this guide, we‘ll start with a deep dive into how SEO works in 2021, offer helpful resources to continue your training, and include tips from 10 industry experts.

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Six Lead Generation Trends to Watch in 2021


To capitalize on these market shifts to increase both the quantity and quality of your leads in the post-pandemic B2B marketplace, here are six top lead generation trends to watch in 2021. Conversational marketing via the use of live chat will be on the rise in 2021.

How to Do a Keyword Research for Your SEO Strategy


SEO is the key to the success of your Content Marketing strategy. If you want your content to be seen and found on the internet, you have to apply SEO techniques. One of the most crucial SEO tasks is keyword research. How to learn more about SEO?

21 SEO Tips, Tactics, and Trends for Website Content in 2021

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Don't expect 2021 to bring relief from the merciless slide of organic content down search engine results pages. But with a little attention to these 21 SEO tips, tactics, and trends, you can protect your rankings – and even gain an edge.

Top 10 Enterprise SEO Trends You Need to Know in 2021 via @sejournal, @shuey03

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Enterprise SEO trends can help guide the website and digital marketing improvements that drive traffic, brand recognition, and revenue. The post Top 10 Enterprise SEO Trends You Need to Know in 2021 appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Enterprise SEO

These Are the Only SEO Audit Tools You’ll Ever Need

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Having an SEO strategy is a no brainer for content marketers. The thing is, SEO strategy doesn’t stop at creating content. Without SEO auditing, you risk giving your competitors an edge and sending your audience to outdated content. Screaming Frog SEO Spider.

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Understanding Google SERP Features in 2021: The Complete Guide

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Understanding Google search engine result page – or “SERP” – features has always been an essential part of SEO for B2B digital marketers. Clearly, this has immense implications for SEOs everywhere. And it’s why ranking in SERP features are now an SEO’s bread and butter.

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Google July 2021 Update is Over – What Happened? via @sejournal, @martinibuster

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Google's July 2021 Core Update is over and the search marketing community experiences it differently depending on strategy The post Google July 2021 Update is Over – What Happened? News SEO

5 SEO Success Stories to Inspire Your 2021 Strategy


Search engine optimization (SEO) may seem like a straightforward concept. While those are fundamental elements of SEO, it can actually be quite challenging to create a strategy that helps you drive traffic and enough of it to meet your overall business goals.

SEO Stop Words Guide for 2021 (with List)


There‘s a lot of confusion around SEO stop words and whether or not you should remove them from your page titles, headings, and URLs.

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E-A-T vs. YMYL: What You Need To Know for SEO and Content Marketing

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SEO is something content marketers have to tweak and refine continuously. SEO practices that matter today can change tomorrow. Looking at SEO as only keywords doesn’t provide you with the big picture.

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How To Do Local SEO Keyword Research In 2021


In this post, I‘ll help you develop a local SEO keyword research guide to set you up for future success.

2021 SEO Career Path: SEO As A Career Option


Want 2021 latest SEO salary and jobs data? Check out the 2021 US Marketing Salary Guide. In 2021, the need for digital marketing experts and experienced online marketing professionals is exploding. What are the specific SEO career opportunities? SEO Specialist.

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SEO Hacking: The Top 31 White Hat SEO Hacks for 2021

What is “White Hat” SEO? SEO is a duality – there’s good SEO and bad SEO. Bad SEO is considered “black hat” while good SEO is considered “white hat.” What’s wrong with “Black Hat” SEO? And that’s exactly what you need for a successful SEO campaign.

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12 Content Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye in 2021


What Content Marketing trends in 2021 will follow the changes the previous year brought us? All the following trends will be a part of that search that will probably define 2021 for Digital Marketing. So, what can you do to enhance your SEO?

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Do You Need to Choose an SEO Agency in Your Area?

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To get found online and attract audiences, you need an SEO strategy that’s consistent, scalable, and effective. Many businesses turn to an SEO agency for support since this is a complex and ever-changing area of content marketing. The State of SEO. Emerging SEO Trends.

