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Benchmark your site against overall attention trends

Analytics users now have the ability to benchmark their own sites against general attention trends in Currents. Analytics, you can now combine your site with a category to see trends for just the business, fashion, or politics content on that site.

Five 2018 Content Marketing Industry Trends to be Thankful For


As usual, things in the marketing scene have been up and down in 2018, with new trends to follow or forget, new technologies to teach and learn, and new content to brainstorm and create. Five Marketing Trends to Be Thankful for in 2018. #1: Industry trends

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B2B Ecommerce Marketing Benchmarks and Best Practices

KoMarketing Associates

This shows up clearly in search query data, like in the chart from Google Trends below. Even as of the close of 2018, Forrester says US B2B ecommerce had already exceeded $1.1 merchants in 2018, up 15.0% So here’s a simple way to benchmark your own B2B ecommerce marketing.

The Digital Marketing Benchmarks and Trends That Matter [Infographic]


To keep your business growing and competitive in the cutthroat world of online marketing, it’s vital to keep up to date with the changing benchmarks and trends presented in this infographic by Serpwatch that can help you plan a successful digital strategy.

25 Shocking Stats about Demand Gen in 2018


Take a look at the hard numbers around trends for demand gen in 2018 and find out what you need to be thinking about in the months ahead. 2018 Demand Gen Benchmark Survey ). . 2018 Demand Gen Benchmark Survey ). . 2018 Demand Gen Benchmark Survey ). .

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12 Statistics to Guide Your B2B Marketing Investment in 2018

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As 2018 unfolds, B2B marketing teams will be challenged to evolve, to measure, to execute, and meet (or exceed) the expectations of both their customers and their supervisors. The “ B2B Enterprise Content Marketing 2017 : Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America” report offered great insights into the current state of B2B content marketing. Consider dedicating budget to producing this type of influential content in 2018. What does your budget look like in 2018?

New Content Marketing Stats to Know Before Planning for 2019


Stats – who doesn’t love ‘em? In some cases, a single stat can drastically change our worldview. If you’re in marketing, chances are you can recall a jarring stat regarding a tactic or platform or user behavior that caused you to rethink or alter your strategy.

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25 Shocking Stats about Demand Gen in 2018


Take a look at the hard numbers around trends for demand gen in 2018 and find out what you need to be thinking about in the months ahead. 2018 Demand Gen Benchmark Survey ). B2B marketers consider customer experience and personalization the most promising demand generation trends in the next year. 2018 Demand Gen Benchmark Survey ). 2018 Demand Gen Benchmark Survey ). 2018 Demand Gen Benchmark Survey ).

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47 Superb Social Media Marketing Stats and Facts


billion by 2018. ” Read more about those findings and more in the almost four dozen superb social media stats and facts below. 10 Stats About Social Media Demographics. billion by 2018. Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends ).

54 Content Marketing Stats to Guide Your 2018 Strategy


And as the content marketing landscape continues to rapidly evolve, it makes sense to look to research to identify trends and patterns that can help guide your strategy. Let’s dive in and explore these stats to get a firm grasp on what’s new within this realm. . .

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New Marketing Technology Trends: 5 Takeaways for Content Managers


Anyone who works in content marketing knows the trends can change faster than the seasons. This was made clear again in the latest benchmarking research from CMI , which found huge gaps between the most successful and least successful teams based on proficiency with content marketing tech.

8 Marketing Automation Stats That Will Help You Get Company Buy-In


Take these stats and print them out – or turn them into a PowerPoint – or back them up with extra research – or transform them into models for a hypothetically triumphant version of your future company. By avoiding marketing automation, you’re staying out of a growing trend.

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How to Measure and Benchmark Your Instagram Influencer Program

Sprout Social

Here are eight ways to measure and benchmark your performance when using Instagram influencers. Set Your Benchmarks. After measuring your initial stats, establish quantitative goals and objectives for your campaigns and Instagram influencers.

41 Execs Discuss Key B2B Marketing Metrics to Watch in 2018


The Top 10 B2B Marketing Metrics to Measure in 2018. . It’s important to establish a benchmark. Pipeline Trend by Month. Compare stats on session duration and the number of pages per session and how the numbers change over time. . “In God we trust.

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33 Facebook Stats That Matter to Marketers in 2020


Here, we dive in deep to explore the Facebook stats that will matter to marketers in 2020. General Facebook stats. Facebook user stats. Facebook usage stats. Facebook stats for business. Facebook advertising stats. Facebook publishing stats.

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5 Things you Must do now to Prepare for Influencer Marketing in 2018

Onalytica B2B

It seems like just yesterday that we were packing up 2016 and placing our bets on what 2017 had in store, and here we are preparing for 2018 – scary, huh? Here are the 5 key areas that brands should work on now, to prepare for and successfully execute influencer marketing in 2018.

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Top 10 Sales Tech Trends for 2020

Martech Advisor

The recent Sales Tech Benchmark survey revealed much about usage and growth trends, and we’ve compiled the ten most notable points in this report, specially curated from a chat between Nancy Nardin from Smart Selling Tools and MarTech Advisor editor-in-chief Chitra Iyer.

5 Insights on the Future of Manufacturing Content Marketing

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To learn more about how marketers in the manufacturing industry are utilizing content marketing, the Content Marketing Institute recently teamed up with Marketing Profs and IEEE GlobalSpec to conduct the “Manufacturing Content Marketing: 2018 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends – North America” report. Our new data, as shown in our 2018 report, revealed that 58 percent are outsourcing at least one content marketing task.

