21 Vital Mobile Marketing Facts and Statistics for 2014


Gone are the days when a mobile-enabled web presence was an afterthought. According to CNN , “Americans used smartphone and tablet apps more than PCs to access the Internet (in January 2014) — the first time that has ever happened.” Nearly half of consumers say they won’t return to a website if it doesn’t load properly on their mobile devices. What do advertisers need to know about mobile access? adults now own a mobile phone.

10 Questions about 2014


So without further ado: How soon will it be until the mobile user experience equals or surpasses the laptop experience for social media users? Facebook and others have planted a stake in the ground and declared that mobile is their most important growth area. But as a user, I’m still much more satisfied with my full-featured social media experience (powered by Max OSX) than my mobile experience (powered by the much less robust iOS 7.0). What are your predictions for 2014?


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10 Must-See Marketing Takeaways From AdExchanger Industry Preview 2014


Mobile is a marketing must. Prepare to embrace integrated, contextual, and experiential strategic mobile marketing. Jenny Wise , Mobile Marketing Analyst, Forrester Research. 10 Must-See Marketing Takeaways From AdExchanger Industry Preview 2014 is from Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue, a Blog Covering Business To Business Marketing. by Amanda Batista | Tweet this The start of the New Year in the marketing industry is a particularly exciting time.

Must Attend Marketing Events In 2014


Here is a compilation of events to inspire you in 2014. Session topics include list management, social media integration, mobile and video tips, testing and optimization, and segmentation. BMA 2014 May 28-30 / Chicago, IL. Which events are you most looking forward to attending in 2014? Must Attend Marketing Events In 2014 is from Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue, a Blog Covering Business To Business Marketing.

83 Exceptional Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014


2014 B2B Content Marketing Trends–North America: Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs. Mobile matters. In 2013, 62% of emails were opened on a mobile device (48% on smartphones and 14% on tablets). Still, more than 70% of both B2B and B2C marketers plan to produce more content in 2014 than they did in 2013, and six out of ten plan to increase their content marketing budgets. ( population in 2014 (vs.

John Legend Coming to Interact 2014


by Amanda Batista | Tweet this We are pleased to announce that award-winning singer songwriter John Legend will be a keynote speaker at Interact 2014 , the digital marketing conference for B2C and B2B marketers which will bring together thought leaders and technical innovators from top brands across the globe. About Interact 2014: Customers, regardless of industry, want orchestrated experiences across email, mobile, social, display, and the web.

5 Marketing Takeaways From Dreamforce 2014


Mobile is the now and the future - In order to win, you must win the mobile moment. Some project that mobile will even take over desktop this year. For marketers, it is important to be where the consumers are, and we now know that consumers are on mobile. Companies now must undertake this ‘mobile mind shift’ and optimize the customer journey for mobile devices.

Measuring mobile


Moreover, we fight and we spend tons of money trying to get the best place on the most personal gadget of peoples’ lives: their mobile phone. As I said in my previous post, mobile is not just another channel, another media thing. Mobile is all about understanding and listening to what people have to say, share, where people are, and why they are somewhere. But our mobile people are not alone, they don’t share things only for their eyes or to satisfy their egos.

Mobile 141

Mobile is dead: start thinking mobility now…


Since 2005, we read and hear that each approaching year is going to be the “year of mobile” or that “mobile advertising will become more than important than digital” At same time, we understand that all media is digital media. This year, smart phone use in the United States will hit 80%, tablets will overtake sales of PCs, and already about half of online traffic is taking place on the mobile web. We have to stop putting mobile in a silo.

Mobile 161

Content Marketing Is The Top Marketing Priority of 2014

Marketing Insider Group

According to the report , Content Marketing is the top priority for 36% of marketers in 2014. This is followed by social media, which was chosen by 36%, personalization (32%) and conversion optimization (31%) as key areas of focus for marketing in 2014. This was followed by Mobile (18%), and Content Marketing (15%). Agency folks see Mobile marketing (21%), followed by customer experience (20%) and Content Marketing (13%) as the most exciting opportunities in marketing.

