9 Key Points & Action Items from BtoB Magazine’s Social Media Report

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As B2B marketers work on refining 2012 strategic marketing initiatives, social media has become a central focus. BtoB Magazine ‘s latest report on B2B social media marketing provides further support and insight into the strategies, applications, and challenges marketers face. The full report is available for purchase from BtoB Magazine , but I would love to read your questions and feedback via comments below, or through our Facebook or Google+ page.

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Speaking Directly About B2B Direct Marketing With BtoB Magazine

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As much as I rely on blogs and social media for information about B2B marketing, I still look forward to each new issue of BtoB Magazine landing on my desk. Whatever your industry, I’m sure you. MLT Creative B2B Ideas @ Work Blog. Our ideas, musings, thoughts, reviews on b2b marketing topics

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Online Advertising Ready To Takeoff In 2012

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Then this week, BtoB Magazine released their “2012 Outlook survey” showing how online advertising is poised to see significant growth in 2012 as well. BtoB magazine’s “2012 Outlook” survey reported that 41% of B2B Marketers will increase spending in 2012 while 48% will see their marketing budgets remain flat.

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Bulls, Bears, Bernanke and BtoB Lead Generation


Here are the results for Q1, 2001 through Q2, 2012: The numbers say the following to me: Leads trend in the direction of GDP. We expect lead rates to trend down over the next two quarters (Q3 and Q4 of 2012), but not below about 7% (a relatively healthy lead rate over the past four years). For example, you would expect companies to invest less in long-term marketing such as branding and more in demand generation from now until the end of 2012.

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Industrial Companies shouldn’t Replace Email Marketing with Social Media

Industrial Marketing Today

In a March 2012 online survey of US marketing professionals, trade publication Chief Marketer found that the most popular tool in digital campaigns, according to 78% of the respondents was email marketing followed by Email newsletters (59%) and a close third was social media at 58%. Paul Gillin ( @pgillin ), speaker, writer and social media marketing strategist described this very well in one of his columns for BtoB Magazine.

Social Media Does Not Influence B2B Buyers

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That was the headline on the first page article when BtoB Magazine landed in my inbox last week. Research Social Media B2B social media BtoB Magazine IDC valueAccording to new research from IDC, only 18.6% of B2B technology buyers say social media has influenced their purchase decisions or interactions with vendors. So should B2B organizations shutter their social media efforts or reduce their investments?

E-commerce: An Important Channel for Industrial Sales

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According to a survey conducted in 2011 by BtoB and Rainmarker Systems, while only 35% of B2B marketers are involved with selling directly online, 58% of those companies have an increasing commitment to the channel. I am seeing more and more manufacturers and industrial distributors using e-commerce as a sales channel for growth. The adoption rate has been much slower as compared to the online retail industry but B2B marketers are catching on fast.

Don’t Underestimate Industrial Marketing’s Contribution to Sales

Industrial Marketing Today

From BtoB LinkedIn group ). The more I talk to manufacturers and industrial companies, the more I’m convinced that RFQs and sales conversations are all that matter to them. I get it that industrial marketing must be held accountable and I firmly believe that it should make a direct contribution to growing sales and revenues. However, ignoring industrial marketing’s role in creating sales opportunities is a fallacy in my opinion.

B2B Lead Generation: Getting on the same page

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Do you have terms and definitions to add to a BtoB sales lead glossary? A lead is a lead. Or is it? I always recommend to my sale lead consulting clients that they create a gloss ary of terms related to their B2B lead generation progra m s. To reduce misunderstandings. Here's a first draft of a glossary I gave one of my clients to help them get started writing theirs. Perhaps it can be a starting place for yours too. Contact: A person at company or contact name on a database.

Winning The War: Content Marketing Adoption Widens


BtoB Magazine’s recent study, “Content Marketing: Ready for Prime Time” found that content marketing was either “fully integrated” (12%) or “very integrated” (22%) for about a third of respondents. (34% Here are a few more interesting data points from that BtoB study. Content page-2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia). Photo credit: jrhode. We’re winning the war.

