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13 of the Best Marketing Blogs and Newsletters to Become a Stronger Marketer


In its State of Content Marketing 2022 Global Report , Semrush asked, “Which tactics helped you the most to make your 2021 content marketing strategy successful?” From branding and email marketing to sales and hosting events, MarketingProfs has so much content to explore. Marketing Examined.

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Marketer of The Month Podcast- EPISODE 089: Building a Marketing Funnel That Understands Your Audience


Welcome to the Marketer Of The Month blog! . We recently interviewed Brendan Hufford for our monthly podcast – ‘ Marketer of the Month ’! Why traditional B2B marketing attribution is broken and what you can do about it. No problem, just watch the Podcast! Brendan Hufford: He made 20 startups in one year.

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36 of the best SaaS tools to grow your business in 2021

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Standout feature: Free email template builder lets you drag and drop to make the perfect email marketing campaign. If you’ve listened to any kind of podcast in the last five years, then you’ve definitely heard of Mailchimp. If you’re running a startup or any sized business, you should take a look at Omnisend.

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Why a Sales-Driven Marketing Strategy Won’t Work for Your HealthTech SaaS Company

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HealthTech startups raised a massive $20.2 Billion in 2021 , more than 2/3 greater than the record-setting 2021. Funnel imagery permeates marketing. A robust CMO MarTech Stack usually includes: Content marketing. Rich media tools (podcasting and video production). Marketing automation tools like HubSpot.

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SaaS SEO: The #1 Guide to Growing Your SaaS Business in 2023

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In 2021, the market was worth roughly 146 billion dollars, but this year, it’s expected to reach 195 billion dollars. In other words, a great SEO strategy helps with optimizing your entire SaaS website, turning everything your company puts out into high-quality pieces worthy of use in a content marketing strategy. Standing out.

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How to Find and Hire a Director of Marketing for Your Business

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Related Content: * How to Find and Hire a VP of Growth for Your Business * Forced Hiring: An Amazingly Effective Way to Find the Best Hires * Why Didier Elzinga Asks New Hires How He Can Help Them Get Their Next Job [podcast]. What Is a Marketing Director? What matters the most in your career: money or growth?

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20 SaaS Examples You Need to Know About

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3 SaaS trends for 2021. Small businesses or startups, who either need to launch something quickly or don’t want to face the capital outlay of purchasing a program. Spotify – A digital service offering mainly music but also podcasts and videos. 3 SaaS trends for 2021 . What are the most popular SaaS Companies?