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Back to Basics: 6 Quick Social Media Marketing Tips

Modern Marketing

by Lauren Harper | Tweet this Social media is still a new frontier for many marketers. With the emergence of what seems like an inordinate amount of social sites and tools, figuring out how to get started and ramp up your efforts with social media marketing can be confusing.

11 Easy Social Media Tips and Tricks


Here’s a list, off the top of my head, of things that could and should make your social media and blogging life more full, exciting, passionate, accountable, and fruitful — and maybe a little less intimidating. Add Social Media Information to Print Media.

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A Year in Review: The Biggest Social Media Updates of 2013


Can you believe 2013 is almost over? That''s why it''s important to not only analyze your own marketing data, but to understand what occurred in the marketing industry in 2013 as a whole. The 3 Most Important Facebook Updates of 2013. inbound marketing Social Media

How to Craft Perfect Posts for Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter [SlideShare]


I don''t know about you, but I''m tired of hearing "social media gurus" compare the effectiveness of Twitter versus LinkedIn, or Facebook versus Twitter, or Linkedin versus Facebook, or whatever other comparison you bring to the table. Facebook Best Practices.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page That Doesn't Suck


So you''ve decided to set up a Facebook page for your company. You''ve heard that 52% of all marketers have found a customer via Facebook in 2013 -- and you want to join in on the fun. Instead, check out the tips below to create a Facebook Page that won''t suck.

26 Outstanding LinkedIn Tips and Tactics


How to Use LinkedIn Powerfully: 10 Tips to Know by Social Media Today. ” How to turn LinkedIn into a relationship filter by SmartBlog on Social Media. ” Social Media Minute: 25 B2B Marketing Uses of LinkedIn by MLT Creative.

24 More of the Best Facebook Guides, Stats and Rants of 2012


As noted in 21 (of the) Best Facebook Guides, Tools and Rants of 2012 So Far a few months back, Facebook remains the 800-pound gorilla of the social networking world. Will Facebook lose ground to Google+? what are the secrets to Facebook advertising success?

Advertising, Big Data, and Google’s Moves To Own It All

Digital B2B Marketing

Not even Facebook comes close. Solutions similar to AdID will be announced by Facebook, Twitter, and a handful of other major players, leveraging their access to first party cookie spaces. Marketing Technology Media AdID big data chango Google rocketfuel

Four Badass Facebook Advertising Tactics

Modern B2B Marketing

Our first guest will be author, keynote speaker, internet marketing and social media strategist Brian Carter. After building a solid case around the importance of Facebook advertising it’s now time to put together the tactics for success. Have a question regarding Facebook advertising?

25 'Boring' Companies With Brilliant Social Media Cover Photos


In a world where 40% of people respond better to visual information than plain text , it''s probably a good idea to optimize your social media channels with visuals. Facebook. Facebook used to have a 20% rule in place -- only 20% of your cover photo image could be text.

29 (of the) Best Twitter Guides, Tips and Infographics of 2013


It was the second-largest Internet IPO ever by an American company, trailing only Facebook. 10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your B2B Website with Twitter Influencers by Social Media B2B. 5 Ways B2B Companies Can Generate Leads on Twitter by Social Media B2B.

Social PPC: 17 Tips for Successful Ads on Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook

The Point

Billion with Google in 2013. Foremost amongst the competition are the big three social networks: Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, all of which, to varying degrees, rely on advertising to monetize their huge user bases. Facebook.

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The Marketer's Guide to Proper Social Media Etiquette


As a savvy inbound marketer, you''re already sold on the value of using social media. But good social media marketing is about more than engagement, lead generation, and wider reach. Facebook Etiquette. Were you surprised by any of the social media “don’ts?"

12 (of the) Best Guides to Marketing on Pinterest of 2013


grow 125% in 2013? Which social network hosts 69 of the Interbrand Top 100 Brands, and grabs more ecommerce traffic than Facebook? How Small Businesses Can Use Pinterest To Boost Traffic by Assist Social Media.

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20 Data-Backed Ways to Upgrade Your Social Media Marketing [SlideShare]


As a professional social media scientist and part time unicorn hunter, I spend a lot of time chasing down and busting social media unicorns-and-rainbows myths and superstitions -- advice that has no basis in facts -- with real data and science. 5) Use Questions on Facebook.

37 Fantastic SEO Guides, Tips and Tactics


Going beyond the usual SEO guidance, Lisa Wehr explains how to capitalize on mobile and local search, Google encrypted search results, and even Google+ and Facebook: “Where on a social site can you insert keywords? Top 1 SEO Tips for 2013 by SEOmoz.

When I cross-post I do it mostly by hand (you should too)


And you’ll need to post anything you have by hand to G+ because, as of now, Google doesn’t allow cross-posting services to post to Google+ so you’re limited to auto cross-posting to Facebook, Twitter , Linkedin. or Twitter shortened URL.

Trying GroupHigh for Blogger Outreach Campaigns


In the last decade I have seen social media marketing and digital PR mature as a practice, I have seen social media metrics and analytics evolve by leaps-and-bounds. What these social media publicists need is a CRM for bloggers instead of business clients and prospects.

30 Awesome Blogging Guides, Tips and Resources


Despite the occasional “death of blogging” pronouncements (often made, ironically, in blog posts), blogs remain the core of a robust social media strategy. Why You Want To Be the Last Blog Standing by Outspoken Media. ” Fixing The Social Media Plateau by Soulati Media.

