B2B Social Media Strategies for 2019

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Considering the second quarter of 2019 is about to come to an end, I thought it would be great to cover a few B2B social media strategies to help you boost your performance and give you some ideas to test through the end of the year. Paid Social Media for B2B.

Survey: Social Media Marketing Spend is on the Rise in 2019

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As marketers continue to see the benefits associated with social media marketing, new research indicates that they remain dedicated to this avenue when looking ahead to the coming months. The Growing Investment in Social Media Marketing.

How to Set Your Social Media Strategy for 2019 and Beyond

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Setting your social media strategy in the new year can seem like a daunting task. Here are the steps necessary to creating a wholistic social media approach in the new year: Identify what matters in your social media strategy. What do you want from social media?

2019 Content Marketing Survey: Marketers Focus On Content Creation

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The United States witnessed major social media platforms get in hot water with the federal government over privacy issues and US election tampering. The general public has grown warier of the media. 2018 was quite a year for content marketing!

Survey 244

How B2B Marketing is Changing in 2018

lead generation tactic, followed by social media. It’s viewed as the most effective lead gen tactic, followed by social media. year, followed by social media. of highly qualified leads, including media. content marketing, social media) used to. 1How B2B Marketing.

ADmantX at DMEXCO 2019


It brings together industry leaders, marketing and media professionals, and tech pioneers to set the digital agenda. To learn more about ADmantX contextual data for brand planning and targeting, contact us today to schedule a meeting at DMEXCO 2019 or send an email to info@admantx.com.

Lead Generation Best Practices: 2019 Edition


You set up a website, blog, and social media accounts. Generating leads today is simple. Create an SEO strategy and PPC campaigns, and you're well on your way to building more traffic. lead generation

PR and Social Media: How to Adapt Your PR Strategy

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Fifteen years ago, if you had told me that PR and social media were going to work together and that we would use social media for PR, I may have chuckled. After all, social media was initially created to connect family and friends, not brands.

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2019 Social Media Guide for Business Owners

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As a result, we’ve put together this free guide to social media. Our 2019 Social Media Guide for business owners will help give you direction as you map out your social media marketing strategy for this year and beyond. What’s In The 2019 Guide.

6 B2B Digital Marketing Strategies Marketers Need to Try in 2019

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Below are some of the top B2B digital marketing strategies that marketers need to try in 2019. Here some ways you can incorporate live streaming into your existing social media marketing strategy: Interviews and discussions with industry experts.

Intent Data: No Tricks, all Treats

Speaker: Michael Ballard, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing, Lenovo

Using social media, machine learning, lead scoring, and so much more, we can learn so much about our prospects. The modern era of MarTech is great, isn't it? and then proceed to annoy the heck out of them with endless emails, ads, and other marketing messages.

How to Leverage Content Marketing Automation in 2019

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You have to frequently create a variety of fresh, engaging content like videos, infographics, and articles for your website, social media accounts, and other websites on which you may publish content.

Four Benefits of Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing has come a long way over the past decade. Here are four key benefits of social media marketing. There are ways to drive traffic to your company’s websites using social media to your advantage. Traffic coming from social media sites is often very targeted.

B2B Marketing Trends to Address in 2019

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Spring is arriving, and 2019 is in full gear. Also, more B2B bot applications are appearing, such as chatbots for websites and social media channels as well as meta bots for customer interaction and analysis to address the aforementioned trend toward data-driven marketing.

Trends 283

How Your Competitors Will Shift Their Digital Marketing Strategy in the Next Two Years


The majority of businesses of all sizes find social media to be the most difficult channel to manage, and generally view pay per click (PPC) adverting as the least challenging. The majority of all businesses report that social media and email marketing have the highest ROI.

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Seven Things Marketers Need to Know About Lead Generation

Speaker: Douglas Burdett, Host of The Marketing Book Podcast, Founder/Principal of ARTILLERY

How email and social media can supercharge your lead generation strategies. Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest in your company's product or service.

How the Raptors Redefined Fan Engagement During the 2019 NBA Playoffs


When the Toronto Raptors took the 2019 NBA Championship to Game 6 against the Golden State Warriors, it was an epic moment. And while that’s history-making on its own; it’s eclipsed by how the team, the owners, the media, and an entire country won the title for best fan engagement.

Super Bowl 2019: Digilant Releases Infographic


Advertising and Shopping Behavior Stats for Digital Media Buyers. . Digilant’s infographic is meant to inspire media budget holders to make informed decisions on how, where and when to buy digital and programmatic advertising before, during and after the 2019 Super Bowl.

Digilant Releases New Infographic: 2019 Top Ten Trends for Programmatic Advertising


Visual Guide for 2019 Digital Media Planning. . Boston, January 31, 2019 —- Today, Digilant – a programmatic media buying services company – released a Top Programmatic Media Buying Trends of 2019 infographic. Key 2019 Trends.

