How Industrial Content Marketing Builds Stronger Relationships Based on Trust

Industrial Marketing Today

Strong relationships have always been the cornerstone in complex industrial sales. How we start and build new business relationships have changed in today’s digital age. Ask any successful salesperson and s/he will tell you that trust is the key to building strong and sustainable relationships. [.] The post How Industrial Content Marketing Builds Stronger Relationships Based on Trust by Achinta Mitra appeared first on Industrial Marketing Today.

Lead Generation: It’s all about building relationships

B2B Lead Generation

Tweet “I think at its core, lead generation is really about relationships,” said Brain Carroll, Executive Director of Revenue Optimization, MECLABS. And so really getting close to those who understand your customer whether that’s the sales team, inside sales team, sales engineers, customer service people, building relationships with other groups.


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Promoting content: build great content marketing relationships


LinkedIn can be a great way not only to find experts with whom to align yourself, but also to help create the kinds of relationships that will open these possibilities up to you. . Build Relationships. I’ve alluded to the value of on-going relationships a couple of times here. Take the time to build a relationship on small, low-risk engagements before you ask for a bigger commitment. (Photo credit: AltimeterGroup).

Marketing in the Express Lane: 14 Tips From 14 Experts


But this is 2014! Richard Hill of Quarry on 3 email must dos for 2014. • Roland Smart of Oracle on Social Relationship Management. by Amanda Batista | Tweet this The New Year offers a ton of great insight, forecasting posts, benchmark reports, and tips to manage the evolving technologies and trends that marketers should be leveraging to best serve our audiences.

Understanding Relationships Within the Marketing Technology Landscape

Customer Experience Matrix

Scott never claimed that his diagram illustrates a precise relationship among the components, so it''s no criticism to point out that it doesn''t. Try as I might, I couldn’t rearrange the boxes to show the relationships correctly. The pictures below illustrate, at least to my satisfaction, how much more clearly the circle graph shows relationships among systems than the traditional boxes and layers. All show the same relationships among a small set of systems.

What to Know: SMX West 2014 Takeaways

KoMarketing Associates

It’s now about trust, relationships, and being a brand people like. It was a busy month here at KoMarketing and it’s hard to believe that it’s already April 1 st. More so, it’s hard to believe that SMX West was three weeks ago! Typically, I like to do my conference recap immediately after a show but this time I thought I’d use a different approach – take a step back and let things simmer for a bit.

The 2014 Digital Marketing Ecosystem

Cody Ward

Marketing technologists (those that understand how it all fits together) will become invaluable as businesses adopt customer relationship management solutions, email service providers, content management systems, and big data. Marketing technologies will become invaluable as companies move into digital relationships with their prospects and customers. The post The 2014 Digital Marketing Ecosystem appeared first on Puzzle Marketer.

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3 Social Media Marketing Tips For 2014


Taking in the lessons and trends of 2013, here are 3 areas marketing should consider focusing social efforts on in 2014: 1) Create a budget and strategy for social media advertising. 2) Customer Experience is the name of the game in 2014. It can’t be measured” is a mantra that won’t fly in 2014. I look forward to what 2014 bring for social media marketing. What are your social media predictions for 2014?

6 Stats B2B Marketers Must Pay Attention To in 2014

KoMarketing Associates

From mobile marketing to content curation and revenue data, here are six statistics B2B marketers must pay attention to in 2014: 1. By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationships without talking to a human . We are a month into the new year and there have already been some great studies released (be sure to check out our industry news section for the latest).

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Building Relationships with Lead Nurturing


The post Building Relationships with Lead Nurturing appeared first on Salesfusion. Lead Nurture

Peter Isaacson, CMO of Demandbase: Why You Have a Bad Relationship with Sales—and What to Do About It [Podcast]

Crimson Marketing

“How is your relationship with Sales?” Learn what to do about 3 of them in this Moneyball for Marketing podcast: Relationship Therapy: Peter describes the exact process Demandbase used to transform their marketing solutions focus from a volume of individual leads to a targeted group of the 1500 most convertible accounts. More often than not, marketing solutions will be in the cloud, says Peter, and explains how that changes the relationship between Marketing and IT departments.

The 19 Best Content Marketing Blogs From 2014

Marketing Insider Group

Time to list our favorite stuff from 2014 so we can reflect on what we learned, what we found interesting, and what we shared. I also listed some of my own favorites to come up with this list of the 19 best content marketing blogs of 2014. This is one of the most widely shared and popular pieces of content in all of content marketing in 2014. Many of us have a love / hate relationship with GA. Yep that’s right! It’s roundup time.

Building Relationships & Trust for B2Bs – Q&A with Steve Woods


Business today is all about relationships. Marketing has evolved and offers many solutions to help us deliver facts and figures to our buyers, but it still can’t deliver those personal relationships. SW: Nudge is focused on the relationships in B2B – we help turn a lead with a good fit but no engagement into a lead with a good fit and engagement. Nudge helps form or develop those relationships that are so critical in B2B demand generation.