Facebook Hashtags Take a Page From Twitter’s Ad Business, and Other Marketing Stories of the Week


Facebook Hashtags Take a Page From Twitter’s Ad Business, From Mashable. Facebook announced this week that it will be rolling out a hashtag feature to all of its users. This new addition to Facebook’s social network is designed to “bring conversations more to the forefront.".

How To Analyze and Grow Website Visits


Direct traffic primarily comes from two sources: visitors typing in a site URL directly into their browser, or clicking on a stored bookmark. Social media sites (e.g., YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, SlideShare,

11 digital marketing resolution ideas for ’13


I am in the midst of setting up my New Year’s resolutions for 2013. If you’re one of them and you can’t come up with some digital markeing resolutions for 2013, I have some suggested resolutions for you. Make sure it includes source(s), creator(s), and its home URL.

12 Simple Ways to Build Links Through Events

KoMarketing Associates

While we don’t always love giving away our personal information, make sure to fill out your website URL info. One of the amazing things about social media is the ability to immediately connect with people all over the world.

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How to Make a Visual Call-to-Action for Social Media [Quick Tip]


One of the most popular social media tips people give is "Make sure you include an engaging image in your posts". If you''re trying to generate leads with social media , do you need to include a certain type of image to do so? Your URL Shortener of choice.

Playing the online reputation shell game


Next, collect as many explicit URLs you can find, as deep as you care to go into Google Search. Instead of “Chris Abraham” coming up with my web site , my Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook profile, or my Huffington Post articles , it goes much further.

How Your A/E/C Firm Can Build a Rewarding Presence on Pinterest


As you’re creating your Pinterest profile, you’ll have the option to enter your website URL. Connect your profile with Twitter and Facebook. A/E/C Industry A/E/C Marketing Pinterest Social Media Marketing Social Media

The Future of SEO and What it Means for Inbound Marketing [SlideShare]


The Future of SEO - 2013 edition from HubSpot All-in-one Marketing Software. Here''s are a few big milestones so far: December 2010 : " Google and Bing Confirm that Facebook and Twitter Influence SEO.".

24 Exceptional Email Marketing Tips, Techniques and Tactics


Robin Neifield offers a dozen tips to help “integrate email and each of the major social properties,” such as, on Facebook, “Definitely use your status updates to tease upcoming emails—especially if you have an offer or promo.

Pinterest Lead Generation 101: Best Practices and Hacks That'll Make You a Pro


Plus, Pinterest users spend the most money of users on popular social networks -- nearly double the amount of money spent from Facebook users and triple the amount from Twitter users. 3) Don''t use UTM parameters or shortened links in your pin URL. Social Media lead generation

Blog SEO for the Modern Marketer: How to Optimize Your Posts


Optimize Blog Post Headlines and URL. You may find that questions or humor work best for generating clicks and shares on social media. In addition to the title, search engines use the words in a page’s URL to determine if it''s relevant to the search at-hand.

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3 More Critical Roles that Need SEO Skills


Rather, every person in digital media production needs to know how their work affects search effectiveness. This means coordinating your publishing efforts with other internal content strategists, with paid search leads , media relations managers , and especially community managers.


Facebook Home Opens Up Mobile Ad Targeting Opportunities, and Other Marketing Stories of the Week


Facebook ‘Home’ Will Be Great for Ad Data, But Bad for Brand and Media Apps, From Adweek. Through its App Launcher, Facebook Home also includes apps such as Instagram and Facebook Messenger, along with other third-party apps to complete the user experience.

16 Remarkable Web Analytics Guides, Tips and Techniques


Capturing The Value Of Social Media Using Google Analytics by Google Analytics Blog. Expanding on the post above, Lars Lofgren steps through each of the six social reports provided by GA, explains how traffic gets tagged as social media, and shows how to use GA’s Social Source Graphs.

The Marketer's Guide to Pinterest SEO


So if your initial trial of using Pinterest for business has yielded positive results and you think Pinterest is a viable social media marketing platform for your business, you know what the next step is, right?

SEO 58

7 Common (and Dangerous) Misconceptions About SEO


More and more people are finding content through social media, so optimizing your content for social shares is also important. in April 2013. Bing''s Relationship With Facebook. In early 2013, Facebook introduced Graph Search and its partnership with Bing.

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How to recover from the ravages of Google Penguin and Panda


Everyone was making stupid mistakes, including mainstream media, newspapers, major aggregators, and everyone else. Digital PR and social media marketing may well be the new SEO. Real organic content pickup — earned media — is real.

The 45 Inbound Marketing Terms You Should Know [Glossary]


Here on the HubSpot blog, we’ve written glossary-themed posts that cover some of the core components of inbound marketing -- we''ve covered email marketing , website optimization , social media , and the list goes on. Facebook. The information encoded may be text, URL, or other data.

The Complete Guide to Updating and Republishing Outdated Blog Content


Your mailing address, your wardrobe, your hairstyle, your media collection. In fact, earlier this month, I analyzed traffic to this very blog and found that in July 2013, 69% of the blog post visits we received in July were to blog posts published prior to July.

How to Generate Click-to-Tweet Links for Your Content [Quick Tip]


Then, copy the generated link from the "Here''s your URL" field and hyperlink the text you want shared. First, you''ll need a social media image and/or button to link to. If you''d like to learn how to hyperlink for Facebook and LinkedIn, read our blog post here ).

Facebook Finally Supports GIFs: 10 Ways to Celebrate


And as of today, Facebook is finally allowing users to express themselves via GIF. While Twitter and Pinterest adopted GIF support last year, it was starting to feel like Facebook was going to leave us hanging. Social Media Content Marketing featured-1 Daily