5 Research-Based Actions to Improve Your Content Marketing

Content Marketing Institute

A little over halfway through 2018, you may be looking for insights on how to maximize your content marketing efforts. Or, maybe you need some great stats to help you build your business case for content marketing.

How to Win at Content Marketing [New Playbook]

Content Marketing Institute

To lead you along the right path, the CMI team created a new e-book: Craft Your Brand Adventure: The 2018 Guide to Essential Content Marketing Tactics. The latest stats on their usage in B2B and B2C organizations.

B2C Content Marketing: What a Difference Commitment Makes [2019 Research]

Content Marketing Institute

Fifty-seven percent of B2C marketers surveyed expect their 2019 content marketing budget to increase over 2018, and 29% of those expect it to increase by more than 9%. 9 Stats That Will Make You Want to Invest in Content Marketing.

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How to Educate Your Colleagues on the Power of B2B Content Marketing

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According to the B2B Content Marketing 2019: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America report , about 50% of B2B organizations plan to increase their content budget in 2019.

Road Map to Success: Monitoring and Measuring Your Content’s Performance

Content Marketing Institute

Establishing performance benchmarks to enable easier analysis. Once you choose the performance indicators most meaningful for your business, you want to track the performance of every content asset you publish against those benchmarks.

6 Ways to Expand Your Perspective: The B2B Marketer as CEO


Data, trends, forecasts, etc. Ryan now keeps his business stats on instant recall , using what he calls his “monster dashboard.” There are conversion rates across stages and the trend lines over time. Then there are benchmarks and baseline measures to put it all into context. That’s one of the reasons I created a monster dashboard, was that not a lot of stats existed that I needed to know what my success looked like.

What B2B Brands Need to Know to Succeed on LinkedIn

Content Marketing Institute

According to the Content Marketing Institute’s latest B2B benchmark report for North America, 92% of B2B marketers use social media for content distribution, a rate just below email usage (93%). LinkedIn Publishing Trends Every Marketer Must Know. “But I’m from a B2B company.

2018 Content Marketing Toolkit: Tips, Templates, and Checklists

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Ready or not, 2018 is on its way. They can help you tackle your usual tasks with less effort, so you can conserve your time and energy to prepare for whatever surprises 2018 might bring. Make plans today to attend Content Marketing World 2018 in September.

10 Reasons Why Content Marketing Is a B2B Must!

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If you’re building a case for why content marketing is important, I hope these stats will help you drop the mic at your next presentation to management. As a savvy B2B marketer, you know why content marketing is critical if you want to connect with modern customers.

10 (Mostly) Quick Wins to Steal for Your Original Research Project

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This next idea comes from Hailley Griffis at Buffer, which recently published The State of Remote Work in 2018. Highlight key stats in click-to-tweet format. Use @WordPress plugin Better Click to Tweet to make it easy to share #research stats via @brandlovellc.

How to Plan a Year’s Worth of Content With One Original Research Survey

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YOU become the source of authority and you are what people link to because you have the stats — especially if you repeat this study annually to show trends. CoSchedule embraced this hypothesis vs. results idea in its State of Marketing Strategy in 2018.

9 Evergreen Content Formats for Long-Term Success [Examples]

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Don’t be deceived by the 2018 reference in Brian Dean’s SEO Tools: The Complete List (2018 Update). But infographics loaded with stats can be invaluable for years. Revise the new-year lede and the content will work just as well in late 2018 and beyond.

What’s Your Reputation? Time to Get Serious About Email Deliverability

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And unfortunately, the stats are rough. A full 20% of marketing emails never make it to their intended inbox, according to ReturnPath’s 2017 Deliverability Benchmark Report. You’ve poured blood, sweat and tears into creating a killer email campaign.

B2B Lead Generation Strategies for 2018 Plus 5 Strategies to Kick to the Curb


Certain strategies, like content marketing and SEO , are enduring no-brainers that will continue to allow you to thrive in 2018. The importance of quality content marketing is a well-beaten drum going into 2018, but that doesn’t mean you should walk away from it.

The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing


Here are some stats that prove how effective email marketing can be: Email is good for business. Research the average email stats for your industry and use them as benchmarks for your goals. Email Marketing Stats for B2B. Email Marketing Stats for B2C.

4 Simple Steps to Great Community Management


Industry themes and trends you’d want to track. Key trending industry themes and the content that received a lot of engagement will be good sources of inspiration when you come to deciding future content themes. Many social media pros believe that having lots of followers is key.

The Top 10 Posts from 10 Years of Webbiquity


Not surprising, but—the top stats of 2013 and social media marketing guidance from 2011 are no longer particularly relevant. 2018 Edition ; and What’s So Funny About Social Media and Online Marketing? The 12 Best Competitive Intelligence and Benchmarking Tools.

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How LogMeIn Executed a Scalable Target Account Strategy


We started with ABM because it was a hot trend,” Lisa DeDonato and Lindsay Becker ? revealed at #FlipMyFunnel 2018. An amazing stat, yes. But you’ve got to work with all internal stakeholders within the organization to define the core data to benchmark.

How to Make Your Content More Readable

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AI tools can benchmark content understanding. For CMOs and chief content officers who want more engaging content, you now have ways to measure and benchmark clarity across the organization. Site Stats. Google Trends.

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