The 2011 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Men Reprise


Today, Tom Pick ( @TomPick ), Online Marketing Executive at KC Associates , who blogs at his award winning B2B Webbiquity , and I ( @ckburgess – Blue Focus Marketing @BlueFocus360 ) present 50 remarkable men on our 2011 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Men list.

8 Social Media Marketing Ideas for Your Trade Show Exhibit

B2B Marketing Traction

Skyline’s recent webinar, “Social Media for Trade Show Promotions,” was full of great ideas. It turns out YouTube is great for all phases of trade show promotion. Link to your show and product launch press releases from the trade show LinkedIn Group Discussion.

How to Use Lead Scoring to Drive the Highest Return on Your Trade-Show Investment

B2B Lead Generation

Tweet In the 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report , 1,745 marketing organizations revealed that trade shows took up the biggest chunk of their marketing budget – over 21%. They need to do the same with trade shows. Trade-show registration lists.

12+ Tips for Trade Show Success

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Make Your Trade Shows Count. The old fashioned trade show may not be the hottest topic coming through your inbox these days but odds are that you may still be doing quite a few events and have trade shows as part of your marketing budget.

Some Good Trade Show Advice

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Despite the fact that trade show attendance is going down and there is less money in your marketing budget for attending physical events, if you do have to go to one you’d better make it worth it. I like how Vanessa Nornberg described in an article a few tips to make your trade show profitable: Buy a booth you can afford. Add those to my previous 12+ tips for trade show success and you’ve got yourself a great checklist for planning your next event!

2011 B2B Marketing Outlook, According to Google

The Point

In the survey, more than 600 B2B marketing executives answered questions about their budgets, marketing mix, and key challenges for 2011. 1 in 3 marketers think measuring ROI will be their top marketing challenge in 2011.

Google 182

When the Going Gets Tough, B2B Marketers…

Industrial Marketing Today

B2B companies are spending more of their marketing budgets on channels such as trade shows, Website design, management and optimization and e-mail marketing. Not surprisingly, they tend to spend less on trade shows.

The Top 7 Things to Avoid at a Trade Show

Modern B2B Marketing

by Shonal Narayan Even in the digital age, trade shows continue to have a place in the marketing mix. For many businesses, trade show participation is a great way to generate new pipeline, build prospect relationships and create brand awareness.

Think Outside the B2B Trade Show Booth

MLT Creative

Here’s a quick B2B case study outlines how we helped our client turn another trip to a trade show into an opportunity to generate leads by integrating outbound tactics with their inbound marketing program.

Eric Schmidt: The Next Facebook will be Social, Mobile & Local

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During his sit down talk with’s CEO Marc Benioff at Dreamforce 2011 , Schmidt praised Facebook’s founder and chief. “He will be seen in the context as one of the great leaders in our industry. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Who will be the next Mark Zuckerberg?

Mobile 236

The Sights of Dreamforce 2011

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However, I am happy to provide you with a visual experience of what has been described as half industry trade show, half rock concert. The Sights of Dreamforce 2011. The Sights of Dreamforce 2011 was posted at Modern B2B Marketing - Marketo Best Practices Blog. | [link].

Marketing Events You Can’t Miss

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Trade Shows and Events b2b marketing conferences infographic marketing events marketo trade showIt seems Marketo has a nicer way of presenting Marketing Conferences. I did a post back in February listing upcoming marketing events but I have to agree a nice graphic is so much better!

“You Had Me At Revenue”: 5 Lessons From The SiriusDecisions Summit

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click thru rates, unsubscribes, names scanned at a trade show) are not speaking the right language. by Brian Kardon | Tweet this. I just returned from three packed days at the Sirius Decisions Summit in Scottsdale.

Learn the secrets to generating more B2B leads and sales for less

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011 Thursday, January 27, 2011. B2B Lead Generation Events & trade shows NewsAre you interested in learning how to generate more B2B leads despite your too-small marketing budget and too-few marketing people?

B2B Marketing Stats from HubSpot’s Marketing Data Box


While print in general has taken a beating over the past decade, B2B publications have been particularly hard hit, leading to speculation about the future of B2B trade magazines (content marketing? HubSpot last week released the Marketing Data Box , a 3.4

47% of B2B marketers endorse using sex to sell


To use, or not to use, promotional girls at a trade show stand? B2B marcomms marcoms stereotypes Trade eventsEver since I was invited to join The Network of Aspiring Women (Birmingham Group), I’ve felt more in touch with my feminine side ( see post here ). Perhaps that’s why my interest was piqued by a recent discussion on the B-to-B Marketing LinkedIn Group. Kate Bishop, Marketing Co-ordinator at Custom Fluidpower, has a dilemma.

Trade 170

8 Content Ideas for Your B2B Facebook Page Posts

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Sure, include the photos of products and company business (press conferences, product launches, user conferences, trade shows, board and sales meetings), but consider including photos about your company culture as well (company picnics, sports teams, community service, employees, etc.). Tweet.

2011 B2B Marketing Predictions

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Search/ Close Home About Team Approach Marketing Results Services Branding Business Marketing Collateral Communications Plan Digital Marketing Strategy Direct Marketing Emerging Marketing Tools Killer Presentations Marketing Plan Public Relations Sales Tools Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Social Media Marketing Trade Shows Web Site Design and Development Clients Testimonials Current Satisfaction Survey Pick me! What business marketing revolution is coming in 2011?

