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Death by Content: How Press Release Abuse Killed Public Relations

Marketing Craftmanship

And its sole purpose was to provide the press with information likely to be of interest to the public; containing what journalists still call “news value.”. For public companies, dissemination of financial results and material events will be handled by their legal department.

Where Does Public Relations Fit in the Marketing Technology Landscape?


Public relations and marketing are two sides of the same coin. Yet, we don’t hear much about public relations and marketing technology. The Need for Public Relations Technology.

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50 (of the) Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Insights of 2011 (So Far)


Social media marketing has gone well beyond the hype stage and is now mainstream business practice. Still, questions remain: how do I use social media most effectively across the enterprise? Which social media monitoring tools should I use?

Inside a Social Media News Release


Today, I plan to go through, “line-by-line,” a site we create to support all of our blogger outreach campaigns, that we call a Social Media News Release (SMNR) but we also call a Microsite, a Resource Site, or a Fact Sheet. The Video Introduction and the Social Network Sharing. We never used to add this to our Social Media News Releases. I always tell everybody that only 1% of all bloggers have media, communications, or public relations experience.

Social media success demands talent above technology


In response to Inside a Social Media News Release , Jonathan Rick asked me , “Isn’t this essentially the same thing than what Pitch Engine offers?” ” Well, my response is the topic of this post today, “The article is only about the what and why of the Social Media News Release and not the how. Real fleash-and-blood folks who hunger to connect and relate. The same thing with digital PR and social media marketing.

Listening to Your Customers in Social Media


Today I spoke for 30 minutes on social media listening--how your company can find out what people are saying about you online. Luckily, we record it for you, so if you missed it, check out today's recorded Webinar, " Listening to Your Customers in Social Media.".

Who Should Write Your Corporate Social Media Policy?


When it comes to writing a social media policy , who should decide what goes into it? B) Public Relations. Social media?! escalating support issues reported through social media, based on specific subject matter and severity). Social media is too broad to be “owned&# by any single function and too pervasive to be tightly controlled by almost any organization.

The Nifty 50 Top Women of Twitter for 2011


Few phenomena have ever spread as far and grown as rapidly as social media; obviously, this has tapped into something essential to our nature. That is what has driven social media adoption. Amy serves as social media editor for the St.

Build some social media marketing backbone you big wuss


In a social world, trapped customers scream loudly enough for everyone to hear. This sort of general point-of-view is actually dangerous for anyone who actually wants to be successful using social media as a marketing platform. Social media is people and not a pit full of vipers.

20 Experts, 1 Awesome Resource: The Social Media ProBook

Modern Marketing

by Joe Chernov | Tweet this You may have noticed that over the past month or so, several influential social media professionals changed their profile pictures to funky avatars of themselves. The ProBook is a “re-imagining” to last year’s award-winning Social Media Playbook.

Lessons from a B2B Summit Coach: Five Steps to Cut through the Noise, Turn off the Hype and Create a B2B Social Media Program that Works

B2B Lead Generation

Tweet If you’re struggling with managing social media programs in the B2B marketplace, Zuzia Soldenhoff-Thorpe (pictured at below) has some news for you: Most of your peers are too. social media is one of the most. Analyze and monitor their social media.

How NOT to pitch a blogger


And, at the end of the day, many agencies have given up on earned media because earned media can be risky and it can oftentimes be an all or nothing venture. Internet Marketing Organic Search Public Relations Abraham Harrison Blog bloggers Outreach public relations social media

Blogger outreach is scary


Unlike a few years ago, today everyone at least pays lip service to reaching out to bloggers the same we PR people have always reached out to mainstream media. Publicly shamed, drawn, quartered and, finally, drummed out of the corps. Image via Wikipedia.

How to pitch a blogger


It is earned media. It is real, even if the blogger simply embeds a video or quotes the pitch email verbatim or copy-and-pastes the social media news release full-text, it’s up to each blogger. Image via Wikipedia.

8 Rules When Using Social Media as a Support Channel

Modern Marketing

This past week, we published a guest post on Social Times about how B2B customers were turning to social media channels to express complaints and seek support. This week offer 8 rules for organizations looking to use social media as a support channel. The surge in the sheer number social media channels has given customers even more of a voice and has challenged companies to re-define these relationships. Always Close In Public.

Fire for effect when you can't get a bead on your market


I've run a social media marketing agency since Autumn 2006 so Abraham Harrison is almost five years old. Social media marketing and blogger outreach and activation can be effective for everything, though it isn't always clear how. Image via Wikipedia. by Chris Abraham.