Study: Marketers Still Face Challenges with Strategic Social Media Marketing

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Many marketers are turning to social media to appeal to their target audience, but new research shows they still face a number of challenges when it comes to strategizing and implementing this tactic. Industry News Social Media Marketing

Your Recipe for Inbound Success

Speaker: Jen Spencer, VP Sales and Marketing, SmartBug Media

Join Jen Spencer, VP of Smartbug Media, as she discusses how to grow an inbound strategy and framework in your organization to attract leads and establish your brand. Recent studies have shown what a lot of B2B marketers already know - it’s hard to build a successful inbound marketing program.

Must-attend B2B marketing conferences for 2019


But other events have emerged, too, to support marketers seeking information on martech, data, personalization, ecommerce, social media and other challenging topics. Here’s a lineup of top-quality conferences scheduled in the remainder of 2019. March 2019. April 2019.

4 Social Media Trends to Drive Your Strategies in 2019


Year by year, tech gurus never fail to innovate social media platforms that we have today. Social MediaFrom the rise of image-centric platforms a.k.a. Instagram, to live videos on Facebook and even augmented reality to provide a more personal experience.

10 Marketing Automation Trends That Will Shape 2019

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So if you’re ready for the brave new world (or at least 2019’s version of it), here are the B2B marketing automation trends most likely to have the biggest impact. Which seems appropriate, given the state of marketing automation in 2019.

Trends 233

Report: Marketers Continue to Struggle to Measure Social Media ROI

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New research suggests that marketers are continuing to utilize social media as a tactic, but they remain unsure of how to measure its overall effectiveness. percent) claim that social media is “very important” to their overall marketing strategy.

Owned Media: How to Create the Best Content

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One such component is owned media, which includes the writing and self-publishing of articles. In this article, we'll cover: An owned media definition. What you need to know about owned media vs earned media. An Owned Media Definition. Paid media?).

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53 Facebook Statistics to Know for 2019


As a marketer, it’s useful to keep track of social media sites by the numbers. Whether you’re interested in where to begin the buyer’s journey on Facebook or the cost of paying for ads, find the Facebook statistics you need to know for 2019. Source: Facebook , 2019).

5 Reasons B2B Companies Should Use Social Media Marketing

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A pervasive belief that social media marketing is only for B2C companies keeps B2B companies from getting the most from this effective channel for communication and collaboration. Despite the advantages of social media marketing, […]. Social Media

PR Strategy: 5 Powerful Secrets to Awesome Media Attention

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Your B2B PR strategy is a complex machine, with earned, owned, shared, and paid media components all working together. Today, we're focusing on the earned media portion of your public relations strategy. What is earned media ? Use Paid Media. But what about paid media?

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The Money is in the List: 2019’s Top 15 Email List Building Strategies


billion by 2019. Email lists are cheap to set up and way easier to understand than social media, especially if you’re targeting outside of the millennial audience. Here is a list of ways to build an engaging, authentic and relevant email list for 2019.

List 249

3 Lessons From the Biggest Social Media Fails of 2019 So Far


Social media marketing is like home repair: Everyone thinks they’re an expert — until they learn the hard way that they’re not. Even companies that work with social media personalities all day get it wrong. Social media and politics mix like fire and gasoline. Social Media

Social Media Trends 2019: Are Instagram and Pinterest the New Social Media Darlings for Marketers?

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Visual platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram are the hottest social media trends for audiences, marketers, and advertisers. The exponential growth of Instagram and Pinterest has established that visual marketing is a key element of today’s social media marketing strategy.

10 Questions You Need to Answer with a B2B Social Media Audit

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A B2B social media audit is an overall view into the analytics, performance, behavior, and schedule of your organization’s social media activities. It’s important for B2B organizations to stay active and engaged on social media. Who Is My Audience on Social Media?

5 Types of Social Media Content that Drives B2B Results

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A common challenge in the B2B space is figuring out how to use social media to drive results. This is a valid question, as social media platforms are filled with social media content from B2C industries such as lifestyle and entertainment. Social Media & Event Marketing.

[Infographic] The 2019 Email Client Market Share


In our 2019 Email Market Share infographic, we take a look at mobile, webmail, and desktop opens over the course of the year, providing insights into why these changes occurred and how they may affect your email campaigns. Transcript: The 2019 Email Client Market Share.

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Why You Should Thoroughly Audit Your Social Media Presence


Social media success isn’t nearly as random as it can seem. Though it’s a challenge, there’s no magical force keeping you from reaching your social media goals. To establish that, begin with a social media audit. What Is a Social Media Audit?

How to Effectively Market Your Brand on Social Media in 2019


Social media is constantly evolving. With 7 out of 10 adults on Facebook, 8 out of 10 on YouTube, and 6 out of 10 on Instagram, there’s a good chance your audience is already active (and possibly posting cat pics) on social media. Social media is a space for sharing.