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21 of the Best Social Media Marketing Guides of 2013 (So Far)


The use of social media and social networks for marketing has rapidly advanced in the past few years from the “should I do it?” ” level to the current “how do I measure and optimize social media marketing efforts?” by Social-Hire.

23 Outstanding Social Media Marketing Guides


Though the use of social media and social networks for marketing is now nearly ubiquitous, and 78% of companies have dedicated social media teams, many marketers sill struggle with certain aspects of social marketing, such as formalizing strategies and measuring results.

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83 Exceptional Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014


So before it gets replaced by the next trendy buzzwordy term, here’s some marketing-related big data for you: 83 valuable facts, stats, and research findings covering strategy, social media, SEO, online advertising, email marketing, content, blogging, social networking, video and more.

Are you a social media marketing hunter?


This is the next in the series, including Are you a social media forager? and Are you a social media marketing trapper? Are they bloggers? Are they on social media? Are they on Facebook for real or are they really on LinkedIn ?

Why Social Media Trumps In-Person Networking


This is probably the number one question and complaint when it comes to social media: “I just don’t have time to fit it into my already jam-packed day. How can I manage my social media accounts efficiently when I’m so busy?”

Social media tip: People don’t like being collected


You know how much I am obsessed with “ long-tail blogger outreach ,” right? I have been consulting some bouncing social media babies recently and they’re doing it right. I mean, not to brag, but I have been 500+ on LinkedIn since before many of you were born.

Best Social Media Stats, Facts and Marketing Research of 2010


the sources below provide a vast wealth of data, statistics and research results, as well as a bit of interesting social media trivia. How are consumers and b2b decision makers using social media in their buying processes? Social Media Facts and Stats.

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32 Influential B2B Social Media Profiles (People) to Follow on Twitter

KoMarketing Associates

It’s no secret that social media is an important channel of digital marketing. For B2B marketers, there are endless opportunities for leveraging social media platforms and strategies. While the report reveals that, in 2012, social media as a whole brought in a smaller fraction (5%) of traffic and leads to B2B websites, it shows great potential. How are you going to develop and augment your organization’s B2B social media strategy?

6 Ways Social Media Marketing Is Changing (For the Better)


We’ve been at this social game for a while now, you and me. And, unlike the loss of LinkedIn Answers , I’m feeling pretty good about them. So let's take a closer look at how social media is changing. 1) Social Media Is Gaining Weight as a Sales Tool.

Marketing and Social Media Tips from Best-Selling Author, Mark Schaefer


Last week, Marketri was honored to host marketing author, social media guru, and blogging genius – Mark Schaefer – in Philadelphia for an inspirational morning presentation. The top reason that social media succeeds is because humans like to buy from humans.

26 Content Marketing Tools to Use in 2013 | OMI Blog

delicious b2bmarketing

26 Content Marketing Tools to Use in 2013. More marketers are shifting their content creation efforts in-house, but at the same time, producing enough content is their biggest challenge heading into 2013. Marketing Day: January 9, 2013. Best of Social Media.

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Best Social Media and Digital Marketing Research and Statistics of 2011, Part 2


Reports, surveys, studies and infographics are among the most popular content posted and shared across social networks. How widespread, really, is the use of social media for marketing? How are B2B marketers using social media differently from their B2C counterparts?

Search Traffic Declining? You’re Not Alone (and What to Do About It)


BuzzFeed mentions changes in behavior, greater use of social networks for content discovery, and a 52% increase in traffic from “‘Dark social,’ that netherland of direct traffic” (i.e., In early 2013, Google devalued general directory links for search rankings.

Top 50 B2B Marketing Influencers On Twitter

Marketing Insider Group

To answer this question, I looked at a variety of factors including twitter followers, profiles that included “B2B marketing,” the focus of their tweets including the hashtag # B2BMarketing , as well as a variety of social scoring tools using the keyword. Blogger.

Is Your Social Media Strategy Dynamic?

Marketing Action

Social media, once the province of teenagers and the PR people who work for celebrities, crossed the chasm some time back and has become so mainstream that your grandmother probably has a Twitter handle. Her points underscore a key proposition: Social media is extremely dynamic.

How I Came in Second to Bill Gates: The Brilliance of the LinkedIn Influencer Program


This article originally appeared on LinkedIn Today. It’s not a fantasy if you’re Bill Gates , you wrote this post , and you’re a LinkedIn Influencer. There are over 300 influencers that are writing as part of LinkedIn Influencers. LinkedIn, 604 clicks. LinkedIn

Are Social Employees The Future of Marketing?

Marketing Insider Group

As we think about social media, social business and social employees, how will great companies use their employees to get ahead in the Future of Marketing ? Blue Focus Marketing is a social branding consultancy that helps brands become social.

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Social media ROI sucks! (Or, you can prove anything if you send out a survey)


Social media marketing is now precariously ensconced as a more-or-less mainstream marketing channel. Companies try to dutifully engage with customers and prospects on all the main social channels, plus as many of the secondary ones as possible.

How to Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, with approximately 500 million users and more than nine million companies represented. It is a bit different than some of the other social media platforms, in that it allows people to connect with other professionals and to leverage current connections to make new ones. If you want to produce business leads, LinkedIn is a must in your social media marketing strategy. Guest post by Lexie Lu.

If you perform only to an empty house your show will close


People are spending the money and devoting the resources required to create compelling and engaging social media posts, not only just on Facebook but also on LinkedIn , Twitter , Pinterest , and even Google+. Be the catalyst of your natural social media success.