Paul Conley: Has the Content Marketing Dream Become a Nightmare?

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In the trade magazine business, not generally known for early adoption of new-media developments, Paul Conley is something of an anomaly. ” He was among the first in the trade press to recognize the significance of social media. Paul Conley.

18 (of the) Best SEO Link Building Guides of 2011


Reporting that “The first quarter of 2011 provided some of the most dramatic news in recent search engine marketing memory. Links still matter for SEO.

B2B Marketing Events Around The World - Dec 2011

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December 8, BtoB's Digital Edge 2011 Virtual Show Join BtoB for our third annual Digital Edge virtual tradeshow, showcasing the best demand generation technologies and tactics for b-to-b marketers. DMA will help you learn to apply the secrets and best practices of the online, print design, and copywriting trades from seasoned marketing professionals. The changing nature of our industry propels us to stay on top of the latest trends.

BtoB 56

55 (of the) Best Social Media Tips, Tactics and Tools of 2010


Social media marketing is about building a reputation that you can trade on to boost other marketing efforts.&#. Six Social Media Trends for 2011 by Harvard Business Review.

What the slow death of B2B publishing means for marketers

Chris Koch

From the ashes of trade journalism, an opportunity for marketers. However, the tragedy that has become trade journalism is an opportunity for B2B marketers.

What’s in the FUNNEL? – eConsultancy’s London Trade Show

Modern B2B Marketing

– eConsultancy’s London Trade Show was posted at Modern B2B Marketing - Marketo Best Practices Blog. | [link]. B2B Marketing b2b marketing trade showby Fiona Sexton This week, I attended eConsultancy’s FUNNEL exhibition in London.

Swabbing the Decks of the Titanic: Why You Should Learn Programming

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That prompted a response from a practicing trade journalist and former colleague, who asked “I can see why knowing things like HTML and CSS can be helpful but do most journos need more than that?”.

Innovation Games and Marketing – a match made in Heaven!

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Speed Boat is a metaphoric game that you could use at a trade event to ask potential buyers what is holding them back from buying your type of product. Product Box is a game you play with teams or even individual customers (perhaps at a trade event or users group).

Trade 241

Thought Leadership: Marketing Engineering Services with Technical Articles

Industrial Marketing Today

There are many ways to build thought leadership such as publishing articles, blog posts — either as a guest or on your own blog, public speaking at prominent industry events and being quoted frequently in trade publications. Are you an in-house marketer or a consultant tasked with promoting engineering services? Then you know very well that it is fundamentally different from marketing industrial and/or manufactured products.

Inbound Marketing Alone May Not Be Enough for Industrial Companies

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They provide examples of how the target audience behaves in their personal lives where they TiVo through commercials, use caller ID to ignore telemarketing calls, direct mail pieces go straight to trash and of course, nobody ever reads a newspaper or a trade magazine anymore. Inbound marketing with content has been getting all the attention lately.

SME marketing channel preferences revealed


Second, seek the implicit endorsement of trade media. A similar proportion of SMEs, 62 per cent, report that suppliers producing editorial content in trade titles are likely to get on their radar. . Specifically: Four ‘face time’ channels – conference speaking (minus 24 per cent when negative responses subtracted from positives), seminars (minus 23 per cent), trade shows (minus 18 per cent) and networking (minus 12 per cent). There are 1.3

SME 199

Lead Generation Losing Out to Social Media? Not So Much.

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Amongst its findings: • Overwhelmingly, the #1 marketing objective for 2011 (based on funds allocated) is “Increasing New Customer Acquisition”. • If anything, it would be reasonable to conclude that marketers are overwhelmingly investing 2011 budget dollars in lead generation activity.

15 things marketers should stop doing and thinking in 2011

Chris Koch

People who sell your trade secrets on the internet will go to jail. What things do you wish we would stop doing and saying in 2011? Here’s a list of things I wish we would stop doing and thinking as of December 31 st : Social media. Social media cause people to waste time at work. Companies have a long and pointless history of resisting new forms of communication.

New Response Databases - Valuable Resource for B2B Marketers?


Response files , made up of individuals who have taken some kind of action, like subscribe to a trade magazine, attend a conference, or buy a product. Today we're honored to have guest blogger Ruth Stevens share her thoughts on database marketing.

Why Social Media Matters for B2B Vendors


Bloggers provide much of this information, supplementing the reporting and commentary of trade publications and industry analysts. Social media marketing has clearly been embraced by consumer brands.

Vendor 221

The R and the I – What’s Engagement Worth?


Chris originally published this post on November 14, 2011, and it is republished here with his permission. ROI is essentially a modeling exercise with the end goal of advising on relative decisions between the trade-offs we as marketers must make every day—where do we invest, how much, and why Chris Selland is CMO at Terametric , a company focused on maximizing marketing ROI by helping marketers capture and measure all their channel marketing data.

How Manufacturers can Resurrect Product Content from the Dead Zone

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Use QR codes to link printed content to your Website: Adding a QR (Quick Response) code on printed data sheets, catalogs, business cards, ads in trade publications and tradeshow materials can breathe new life into old content. In general B2B and technology (software and IT) marketing, there is usually a well-defined path for lead generation and nurturing with content. These B2B marketers seem to have a bottomless well of content to tap into.