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Takeaways from BtoB's NetMarketing Breakfast in Boston


Here are just a few notes I jotted down during the event: By the end of 2012, at least 25% of the content on websites will be video. In a BtoB test, Facebook beat LinkedIn and Twitter when measuring response to targeted ads (IT hardware product). It's great to be home after a very productive trip to the Northeast. PointClear sponsored the October 11, 2011 breakfast featuring speakers from Intertek Group, Deltek, Hitachi Data Systems and OppenheimerFunds, Inc.

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The Thin Line Between Social Media Marketing and Spam

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One presumably well-intentioned individual spammed influential individuals and organizations in B2B marketing, from BtoB Magazine ( @btobmagazine ) to Jonathon Block ( @jblock ) to Steve Farnsworth ( @steveology ). You can share. You can publish. You can broadcast. You can spam. Today, communication is more accessible than ever before. Anyone with an internet connection can email or Tweet.

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Bark, Meow, Tweet: What Our Pets Can Teach Us About Digital Marketing

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According to BtoB Magazine’s latest report on social media marketing, B2B marketers are leveraging social media for customer service, product marketing, hiring and recruiting, and traffic and lead acquisition. Everyone always says pets are smarter than people. Don’t they? Well, maybe not, but it can certainly be argued that animals, that lovable Lucy or that mischievous Milo, understand more human language than we give them credit for. What does this have to do with marketing?

The 30 Best Content Curation Resources for Marketers and Business Pros

Marketing Insider Group

BtoB Magazine (@ BtoBMagazine ) – for us Business to Business marketing folks. When I first graduated from college almost 20 years ago, I quickly learned that I was not prepared to have conversations with experienced business professionals on the reality of the business challenges they were confronting. My approach was to subscribe to 3 magazines: BusinessWeek , Fast Company and Newsweek and I read the newspaper every single day. I have been a voracious consumer of news ever since.

Study: B2B Marketers Turn to Content Marketing for Lead Generation

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Findings from a BtoB study echoed the results of Shulze’s study, but respondents cited additional reasons for marketers to engage in content marketing, including customer acquisition and loyalty. According to the results of a recent study from Holger Shulze, B2B marketers worldwide are turning to content marketing to improve their marketing campaigns, including boosting lead generation efforts, brand awareness, and customer loyalty.

Social Media Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

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I saw a recent example of the popular saying “there are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies and statistics ” in a BtoB Magazine front page headline “ Social Media Does Not Influence B2B Buyers “ The article covers research conducted by IDC of 199 B2B Technology Buyers and states that although 84% of B2B Tech buyers use social media, only 18.6%

Three Requirements as Marketers, Agencies and Publishers Converge

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In April Crain Communications, the publisher of BtoB Magazine, announced the creation of CrainsSocial , a new marketing services group offering social media solutions to marketers. This is one more introduction in a long line of changes that are blurring traditional roles in the marketing landscape.

79 Remarkable Social Media Marketing Facts and Statistics for 2012

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Find the answers to those questions and many, many more in this collection of 72 fascinating social media marketing facts and stats for 2012. BtoB Magazine ). 70% of marketers plan to increase the number of different social platforms they use in 2012. Google+ is expected to reach 400 million users by the end of 2012. Google+ is the tool that most marketers (70%) say they want to learn more about in 2012, following by blogging (cited by 59%). BtoB Magazine ).

PowerViews with Rich Vancil: Marketing Ops, Sales Ops & Mashups


Rich earned his MBA from Harvard Business School, and he’s twice been named to BtoB Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential people. 2012: Transformational Change, the New Buyer & Big Data. Click to start video at this point — Asked about what is happening or not happening in marketing and sales in 2012 that surprises him, Rich notes there’s been more transformational change in the past eight to twelve months than he’s seen in the previous nine years.

B2B Marketers Need to Get on Board with Social Media… NOW!


by Phil Fernandez For B2B marketers to be competitive and grow in 2012, it’s essential that they not only realize the value of social media , but make a commitment to improved execution. to online publications dedicated to the practice like BtoB Online can testify. But 2012 should be the year – has to be the year – that social becomes standard operating procedure.

PowerViews with Christopher Hosford – CRM/Marketing Automation/Social Convergence


He is East Coast Bureau Chief for BtoB Magazine. So I think 2012 will see large movement in the direction of both mobile and the analysis of big data.” Click to start video at this point — Christopher notes that inbound marketing is the current rage and shares a recent BtoB Magazine study that reveals 74% of marketers plan to increase their online marketing efforts this year. BtoB Magazine Website: www.btobonline.com.