Mobility and why it matters


Mobile is primarily about the devices and platforms, but mobility is a bigger idea. Mobility is very much at the heart of culture right now. Mobility in advertising and media is going beyond mobile advertising, to adding mobile functionality and targeting. Mobility is all about a non-stop, multi-directional conversation between people/users/consumers and brands/information/knowledge. Why should I be interested in mobility?

Mobile 137

Mobile and behavioral


The profusion of wireless enabled mobile devices in daily life routine and advancement in pervasive computing has opened new horizons to analyze and model the contextual information. Detection and prediction of human behavior from daily life activities is a challenging task but mobile usage can be used as a compass to this effort. At this point it is really important to make clear that mobile is not about media, it is, as we said, about behavior.

5 Reasons Your Marketing Can Benefit From Attending Interact 2014


Customers, regardless of industry, want orchestrated experiences across email, mobile, social, display, and the web. Meet us at Interact 2014: A Modern Marketing Experience from Eloqua. Check out the Interact 2014 event page to learn more, including session agendas and more special guest info! 5 Reasons Your Marketing Can Benefit From Attending Interact 2014 is from Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue, a Blog Covering Business To Business Marketing.

10 Things I’ve Learned About SEO in 2014

KoMarketing Associates

So, as 2014 comes to a close and I look back on the year, here are a few things I learned about search, the industry, our business, and more. Mobile Isn’t the Future. Mobile is Now. It seems as if every year we talk about mobile as the future. We talk about preparing for mobile and preparing for mobile search but mobile search is here. We are all mobile. There are nearly 7 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide and we are searching things !

SEO 197

Does mobile search work for your business?


With B2B and B2C customers increasingly using their smartphones to browse for, shop for, and buy the products and services they need , marketers have increasingly turned to mobile search as a major component of their pay-per-click ad campaigns. This makes sense given that 100% of search volume growth in 2013 came from mobile and the category overall is expected to bypass desktop search sometime this year. Which begs the question: does mobile search work?

Mobile 154

Live from OpenWorld 2014: Why the Best Data-Driven Marketers Are Decidedly Old-School


If you survey the many accomplished marketers here at OpenWorld 2014, though, many of them will tell you that the right practices and principles go hand-in-hand with the right platforms. Editor's Note: Today's post comes courtesy of Nikki Serapio , Manager of Marketing Community at Oracle.

6 Stats B2B Marketers Must Pay Attention To in 2014

KoMarketing Associates

From mobile marketing to content curation and revenue data, here are six statistics B2B marketers must pay attention to in 2014: 1. of B2B marketers say they currently use mobile in their strategies. Mobile can no longer be seen as the “second screen” as customers are making purchases and purchasing decisions on their phones. who aren’t using mobile in their strategies, spend some time finding out how your customers are using mobile and get going.

Stats 195

How Do You Like Your City? An Insider’s Guide to San Francisco During Interact 2014


We’re bringing together B2C and B2B marketing best practice tips, networking, and technology innovations during Interact 2014 : A Modern Marketing Experience, July 16-18 in San Francisco. We know it's important to cater to your customers, who want orchestrated experiences across email, mobile, social, display, and the web. Join us at Interact 2014! Check out the event page to learn more about Interact 2014, including session agendas and special guest info!

Marketer’s Guide to Mobile Marketing Orchestration


by Kaila Garrison | Tweet this It’s not exactly breaking news that the proliferation of mobile usage among essentially everyone in the free world has forever changed the world of marketing. Mobile has completely changed the way we interact with the world, from the way we consume and spread information to the ways we work and interact with each other. Highlights from the guide include: Mobile’s magic moment has arrived. More tools in the mobile marketing toolbox.