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5 Must-Know SEO Concepts You Must Follow in 2021 via @sejournal, @ab80

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From Core Web Vitals all the way to the Knowledge Graph, semantics, and entities, here are 5 important SEO concepts to understand in 2021. The post 5 Must-Know SEO Concepts You Must Follow in 2021 appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Google July 2021 Core Update Begins Rolling Out via @sejournal, @MattGSouthern

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Google is releasing a broad core algorithm update today on July 1, 2021. The post Google July 2021 Core Update Begins Rolling Out appeared first on Search Engine Journal. News SEOThis is update was announced last month and is now rolling out.

The State of Statistical SEO Split-Testing in 2021 [Research]


SEO teams, on the other hand, don’t seem to be using split-testing to its full potential. Advanced SEOThe word “split-testing” isn‘t alien to most marketing departments. Email marketers use it to test subject lines; designers use it to see which page layout influences people to buy.

Prognostications, Predictions And Hot Topics For 2021


Welcome to 2021! IBM Distinguished Engineer, Content marketing, SEO, site search, text analytics, machine learning, AI. The post Prognostications, Predictions And Hot Topics For 2021 appeared first on Biznology.

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7 Growth Hacking Strategies for 2021


To reach your goals in 2021, you’ll need a marketing mindset change. 7 Growth Hacking Strategies for 2021. A good example is optimizing your website to be mobile-friendly or upgrading its SEO. 2020 was a challenging year for growing a business.

How to Use SEO to Increase Your SaaS Website Traffic


The best way to achieve increased traffic is through effective search engine optimization (SEO). SEO builds visibility for your website and awareness for your product or service. That being said, here are a few ways to increase traffic for your SaaS through SEO: 1.

What is a Link Exchange? Are Link Exchanges Safe for SEO in 2021?

SEO and Link Exchanges. We’ve mentioned link exchanges and page ranking a lot, but what we haven’t talked about is the benefit to your direct SEO. Just because a link doesn’t get a lot of clicks doesn’t take away from its value as an SEO element.

12 SEO Report Templates to Help You Prepare Your Next SEO Report

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A good SEO report distinguishes a reputed SEO agency from a mediocre one. These reports are a great way to analyze the progress of your SEO campaigns on a monthly, fortnightly or weekly basis. However, preparing an SEO report is not an easy task. What Is an SEO Report? Backlinks Valuable for SEO in 2021?

SEO strategists and writers rely heavily on backlinks to make their content more authoritative and valuable for readers. Google’s own Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst, John Mueller, explained that websites shouldn’t focus exclusively on link building for SEO.

10 SEO Priorities for 2021 and Beyond


From 2020 to 2021, you’ve likely seen enormous changes in the global business world and possibly your own organization. Therefore, your SEO goals and strategies need to evolve as well, from improving your UX to optimizing for voice searches.

Why Social Impact Storytelling Will Be 2021’s Hottest Content Trend


After the sadistic uncertainty of 2020, it feels a bit ridiculous to try to predict what 2021 will bring. That’s why social impact storytelling was one of the top content trends I presented in our State of Content Marketing 2021 trends webinar (which you can get on-demand here.).

Top YouTube Searches in 2021


Learn how to find the top trending YouTube searches, including a list of current trending channels and videos, and why they’re important for marketing.

Analyzing the best ecommerce platforms for SEO


WordPress is best for SEO, creating real scalable. To make SEO work in ecommerce, consider the competition and search terms you target. But understanding the right platform for SEO early on is very important. From an SEO perspective, Shopify is strong. Announces Best SEO Firms in Charlotte

Go Beyond SEO , a leading independent review website for small business online tools, products, and services, has announced the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) firms in Charlotte. To access the complete list of best SEO firms in Charlotte, please visit [link].

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21 Smart Google SEO Tips for 2021


First up: Moz SEO expert Cyrus Shepard shares his top 21 tips for successful Google SEO in 2021, including what to prioritize and what to look out for in the year ahead. We are talking about 21 smart Google SEO tips for 2021. This is so old-school SEO.

How to Create Your 2021 Marketing Budget Plan [Step-by-Step Guide]

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5 Steps in Creating Your 2021 Marketing Budget. Step 2: Determine Your 2021 Marketing Goals. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the success of your past and current tactical marketing plans, it’s time to determine your 2021 goals for your marketing budget.

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9 Google Ads Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2021

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All SEO practitioners tremble every time Google modifies its ranking algorithm. 9 Google Ads Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2021. In May 2021, they released an even more ambitious campaign type called Performance Max , which allows for new campaigns with little human input.

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