B2B Lead Generation: The Best of PowerViews


Tony Jaros, SiriusDecisions Brian Carroll, MECLABS Rich Vancil, IDC Ginger Conlon, DM News (formerly with 1to1 Media) Christopher Hosford, BtoB, The Magazine for Marketing Strategists. Rich Vancil, IDC, talked about the need to focus on sales enablement as his advice to CMO’s for 2012: Click to start video at this point —In response to a CMO asking him for one area to focus on for the balance of 2012, Rich recommends sales enablement.

B2B Aware: This Week in B2B Marketing-Socialize, Mobilize & Familiarize

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WEEK OF FEBRUARY 27 - MARCH 2, 2012. Craft attention-grabbing subject lines, make your point quickly, keep the call-to-action high in the message and try consulting Apple's Human Interface Guidelines for additional best practices BtoB Magazine Top tactics for a crisis-proof B2B lead generation strategy. One in four marketers has a formal lead generation process in place, and less than 2 in 5 can trace a lead to its source, notes Jen Doyle in a report. "If

The 8 Step Guide to Making your First Local Event a Massive Success


In fact, according to BtoB Magazine*, event marketing accounts for one fifth of the marketing budget. by Liz Smyth Events are an important part of most B2B marketer’s bag of tricks. State of Event Marketing, July 2011). If you are looking to take your marketing international by opening up offices in other countries, they can form a core part of your strategy. There are basically three main reasons why companies do events: To Generate Leads. To Interact with Customers and Prospects.

B2B Aware: This Week in B2B Marketing-Leadership, Mastership & Relationships

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Big ideas that will transform B2B marketing in 2012. BtoB Magazine. WEEK OF JANUARY 16-20, 2011 This week in B2B marketing the B2B blogosphere is buzzing about mirroring leadership, mastering new innovation, and building relationships via new means. Stay aware. We appreciate the content contributors who keep the B2B marketing community informed with your reports, thoughts and observations. It's 10 pm. Do you know where your B2B twitter message is?

Is Lead Generation Slipping Away From Marketing?


And then Mari Anne Vanella of the Vanella Group (recently named one of the 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management in 2012 by the SLMA) said, marketing teams are managed by results and it is difficult for sales to manage lead gen because: Lead generation is not a transaction. James Obermayer, Executive Director and CEO of the Sales Lead Management Association and President of Sales Leakage Consulting is a regular guest blogger with ViewPoint.

MarketingSherpa #BtoBSummit: Isaac Misses Orlando – Our thoughts and prayers for New Orleans


We are looking forward to today's BtoB Summit. Woke up in Gainesville, FL yesterday morning and headed out into light showers that ultimately approached tropical storm intensity before arriving in Orlando to heavy clouds but little rain. Prior to leaving Gainesville we searched for the not easy to find but definitely worth finding Peach Valley Café (ask for Lauren who my wife described as "a doll"). And it was a great breakfast! The conference is being held at Rosen Shingle Creek Resort.

PowerViews with Chris Hosford – CRM/Marketing Automation/Social Convergence


He is East Coast Bureau Chief for BtoB Magazine. So I think 2012 will see large movement in the direction of both mobile and the analysis of big data.” Click to start video at this point — Chris notes that inbound marketing is the current rage and shares a recent BtoB Magazine study that reveals 74% of marketers plan to increase their online marketing efforts this year. BtoB Magazine Website: www.btobonline.com.

33 Stats That Paint a Picture of the Future of Marketing


15) 53% of retailers plan to focus on web personalization engines in 2012. Source: BtoB Magazine ) Tweet This Stat! Source: BtoB Magazine ) Tweet This Stat! The future of our beloved marketing industry is changing fast -- the good news is, we don't even need a crystal ball to see where it's headed!

New Infographic: B2B Lead Generation & Content Marketing Trends


Here are links to the specific research studies noted on the Infographic: 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report, Marketing Sherpa, Sponsored by Marketo. Chief Marketer’s 2012 Business-to-Business Lead Generation Survey: Your Best Prospects. BtoB magazine: Emerging Trends in B2B Social Marketing, April 2011. Presenting my first infographic.

