B2B Marketing Trends for 2020

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Some of the most important things to be aware of are in the digital space, as digital ad spend is expected to account for 50% of all advertising budgets worldwide by 2020. The following are the B2B marketing trends that we think will shape the B2B buyer journey in 2020 and beyond.

Are You Ready For Marketing 2020?

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And like a parent who doesn’t notice the daily growth of their children, the changes will be dramatic as we look ahead to 2020. The 2020 Marketing Department. What about the CMO of 2020? The post Are You Ready For Marketing 2020?

87.7% of US Native Advertising will be Purchased Programmatically by 2020


A report, recently published by eMarketer , presents its predictions by juxtaposing 2018 numbers with 2020 estimates. It concludes that in 2020 native advertising will be more programmatic and mobile, but less social. However, that number is expected to go down by 2020.

Continued Growth of Native Advertising Budgets Predicted Moving into 2020


According to Adyoulike, brands will spend over $85 billion on native advertising globally by the year 2020. eMedia’s most recent study shows that US native advertising spend will hit over $41 billion by the end of 2019. Why are native advertising budgets growing so quickly?

Your 2020 Mission: A Unified Strategy for Content in Your Marketing

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If there is one through line to the struggle of content to gain traction in the business – as well as the confusion over the usage of branded content, native advertising, or content marketing – it is how to support goals and measure progress toward them.

The Marketing Technology Landscape: Where Will We Be in 2020?


When it comes to marketing technology, its major categories include: advertising & promotion, content & experience, social & relationships, commerce & sales, data, and management. Looking Into the Crystal Ball: Marketing Technology in 2020.

Media 2020: The Marketer’s Guide to the Present and Future of the Internet


For digital marketers, this is what advertising looked like for much of the internet’s early history: website display ads. Ads optimized for mobile and social media are growing increasingly popular as powerful ad networks like Facebook prove to be a much more effective, data-driven solution for digital advertising. How advertisers and marketers are approaching VR and AR—and why they might be getting it wrong.

20 Predictions from 20 Experts about Email Marketing in 2020 [SlideShare]


That’s the question we posed to 20 experts for our Email Marketing in 2020 report. For our Email Marketing in 2020 report, Litmus asked 20 experts to share their vision of what email marketing will look like in the year 2020. 2020’s practitioners will be coveted assets.

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The benefits of implementing a native advertising strategy


. As content becomes more and more powerful and effective, the lines are becoming blurred between advertising and editorial material. Let’s face it, nobody shares advertising material. The real kicker, however, is that good native advertising is data-driven.

Digital Advertising Trends: What to Expect in 2019


The advertising ecosystem is changing. Everything from technology to user behavior has a direct impact on the digital space, and 2019 is poised to be a transitional year for advertisers. 2018 Digital Advertising Recap. Digital Advertising Trends for 2019.

How The New York Times Took Native Advertising Global


It’s possible to argue that native advertising became popular, in part, because The New York Times showed that branded content could be just as good as, if not better than , traditional journalism. How do European audiences compare to American audiences when it comes to advertising?

How the 5G Revolution Will Transform Marketing


The same will be true of the internet of 2020, which is when industry experts predict that 5G will become initially available to businesses and consumers. Exactly how many connected “things” will be in use by 2020 is debated, but it will be a significant increase from today.

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Digital Advertising Glossary: The A-Z Beginner’s Guide


What is advertising? From the Latin for advertere , which means ‘turn towards’, advertising is the paid dissemination of a message for the purpose of promotion or selling of a product, service or idea. In 2017 , global spending on paid advertising was forecast to reach $584 billion.

Why Millennials Are Resistant to Advertising and Politics


And they will represent 40% of the electorate by 2020, so their potential clout for shaping our future should be enormous. This trend of Millennials resisting traditional advertising and turning their backs on politics is certainly disconcerting.

Programmatic Vs Display Network Advertising: What’s the Difference?


That means there’s an increase in the tactics and tools available for advertisers and performance marketers – which is a good thing. What is Display Network Advertising? Display advertising is one of the ‘oldest’ types of online advertising, having been around since the mid-1990s.

5 Types of Online Advertising to Increase Your Leads

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Advertising is one of the oldest industries still alive today, although it has changed a lot since the World Wide Web became a widely available service in almost every corner of the world. However, is digital advertising worth the money invested in it? Video Advertising.

Are Context & Content the New Consents for Post-GDPR Advertising?


Will advertisers make the intuitive leap and consider context and content over and above consent and to rely on first-party data in a post-GDPR environment? If post-GDPR advertising is supposed to stand for anything, it should be transparency. Anyone with a nagging doubt they might be unwittingly running non-compliant advertising campaigns was given real reason for concern at the start of the year. As the regulators investigate, advertisers remain in limbo.

The Ultimate Affiliates Guide to Native Advertising with Outbrain


You’ve heard it before – native advertising is hot. The first native ads appeared in 2012, and since then, native advertising spend has exploded, overtaking display spend back in 2017. By 2020, native advertising is predicted to make up 30% of all global ad spend.