Expert Blogger Shares Secrets to Success: Wit & Wisdom


For you reluctant bloggers out there, I wanted to share my recent interview with expert blogger, Mark Goodfield, a tax partner and managing partner of Cunningham LLP in Toronto, Canada. MG: Our firm hired a marketing consultant who told us that we were doing very poorly social media-wise. But, I jumped right in, and once I started to blog I began paying more attention to other bloggers and interacting with them, leaving them comments and sharing information.

30 Awesome Blogging Guides, Tips and Resources


Despite the occasional “death of blogging” pronouncements (often made, ironically, in blog posts), blogs remain the core of a robust social media strategy. Why You Want To Be the Last Blog Standing by Outspoken Media. ” Starting a Blog in 2013?

12 (of the) Best Guides to Marketing on Pinterest of 2013


Which social network was fastest to reach 10 million users, and now has 70 million members worldwide? Which social network saw its membership outside the U.S. grow 125% in 2013? Pinterest still isn’t the right social network for everyone.

12 Essential LinkedIn Groups for B2B Marketers

KoMarketing Associates

With so many social media networks to choose from, it can be difficult to determine what’s really valuable to your business. Based on multiple user surveys and research studies, it has been determined that the “big 3” of social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

5 Social Media Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Marketing Action

We’ve all made social media faux pas before – a few weeks ago, I accidentally sent a group of friends what I thought was a recipe. This small restaurant had gotten bad reviews from bloggers and diners, and turned to a celebrity chef for help. Using social media as a megaphone.

20 B2B Marketing Blogs You Need To Read

Marketing Insider Group

So I reached out to my connections across the social landscape and asked who they thought published the best B2B Marketing blogs around. I invite you to read and follow these amazing bloggers and if I missed your blog or someone you know, please suggest an addition in the comments below.

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Tweet like Guy Kawasaki for Twitter success


You may know that I am a proponent of long-tail blogger outreach , a theory of outreach and engagement that pushes well past the few top influencers and deep into the democratic world of everyone else. How Guy Kawasaki Manages His Social Media Presence (

The Ultimate Resource for 2013 Inbound Marketing Stats and Charts [SlideShare]


and statistics from the recently released 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report. 86 Revealing Charts From the 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report. 86 Revealing Charts From the 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report from HubSpot All-in-one Marketing Software.

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How Will 50 Billion Connected Devices Affect The Future of Marketing?

Marketing Insider Group

Lee is the author of Optimize : How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing. This challenge can be overcome, but for many digital marketing agencies that have relied on SEO and organic social media, it can be a difficult transition.

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Customer And Content Are King In The Future of Marketing

Marketing Insider Group

I started with my own prediction that the future of marketing lies in our ability to transform the entire enterprise into a truly social business. You can find Alan on Linkedin and Twitter @ AlanSee. You are going to need a social media strategy to deliver on those expectations.

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How To Analyze and Grow Website Visits


Online branding tactics include media mentions, building links by writing guest posts and articles, product reviews, social media, and industry activities like high-quality directory listings and trade association membership. Social media sites (e.g.,

Contagious Content: Facebook Posts That Get Shared Like Crazy

Modern B2B Marketing

by Dayna Rothman I am excited to introduce today’s guest blogger Brian Carter. Social media is the perfect place to get your prospect and customers engaged with your content. Through social media they asked people some important questions about business, innovation, and society.

How To Turn Your B2B Blog Into a Golden Egg-Laying Goose

The Forward Observer

Guest Bloggers - Ask other bloggers in your industry to contribute guest posts. The guest bloggers will get more reach and exposure to new readers while you get free content. Use Social Media - If content is fire, social media is gasoline.

32 B2B Marketers to Add to Your Google Plus Circles

KoMarketing Associates

Building a network in Google+ could be the next critical tactic when it relates to B2B search engine optimization and broader social media initiatives. SEO impact aside, recent statistics indicate Google Plus is on pace to overtake Facebook (the current leader) in social shares by 2016.

Are You a Good Online Spokesperson For Your Company?


One of the more astonishing things about the social media revolution is that companies have had to dramatically loosen the reins on employees speaking publicly about their workplace over just the past few years. That makes them a member of the media in today’s world.

Is Big Data The Future of Marketing?

Marketing Insider Group

You can follow Steve on Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn. I’m an author, columnist, blogger, entrepreneur and head of an integrated marketing agency. Our Future of Marketing interview series continues with Steve McKee.

B2B Marketing Survey Says Email and Twitter Work

B2B Marketing Traction

As usual, I have to provide information about the source of the survey, which few bloggers ever do. Optify , the source of the survey, sells inbound marketing software that helps you track social media and email campaigns.

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7 Real Marketing Interview Questions From HubSpot's CMO


For someone with a more specific role on a larger inbound marketing team -- a blogger , perhaps -- you could focus only on the questions about blogging and content creation. Let’s pretend we had very convincing data that showed none of our potential customers use social media.

8 Ready-Made Job Descriptions to Recruit an All-Star Marketing Team


What's better than a blogger for a dog supply-selling ecommerce site? A blogger with four poodles at a dog supply-selling ecommerce site! 1) Social Media Manager. I f you aren't one of those businesses, it's time to ramp up your social media efforts.

To YouTube and Beyond! 5 Places Where Including a Video Will Boost Results

Modern Marketing

As Meagen Eisenberg, VP of Demand Generation at DocuSign revealed in a recent talk, in three rounds of partner-sponsored LinkedIn InMails they released, leads always gravitated to the video play button (unsurprisingly it was the most clicked on item within the email).