PowerViews with Paul Gillin: Social Media – Pick Your Spots & Focus


He is a regular contributor to BtoB Magazine and was founding editor of TechTarget and editor-in-chief of Computerworld. Click to start video at this point — In reference to an article Paul wrote for BtoB Magazine in which he mentioned his slide decks have been collectively viewed 95,000 times, he notes that the real magnification power of social media comes from sharing. The next PowerViews will be with Chris Hosford of BtoB Magazine.

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The Content Experiment: An Interview with Rishi Dave [Podcast]

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He was named 2013 & 2012 Top Digital Marketer by BtoB Magazine. He was named 2013 & 2012 Top Digital Marketer by BtoB Magazine. Content marketing is a core part of how you can drive your inbound lead generation funnel. The best marketing mix includes creating the right content for your varying social media networks. . Many companies struggle with providing the right messaging to their audience.

10+ Essential Research Reports & Guides for B2B Marketers

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BtoB Research Defining the Modern Marketer. BtoB Research, in coordination with Eloqua, surveyed hundreds of online marketing professionals to uncover the core competencies of Modern Marketers. Per blog post highlighting the report, the information “ underscores research from a comprehensive survey created in conjunction with BtoB Magazine, and explores the skills and technologies marketers need to improve ROI (of their marketing efforts).

Marketing Automation's Unhappy Users: Trouble in Paradise?

Customer Experience Matrix

This one, from BtoB Online , found that just 26% of users had fully deployed their system – and nearly 40% had only some or moderate adoption. The BtoB survey does show that strong and complete adoption have increased considerably from 2012 to 2013, which is good news. As I mentioned in last week''s post , I’m writing a paper on stages of marketing automation deployment.

32 Influential B2B Social Media Profiles (People) to Follow on Twitter

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Research from Optify’s 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report supports these statements. While the report reveals that, in 2012, social media as a whole brought in a smaller fraction (5%) of traffic and leads to B2B websites, it shows great potential. BtoB Online (@btobmagazine) : “The resource for #marketing strategists” Follow BtoB Online at https://twitter.com/btobmagazine.

B2B Aware: This Week In B2B Marketing - Surveys & Projections

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This week in B2B marketing we're sharing our picks for the most compelling content featuring survey results and B2B marketers' plans for 2012. Spending plans for technology marketing appear to be on the rise heading into the new year, with about two-thirds of marketers surveyed saying they plan to spend more in 2012, according to an IDG Research Services report. BtoB Magazine. The Quadrennial Effect: Olympic Games, elections expected to power 2012 ad spending.

B2B Aware: This Week in B2B Marketing - Advice & Resolutions

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This week in B2B marketing we're sharing our choices for the most interesting content for B2B marketers' 2012 plans. Bold moves marketers can make to pull ahead in 2012. In 2012, marketing automation will rise with social. BtoB Magazine. WEEK OF DECEMBER 12-16, 2011 December brings forecasts, advice and resolutions to improve in the new year. Kudos to the content contributors who keep the B2B marketing community informed with your reports, thoughts and observations.

11 B2B Marketing Predictions for 2011

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Mobile Marketing – I know I said last year was the year of mobile marketing but I just saw a stat from a Mary Meeker presentation that smart phones will eclipse PC sales in 2012 (that’s just a year away) which will lead us to more mobile usage than PC usage so you better start your Mobile Marketing program now. Related posts: 10 BtoB Marketers Predictions for 2010 Around this time last year I wrote about some Predictions.

Attack of the Customers Press Release

Paul Gillin

Attack of the Customers analyzes customer-driven negativity campaigns like the 2010 Pampers Dry Max Facebook crisis and the 2012 beef-industry “pink slime” hysteria to identify lessons brand owners can apply to understanding customer motivations and preparing response strategies. Paul is a columnist for BtoB magazine and a director of the Society for New Communications Research.

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Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy: Seeing ROI in the Cloud?

The ROI Guy

Spending on IT cloud services will triple in the next 5 years, reaching $42 billion and capturing 25% of IT spending growth in 2012." - IDC Much of the adoption is driven by the promise of what cloud can do to help transform IT services and drive important cap-ex and op-ex cost savings. Alinean recognized by BtoB Magazine’s as one of To.

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