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Business video trends worth noting in 2018


If you’re calculating, or recalculating, this year’s video content marketing strategy, Vidyard ’s 2017 Video in Business Benchmark Report suggests some practical business video trends worth your attention. Obviously, the larger your video budget, the more you care about using analytics.

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Year-end benchmark report: 2H 2018 benchmarks and best practices


That’s why it’s more important than ever to have this benchmark report data chock-full of digital marketing best practices to back your strategies. In their December 2018 U.S. Digital advertising in 2018: Key takeaways. However, our data from H2 2018 shows that 70.5

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2018 B2B Digital Marketing Plans — Benchmark Report with Ascend2


With 2018 in full swing, B2B marketers are undoubtedly in the process of deploying updated, finessed digital marketing plans to facilitate their success in the new year. Benchmark Reports Digital Marketing benchmark report digital marketing Synthio

How Well is Your Content Performing? (Industry Benchmark)


You want to make sure that you are continually improving, reaching the right people , and hitting (maybe even surpassing) industry benchmarks. Industry benchmarking is a powerful way to help you distinguish which marketing practices you should adopt or stop using.

14 Key B2B Marketing Reports to Inform the Strategic Budgeting Process

KoMarketing Associates

This information is timely because many organizations are thinking about budgeting and planning marketing objectives for the new year. To help in these endeavors, we have compiled 14 important trend and benchmark reports and studies to aid in this process. 2018 CMO Global Study.

B2B Ecommerce Marketing Benchmarks and Best Practices

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This shows up clearly in search query data, like in the chart from Google Trends below. Even as of the close of 2018, Forrester says US B2B ecommerce had already exceeded $1.1 merchants in 2018, up 15.0% So here’s a simple way to benchmark your own B2B ecommerce marketing.

How committed are you to content marketing in 2018?

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Watch our latest webinar to discover the latest benchmarks, budgets and trends in content marketing. By doing so, you will receive a personalised report that will show you how you can achieve a kick-ass content strategy that will keep you ahead in 2018.

Making the Case for More Content Marketing Budget in 2019


Hopefully your content marketing budget won’t do the same. As such, content managers are frequently in the position of needing to prove their value, and make a compelling case to higher-ups that supporting their efforts with more budget will be highly beneficial for the business.

5 Similarities Between B2B Content Marketing and the 2018 World Cup

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With that out of the way, let’s get to why I’m writing a post about the 2018 World Cup if I’m just a casual fan. Budget and Resources. World Cup : According to sources , the 2018 World Cup will be the most expensive soccer competition in history, costing more than $14 billion. Without the budget and resources behind your strategy, it will be tough to compete with the content universe and truly experience success.

12 Statistics to Guide Your B2B Marketing Investment in 2018

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The new year is a fresh start: new budget, new ideas, new ambitions, and new resolutions. As 2018 unfolds, B2B marketing teams will be challenged to evolve, to measure, to execute, and meet (or exceed) the expectations of both their customers and their supervisors. While most B2B marketers have an idea of their budget spend for the year by this point, at least from a high level, there should be room for tactical and strategic shifts as the year progresses and numbers roll in.

2019 B2B Benchmarking Report: 3 Key Takeaways for Content Leaders


This is one of the clearest takeaways from the brand-new 2019 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends research, via Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, which hit the web last week. Zeroing in on 3 Critical B2B Content Marketing Management Trends.

Native Advertising Wars by Vertical: Exchanges vs. Facebook vs. Yahoo Gemini [New Benchmark Data]


This article is kicking off a new annual ritual for publishing benchmark data. Benchmark data is nice to have in native advertising, but this is the first time we’ve been able to see a post-click picture by industry vertical. The data is significant for benchmarking.

Report: More Manufacturing Marketers are Now Turning to Content Marketing

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The “Manufacturing Content Marketing: 2018 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends” report from the Content Marketing Institute, MarketingProfs and IEEE GlobalSpec found that the vast majority of respondents (86 percent) were utilizing content marketing.

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The Digital Marketing Benchmarks and Trends That Matter [Infographic]


Digital channels now account for more than 50% of marketing budgets in most companies, and the shift of dollars from traditional, offline tactics to online is expanding. More than 52% of all online traffic in 2018 came from mobile phones, up from just over 50% in 2017.

Study: Marketers Who Implement Account-Based Marketing See Greater Success

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ITSMA and the ABM Leadership Alliance recently conducted the “2018 ABM Benchmark Study,” and statistics showed that 67 percent of respondents who have implemented ABM have achieved greater customer success with their solutions, compared to their counterparts.

Work Smarter, Not Harder: 5 Steps to B2B Content Marketing Success in 2018

Modern Marketing

We are only two months into 2018 and I already hear some B2B marketers say that they work harder, not smarter, and only see limited results. So what differentiates the successful marketers from the not-so-successful marketers? One word: strategy.

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Hot Off the Press! B2B Video Trends, Benchmarks and Success Factors


It examines the new approaches, tools, video trends, and applications they are using for their video marketing needs and what kind of results they are getting. What trends do you see in your video content? B2B Video Trends, Benchmarks and Success Factors ” is the video for you!

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Can You Beat This Year’s Video Benchmarks?


If you’ve already seen the 2018 Video Benchmarks Report , you know that video creation is growing more competitive. From the benchmarks, you can see how other marketers are performing. Here’s your step-by-step guide for how to beat the benchmarks: 1. Some videos actually perform better on a lower budget, such as personalized sales videos or internal communications, where the imperfections enhance the perception of quality.