Mobile 177

The 2014 Digital Marketing Ecosystem

Cody Ward

They hear buzzwords like mobile marketing, SEO, retargeting, inbound marketing, or social media engagement. Then it’s necessary to consider mobile. Should they create a mobile site and now they are managing two different sites? How are the emails optimized to mobile? The post The 2014 Digital Marketing Ecosystem appeared first on Puzzle Marketer.

CRM 104

Getting ready for mobile customers, search, and business


Mobile is frickin’ huge: Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg recently told CNBC that in 2013 people spent more time on mobile than watching TV , the first time that’s ever happened. HSN (Home Shopping Network’s parent company) reported 59% growth in mobile sales. Starwood Hotels and Resorts says mobile now accounts for 42% of its web traffic. Yelp now gets 44% of its traffic from mobile. Mobile matters. Mobile is here to stay.

Mobile 145

SMX East 2014: Key Takeaways & Statistics from the Show

KoMarketing Associates

According to the 2014 B2B Content Marketing Trends Report from the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, 93% of B2B marketers are using content. According to Yahoo, over 40% of search volume is coming from mobile. At the beginning of October, Derek and I headed down to New York for SMX East. I was fortunate enough to speak on two panels, Competitive Research for SEO , and what may be my favorite SMX session, SMX Takeaways. Photo courtesy of Akvile Harlow.

Email Marketing: 2 campaigns that used innovative creative to generate leads

B2B Lead Generation

Chris, who will be presenting at MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2014 next week, also found appeal in the campaign as an avid motorcyclist and founder of a nonprofit rider’s safety organization. If you’re interested, Christine Nurnberger, Vice President, Marketing, SunGard Availability Services, will also be speaking at MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2014, presenting more results from this campaign. MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2014 – Las Vegas, February 17-20.

Dreamforce 2014: Process Is More Important Than Analytics

Customer Experience Matrix

But the main announcements felt fairly slight: a new “analytics cloud” that is primarily about visualization and a mobile app builder for the Salesforce1 platform. The mobile app builder for Salesforce1** is the sort of innovation only a geek would love: after all, most people don’t think much about system building in general, let alone get excited about making it easier to build mobile apps for Salesforce.

The Global State of the Mobile App and Push Notification Markets


by Kaila Garrison | Tweet this On May 28, the webinar entitled Push Your Mobile Marketing Strategy Forward was held. The first topic was the global state of the mobile app & push notification markets. Here are some key highlights: Apps continue to dominate vs. mobile web. According to data from Flurry Analytics the time spent on apps has increased from 2013 to 2014 from 80% to 86% while conversely the time spent on the mobile web has decreased from 20% to 14%.

Mobile 209

Marketer’s Guide to Mobile Marketing Orchestration


It’s not exactly breaking news that the proliferation of mobile usage among essentially everyone in the free world has forever changed the world of marketing. Mobile has completely changed the way we interact with the world, from the way we consume and spread information to the ways we work and interact with each other. People are using their mobile phones and devices for essentially everything they do in the course of a given day.

Mobile 156

Common Concerns With Marketing Automation: Where Do You Rank?


The survey’s findings— Marketing Automation Trends Report 2014 — confirmed that marketing automation has become a must-have. In fact, we found that more than 53% of respondents are already using automation, and another 17% will invest in 2014. The most important marketing automation features are lead nurturing, integration with CRM, social media and mobile platforms, and analytics and reporting capabilities.

Funny Business: The Best Digital Marketing Humor, 2014 Edition


Strategic Humor: Cartoons from the March 2014 Issue by Harvard Business Review. Strategic Humor: Cartoons from the November 2014 Issue by Harvard Business Review. THIS JUST IN: Harvard professor explains how to perfectly market on mobile by iMedia Connection. Harvard professor of network marketing Ellis Fowler has provided a step-by-step guide to mobile marketing, and reportedly “doesn’t understand why digital marketers find mobile so confusing.”