Content Marketing and Performance Advertising Should Work More Closely Together Using Technology


There’s lots of highly skilled digital advertising professionals, too. Last year alone, according to Recode, online advertisers outspent television advertisers by $40 billion. So why is it that content marketers and performance advertisers don’t combine their efforts more?

Restoring Consumers’ Trust in Online Advertising


We’ve always known that Facebook and Google were behemoths in digital advertising. That means most, then, are left with no choice but to make advertising work. Even more staggering: advertisers pay, on average, 800% more to Facebook than most publishers.

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Programmatic TV: Don’t Sit Back and Watch This Advertising Opportunity Pass You By


Last night when you were watching your favorite television show and that extremely relevant advertisement popped up was no coincidence. billion in 2020. Programmatic TV is the act of buying TV spots or programs with viewers that match criteria set in place by the advertiser.

How Content Marketing and Advertising Are Combining Budgets and Best Practices

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Or for those working in the digital space, content marketing and advertising. For years, brands have found themselves torn between the familiarity of advertising’s straightforward promotional methods and the daring authenticity of content marketing’s brand storytelling initiatives.

Digital Future: Predictive Advertising, Chapter 4: What Exactly Is Predictive Advertising Management?


Our fourth chapter introduces an emerging category – predictive advertising management, and how this next-generation class of advertising is shaping the future with smarter algorithms and intelligent automation that will 10X your advertising performance.

The State of Digital Advertising: Trends to Watch in 2018

KEO Marketing

What can you expect to see in digital advertising trends that will affect your marketing strategies in 2018? KEO Marketing presents The State of Digital Advertising: Trends to Watch in 2018, where we detail the top 4 digital advertising predictions for the upcoming year.

The Blockchain Revolution – How It Will Transform Digital Marketing and Advertising

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It may just open up a whole new world of personalised marketing, improve the way we measure our campaigns, better moderate fraudulent behaviour online and disrupt the existing digital advertising ecosystem. Disadvantages of Modern Digital Advertising (And How Blockchain Might Help).

Five Reasons Why Amazon Is the Third Largest Digital Advertising Platform


If you’ve glanced at the headlines recently, you likely know that Amazon has far exceeded expectations when it comes to its digital ad business, and is set to be the world’s third largest digital advertising platform, according to market research firm eMarketer. 3 spot in the world for digital advertising revenue behind Google and Facebook. Amazon Expanded Its Mobile Advertising Business. All this growth is great for advertisers.

Digital ad spend: Paid search continues to dominate in 2019


The survey included marketers from B2B and B2C companies, each of whom are responsible for an annual digital advertising spend of between $1-9 million (69%) and 10M-49M (31%). 30% of respondents indicated that understanding Amazon advertising techniques posed a challenge.

Here’s What Maximizing Advertising Performance Will Look Like in 2019


As much as it might seem preemptive, it’s really not too early to think about how maximizing advertising performance will look like in 2019. Augmented and Virtual Realities Lead the Way When Maximizing Advertising Performance. Voice Becomes the Most Popular Search Marketing Tool for Maximizing Advertising Performance in 2019. By 2020, ComScore estimates that fully half of all searches will be made using only a consumer’s voice.

Fake News Might Kill the Future of Native Advertising

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” The thought crosses my mind frequently in this era of native advertising. The internet and new marketing technology tools have given rise to a host of advertising formats, including the now-ubiquitous native ads.

5 digital marketing facts to help validate your efforts


There’s plenty of data around the value of various digital marketing and advertising efforts, but it’s often outdated or hidden inside of a long-form blog post. Content marketing gets 3X more leads than paid search advertising.

22 Digital Marketing Trends You Can No Longer Ignore in 2019 & Beyond

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Just a couple years ago, Gartner analysts predicted that by 2020 (now a mere 6 months away!), 3) Programmatic Advertising. Programmatic advertising means using AI to automate ad buying so you can target more specific audiences. will be programmatic by 2020. NOW UPDATED!

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Survey: Social Media Marketing Spend is on the Rise in 2019

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This is followed by advertising (approximately 20 percent), staff (nearly 20 percent) and management and reporting tools (less than 10 percent).

22 Digital Marketing Trends You Can No Longer Ignore in 2019 & Beyond

Single Grain

Just a couple years ago, Gartner analysts predicted that by 2020 (now a mere 6 months away!), 2) Programmatic Advertising. Programmatic advertising means using AI to automate ad buying so you can target more specific audiences. will be programmatic by 2020. NOW UPDATED!

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You Need Opt-In Leads To Maintain Data Privacy

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Utilizing opt-in advertising for 100% permissioned leads ensure that you have trackable proof of consent for every email in your database. Opt-in advertising can help maintain data privacy every step of the way. Opt-In Advertising Opt-in Advertising Privacy

To Clickbait or Not to Clickbait: What You Need to Know About Headlines and Clickbaits

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As content is expected to increase 600% by 2020, content developers and marketers are forced to use everything in their arsenal, including the power of the headline, to draw more eyeballs to their content.