41 Execs Discuss Key B2B Marketing Metrics to Watch in 2018


The Top 10 B2B Marketing Metrics to Measure in 2018. . It’s important to establish a benchmark. This usually means a purchase timeline has been discussed, and budget and decision have been established. Pipeline Trend by Month. . “In God we trust.

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How to Measure and Benchmark Your Instagram Influencer Program

Sprout Social

Here are eight ways to measure and benchmark your performance when using Instagram influencers. Before brands plan their social media marketing budgets, it’s important for them to question their own performance and ask how they want influencers to meet their goals.

Unique Challenges of Manufacturing Content Marketing in 2019

Industrial Marketing Today

I just finished reading the Manufacturing Content Marketing 2019—Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report published by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and sponsored by IEEE GlobalSpec.

Considerations for Creating a Digital Marketing Budget

KEO Marketing

These new demands create a challenge for marketers in the B2B space as marketing budgets are often smaller than those of B2C companies. Put careful thought into exactly how you will use each method and do your homework on costs so that you can accurately budget. Marketing Budget

Financial Services Content Report: Industry Benchmarks & 5 Keys to Success


million for their content marketing budgets in 2019, per Contently research. The first part compares finance against other industries and highlights content benchmarks. For visual learners, here’s a high-level breakdown of what we found: Part I: Financial Services Benchmarks.

The Art of Developing a Marketing Budget

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The art of budgeting can be tricky. Companies are often lax about defining a specific marketing budget number and sticking to it, and this makes managing to a number very difficult. Another important consideration when developing a marketing budget that is often overlooked is resources.

5 Steps to Setting a Marketing Budget

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There are many benefits of completing marketing plans and budgets early. You can kick off the year with your team by laying out directives and goals for the year, and you will know exactly the marketing budget you have available to start implementing from day one. Marketing Budget

Where Account-Based Marketing Stands in 2018

B2B Marketing Directions

Account-based marketing was one of the most significant trends in B2B marketing in 2018. For example: In the 2018 ABM Benchmark Survey by Demand Gen Report, 85% of respondents said they are using ABM.

25 Shocking Stats about Demand Gen in 2018


Take a look at the hard numbers around trends for demand gen in 2018 and find out what you need to be thinking about in the months ahead. 70% of marketers say their demand gen budgets will increase, and 34% say their spending will grow by more than 20%.

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Report: 93% of Successful B2B Marketers are Extremely Committed to Content Marketing

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Seventy-two percent of the most successful B2B marketers measure their content marketing ROI, and 55 percent expect their content marketing budget to increase in 2019.

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Survey: Customer Acquisition Top Priority for Manufacturing Marketers in 2017

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The “2017 Trends in Industrial Marketing: How Manufacturers are Marketing Today” from IEEE GlobalSpec recently took a look at which objectives marketing executives in the manufacturing industry focused on last year. IEEE GlobalSpec teamed up with Marketing Profs to conduct the “Manufacturing Content Marketing: 2018 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends – North America” report and discovered that the vast majority of marketers (86 percent) utilize content marketing.

Are You Tracking Your Content Marketing’s Effectiveness Yet?

Modern Marketing

In my recent blog post I shared with B2B marketers 5 Steps to Content Marketing Success in 2018 and the ultimate key to success: a documented strategy. This is according to Content Marketing Institute’s (CIM’s) 2018 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends research (North America).

Three Crucial Classes of Marketing Analytics Tools


Broadly speaking, analytics tools help optimize your content marketing efforts by providing four types of information: Trends: What patterns are you seeing on your website in terms of traffic sources and levels, visitor engagement, popular content, and which CTAs are driving conversions?

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Expert Insight: How B2B Marketers are Achieving Their Top Objectives Through Content Marketing

KoMarketing Associates

As reported in the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer, people are increasingly looking to businesses and nongovernment organizations (NGOs) for reliable information.

How to plan the digital engagement of your content marketing strategy

Tomorrow People

A generation ago, digital was a rounding error in marketing budgets, with success measured in hundreds of pageviews rather than millions of customers. If an offline campaign (say, a broadcast execution with a huge budget) goes seriously wrong, it’s still been seen by millions of people. Download Content Marketing in the UK 2018: Benchmarks, budgets, and trends and see how the competition is doing it. Having well designed content isn’t good enough.

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How to work with a content marketing agency on creative design

Tomorrow People

Download: Content Marketing in the UK 2018: Benchmarks, budgets, and trends. Top content creators aren’t just wordsmiths. They’re digital designers, too. We’ll show you how to work with your team and why the strategy behind their designs is just as important as the appearance. Everyone’s got an opinion on design. Let’s face it, we’ve all lifted a brush at some time in our lives.

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5 Things you Must do now to Prepare for Influencer Marketing in 2018

Onalytica B2B

It seems like just yesterday that we were packing up 2016 and placing our bets on what 2017 had in store, and here we are preparing for 2018 – scary, huh? Here are the 5 key areas that brands should work on now, to prepare for and successfully execute influencer marketing in 2018.

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3 Tips for Using Predictive Intelligence to Fuel Your Content Strategy


But when it comes to the world of content marketing trends that can be used to fuel our content strategy, we can leverage the powerful technology of predictive intelligence to stay ahead of the curve. What’s Your Budget? Superpowers.

25 Shocking Stats about Demand Gen in 2018


Take a look at the hard numbers around trends for demand gen in 2018 and find out what you need to be thinking about in the months ahead. 70% of marketers say their demand gen budgets will increase, and 34% say their spending will grow by more than 20%. 2018 Demand Gen Benchmark Survey ). B2B marketers consider customer experience and personalization the most promising demand generation trends in the next year. 2018 Demand Gen Benchmark Survey ).

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