Social, mobile, cloud and big data: knowledge as a product


As your organization starts rolling out initiatives on the big IT trends of social, mobile, cloud, and big data, employees often get caught in the eye of the storm. Thus, social, mobile, cloud, and big data are not target states or just buzzwords. The post Social, mobile, cloud and big data: knowledge as a product appeared first on Biznology. Offline Marketing Big Data cloud cloud storage knowledge marketing mobile Social

Mobile 142

3 Reasons Mobile Optimization Should Be in Your B2B Marketing Mix

KoMarketing Associates

The mobile platform is something that marketers are beginning to catch hold of, but haven’t quite fully embraced yet. Unlike most social media platforms, mobile is something that any industry, especially B2B, can fully embrace and have success with. Below are some of the reasons why mobile strategy should have a place in your B2B marketing efforts. Mobile is The Fastest Growing Niche. Most advocate creating separate campaigns for mobile and online ads.

New Raab VEST Report: B2B Marketing Automation Will Reach $1.2 Billion in 2014

Customer Experience Matrix

Based on this data, I’m projecting a 60% increase in industry revenue for 2014, to $1.2 Yes, there’s continued growth in various aspects of social media marketing and in mobile-friendly content creation. I’ve just published the latest edition of our B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool (VEST), with updated entries on all your favorites and several new entries to boot.

Report 220

Shrikant Latkar, InMobi’s Marketing VP: How To Stay Relevant In The Mobile Era [Podcast]

Crimson Marketing

The post Shrikant Latkar, InMobi’s Marketing VP: How To Stay Relevant In The Mobile Era [Podcast] appeared first on. With more than 1.5 billion smartphones in use around the globe and content consumption on smartphones increasing at a breathtaking pace, opportunities are fast emerging for brands to engage buyers more. Digital Marketing Podcasts

Top Marketing Predictions For 2014

Marketing Insider Group

I intentionally avoided digital , mobile marketing and social media because those topics have become less interesting as they are simply expected by our digital, social and mobile customers. In this article on Forbes , I find myself continuing to beat the content marketing drum: The social, mobile web has digitized information and allowed us all to connect with anyone, anywhere. 2014 will be the year of brand publishing.

Mobile 186

SEO 2014 Re-Cap: Search Statistics You Should Know

EMagine B2B Blog

To wrap up 2014 and get ready for the New Year, we’ve put together a list of top SEO statistics that exemplify this year in search. Mobile Search Behavior. Mobile internet usage surpassed desktop usage for the first time in 2014 ( Search Engine Watch ). More than 40 percent of consumers cited mobile as the most important media source for information ( Search Engine Watch ).

Collaborate for the Internet of Customers with 7 Ideas for 2014


But the “Internet of Customers” idea is, perhaps, a better point of view for marketers to embrace how cloud, social and mobile can help them create and manage more desirable customer experiences. 7 Ideas for Marketers to Prepare for 2014. Here are a few for marketers to consider as they finalize plans for 2014: Your current and future customers have higher expectations of your business and team’s ability to serve them in real time across many channels and devices.

In-aisle mobile marketing: a boon for consumers or a violation of privacy?


That being said, as mobile device consumers have become more app-savvy, they have come to understand the concept of “opting in” and if those benefits of doing so are worth providing a little extra personal information. With better use of mobile technology inside stores, these businesses stand at least a fighting chance of keeping customers engaged in their shopping experience without leaving the in-aisle service for another purchasing app.

30 Social Media Statistics To Wrap Up 2014

EMagine B2B Blog

Twitter has grown from 241million in 2013 to 284 million in 2014. 80% of Twitter users are on mobile.( viewers in July 2014. 41% of LinkedIn visits are via Mobile. Instagram has added 100 million active users since March, 2014. What would the end of the year be without some resolutions and a wrap-up post? When it comes to social media, things move pretty fast.