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5 Essential Ingredients of B2B Relationship Marketing


Sure I’ll go along with the occasional candlelit dinners, roses, chocolates and wine, but what I much prefer is the everyday experience of a relationship that is warm and comfortable. To my mind, the 5 essential ingredients of B2B relationship marketing are not different from the ones you find in a relationship of love: Trust. Infuse Your B2B Relationships with These 5 Key Ingredients…Watch the Love Grow! Love is in the air.

Top 9 Professional Services Marketing Lessons Learned in 2014

Hinge Marketing

As 2014 draws to a close, I look back at the most important lessons Hinge has learned about professional services marketing during the past year in order to guide you on how to best use marketing to increase your firm’s visibility, growth, and profitability in 2015. Similarly, partnering with prominent firms allows your firm to leverage their relationships to build more traction online. What marketing lessons have you learned in 2014?

Collaborate for the Internet of Customers with 7 Ideas for 2014


7 Ideas for Marketers to Prepare for 2014. Here are a few for marketers to consider as they finalize plans for 2014: Your current and future customers have higher expectations of your business and team’s ability to serve them in real time across many channels and devices. Create collaborative relationships with technology partners in the cloud to improve modern marketing campaign performance and results. What’s on your mind as you prepare for 2014?

Reflections on Manufacturing Marketing from Fire Dept. Instructors Conference 2014


Fathom participated in FDIC 2014 to support a client, Akron Brass, and gain additional industry knowledge and relationships. FDIC 2014 was held in early April for its 86th year in Indianapolis, Indiana, with more than 32,000 attendees representing over 55 countries. Decades-long relationships and careers are common in the fire industry. Instructors Conference 2014 appeared first on Fathom. Combat Challenge.

5 Tips For Improving Your Social Media ROI


Social media is really about building relationships, and it’s important that among all the tools and processes you put in place, to always have a human touch. Social Media audience engagement Lauren Harper marketing automation Peeking into the black hole social media roundtable ROI social media engagement social media insights social media marketing social media ROI social relationship management

Our Favorite Online Marketing Blog Posts and Articles of 2014

KoMarketing Associates

Last week I shared a few thoughts on what made 2014 a success at KoMarketing as well as our most popular posts and columns from the past year. Over 100 B2B Content Marketing Statistics for 2014. I recommend this post to anyone that wants a quick snapshot of content marketing in 2014. In this blog post, however, Demian Farnworth points out that, in a pre-Internet world, links didn’t matter: Authority, attention, and relationships did.

Marketing Trend Watch: 2014 Planning Survey


Read our report, Marketing Trend Watch: 2014 Planning Edition , to get the full results of our investigation. As we’ve recently discussed on the blog , consumers today are living in a multi-channel (or even omni ­channel) world and their relationships with brands need to develop on social, mobile, through email, on websites, and beyond. To learn more about the latest trends in program planning, read the full report: Marketing Trend Watch: 2014 Planning Edition. .

Hinge’s Fab Five: June 2014

Hinge Marketing

At times, professional services firms have had strained relationships with their marketing departments. With so many marketing-related articles online, it’s hard to keep up with the best content! Here are five of the best marketing pieces that have been published so far this month. What You Should Expect From Your Marketing Department. Lee Frederiksen, Hinge Marketing. In his post, Lee Frederiksen breaks down the keys to successfully utilizing your marketing department.

Content Marketing Personalization: Build Relationships At Scale

Marketing Insider Group

I believe that we help businesses build relationships with new customers. Marketing is about conversations and building relationships. Similarly, P&G took a similar approach with their Thanks Mom ad at the 2014 Olympics. Content marketing personalization is the only way to do what marketing is really supposed to do: build relationships at scale. The post Content Marketing Personalization: Build Relationships At Scale appeared first on B2B Marketing Insider.

How One Seasonal Staple Creates Year-Round, Enduring Customer Relationships


This quote from an Ocean Spray blog ( ) post states their dedication, out in the open for everyone to see: “At Ocean Spray we are committed to continuing to improve our capabilities; receiving and storing fruit, manufacturing, and distributing products and building an enduring relationship with consumers.” Author: Mike Stocker What’s small and red and tart and Americans eat 10.8 Billion of each holiday season? That’s right—Cranberries!

6 Ideas to Create More Relevant Lead Nurturing Emails

B2B Lead Generation

Tweet I’m writing this post while attending the ExactTarget Connections 2014 event. If you have a complex sale, the best way I know how to do this is by combining a human touch with your sales pitch to build relationships with your lead-nurturing message. I’ve learned a lot from listening to the sessions and speakers here. As I listened to attendees and speakers, I frequently heard the same keywords, such as: Personalization. Segmentation. Customer focus. Connection.

Where’s the Passion in B2B Marketing?

B2B Lead Generation

Tweet I’m writing this post at Dreamforce 2014. I’ve wondered how we can be passionate advocates to people outside our companies if we don’t have close relationships or trust inside our place of work. How can we humanize the process and actually build relationships? Build relationships with the right people and companies, regardless of their timing to buy.

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Has social business finally arrived?


In a recent well-documented report– Social Trends to Watch in 2014– Bill Chamberlin, an IBM thought leader and the Community Leader of HorizonWatching, cited 10 trends he believes will continue to show growth this year. Relationship marketing – Social sites are shifting from pushing content only to relationship building.

Lead Nurturing: You can’t automate trust

B2B Lead Generation

Both of us attended Dreamforce 2014 (Jill was a featured speaker) and we stopped by number of trade show booths to see the different vendors and learn what’s new in their companies. There’s an incubation period that needs to happen before sales professionals can even think about taking the relationship to the next level. You don’t ask someone to get married on the first date – the relationship you’re looking to start with customers is built over time with trust. .

Lead Generation via Influencers and Experts in 4 Steps

B2B Lead Generation

Tweet Proactively building relationships with influencers and industry experts and is a powerful way to generate leads and positive word of mouth (WOM). Influence development is a practice of building relationships with key individuals who have influence over your buyers’ decisions. The point is to see it as building a relationship and a conversation over time. You will still have an edge by investing in the relationship.

Lead Nurturing: What it is, and what it is not

B2B Lead Generation

Creating a nice layout and clarifying your value statement isn’t going to contribute to the development of your client or your relationship with them. It’s all about building trusted relationships with people. Tweet Building on my post last week , I was reminded of a conversation I had with a marketer who was meeting with her new boss to explain the need for a new lead nurturing strategy.

Stop Cold Calling and Start Lead Nurturing

B2B Lead Generation

You shouldn’t try to use pressure tactics in the first phone call; it’s about building long, meaningful and trust-filled relationships with the right people. It’s about relationships. Tweet Earlier this week, I had a call with a CEO of a small technology company who was wondering how to optimize his lead generation. He called me after two salespeople quit, and he said, “I’m about to give up on cold calling and start doing inbound marketing.

3 Don’ts of small business content marketing


Small is beautiful because small firms can have a more intimate relationship with their clients through both, social media and offline interactions. Content Marketing Competition Content marketing Customer relationship management small business social proof Small businesses have the potential to tap into special strengths, but they also have a special set of pitfalls to avoid.

10 Ways to Optimize Your Lead Conversion Rate

B2B Lead Generation

As you learn more, you can move from more general content toward content you’d share in a one-to-one relationship. . Tweet The ultimate goal of B2B marketing and lead generation is to help the sales team sell. Marketers spend a lot of time and effort creating inbound leads but struggle getting those leads to convert into customers after they hand them off to sales.

Lead Nurturing in 6 Simple Steps

B2B Lead Generation

Lead nurturing takes on the form of a series of steps and communication tactics with defined objectives and strategies that are tailored to developing and building a relationship with the potential customer – out of which will come conversations that convert to sales. Tweet What’s the quickest, cheapest way to implement lead nurturing? I get that question frequently when I talk to marketers about lead nurturing.

Content marketing is for salespeople, too


Content Marketing Offline Marketing Business business process Customer Customer relationship management Google Analytics marketing Sales Sales process You probably heard that content marketing is kinda important. All the cool kids are doing it. If you’re doing it right, you probably have learned a lot about which content moves your audience. You’ve got your metrics, you’re optimizing, and you are driving leads to the sales team. Job over, right? Wrong.

Why “Capitalism” must be re-branded – and how


The 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer indicated that the least trusted industries globally were Banks and Financial Services (only 51% and 50 %), while the most trusted were Technology and Consumer Electronics (79% and 75%). In short, there is a big opportunity for business leaders to balance economic values and social branding to improve this troubled image of capitalism, especially among Millennials, and restore a trustful relationship with the common people.

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Marketers Have Gained Their “Seat at the Table,” Now it’s Time to Prove Why They Deserve it


As a recent Harvard Business Review study noted, 77% of customers currently cite no relationship with a brand. To help marketing executives navigate this complex course, we are bringing together hundreds of modern marketers from many sophisticated marketing teams for prestigious brands at the Oracle Marketing Cloud Interact 2014 conference in San Francisco, starting today. by Kevin Akeroyd | Tweet this The onus is on us.

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4 Ways Marketers Can Appeal Messaging to Holiday Shoppers


Oracle Marketing Cloud recently released a report titled: Holiday Research 2014 Part 1: Unwrapping Shopper Plans. In the fall of 2014, Oracle Marketing Cloud and Edison Research began a multi-phase study to examine the habits of holiday shoppers. Here are some helpful tips revealed by several of the report’s data points: Follow these for more fruitful, lasting customer relationships. It’s the most wonderful time of year!