Target your Twitter audiences using a theory of everyone


Well, as you all know who read this blog, I am a Cluetrainian.This means I put more trust in the value and impact of the online influencer long tail than I do in the impact of the couple-dozen top-influencers that most social media consultants and digital PR teams recommend.

Best practices for social media shilling


A venerable tradition in public relations is the grass-roots campaign. Here’s another one from The Lab Retriever Chat Board : “Snapperhead,” join date: June 2010, post date: January 16, 2011, Location: Irmo, South Carolina , Posts: 20. Related articles.

You’ve probably over-farmed your donors’ land


Could you reward your donors in a more public way? They supported the seasonal messaging with direct mail outreaches as well as daily updates shared via Social Media to their followers and friends on Facebook and Twitter. Image via Wikipedia.

Christmas is a perfect time to create havoc online


If you want to tar and feather your sworn enemy online using social media, now’s the perfect time to do it! Social media monitoring dashboards across the Unites States, Canada, and Europe will be spending the Holidays alone. Image via Wikipedia.

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Social Media Across the Organization


My topic was how companies can use social media, not just for marketing, but across their entire organization. We focus a lot on using social media for marketing and public relations (as well we should), but we should also be thinking about how to improve other functions in our organizations, such as product development, customer service, and more. You can download my slides on Social Media Across the Organization and check it out yourself.

Do you appreciate your blogger network?


Last week, I talked about using the long tail of blogger outreach –the idea that you can’t pin your hopes for most public relations efforts on only the A-list bloggers.

PR Lesson from a Twitter Flap

Marketing Craftmanship

At this point, Governor Brownback and the Shawnee Mission School District had a big decision to make: either hold your ground, or back off a controversy that the media was likely to milk for days, and would position the governor and educators as free speech bullies and social media terrorists.

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Search is three-dimensional chess


Internet Marketing Organic Search Public Relations Search Marketing Social Media Marketing Facebook FeedBurner FourSquare Google LinkedIn MySpace RosettaStone SEO YouTubeby Chris Abraham. I try to read through my RSS feeds every day.

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Maximize your SEO benefit on Google+ in 8 simple steps


I hacked this awful-looking graphic as an example: Here’s a list of things that you need to consider before you invest your time and energy in Google+: Make sure all your posts are Public. Here’s my Google+ public profile. Image by entertailion via Flickr.

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Marketers: How To Get Noticed by “Influencers”

Modern Marketing

Because there are few who are truly have influence online, and because they could come from any corner of business (they may even work for one of your competitors), the struggle to get noticed is a pebble in the social marketer’s shoe. The topic was discussed in several panels at SXSWi 2011.

How to set up your Google+ Brand Page right


So, follow my advice in Max SEO on G+ in 8 steps and make sure you make the announcement publicly and consider including emailing as well. Image via CrunchBase.

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The art of writing the perfect blogger pitch


Whether we’re doing an outreach to the bloggers of mainstream media and celebrity blogs or to someone who has just set up a blog for the first time, it all begins with the message model. This makes it almost impossible to place social media news release content on their site, so we reserve our own because it gets around any of those issues. We like to play it cool because a heavy sell never works, especially in an earned-media PR campaign.

Blog so you can be taken completely out of context


Don't just excerpt a social media news article onto your blog. Abraham Harrison and not just to get an aggregation of the latest social media marketing news. Image by quinn.anya via Flickr. by Chris Abraham.

Inbound Marketing the Way God Intended


Earned media is hard. Yes, earned media outreach and engagement also has an agenda. Using clearness, kindness, and responsiveness, we are routinely able to garner hundreds of earned media blog mentions in addition to the hundreds of tweets and wall posts. Image via Wikipedia.

You’re the culmination of what you’ve shared and kept online


A lot of what I have written over the last 9 years is still relatively relevant and salient almost a decade later: evergreen ! And you can culminate, too—and publicly !

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Writing simply isn't for bird brains


Internet Marketing Organic Search Public Relations Social Media Marketing ad copy Advertising Advertising and Marketing copy copywriting message control messaging WritingImage via Wikipedia. by Chris Abraham.

Explaining Social Media

The Effective Marketer

The Effective Marketer Effectiveness is a discipline and it can be learned Home About the Effective Marketer Books Speaking Explaining Social Media If you need to explain what social media is and the impact it can have in your company or industry, the slideshow below might help.

Toyota launches a social network for drivers


With, they've launched a social network for Toyota owners and drivers that keeps them connected to Toyota, to its dealers, and to other drivers. Image by conhunter via Flickr. by Chris Abraham. Is the car the ultimate mobile device? Toyota thinks so.

Amplify your good message with GaggleAmp


In order to keep on the cutting edge of social media I tend to play a lot. Several months ago I received a Twitter DM from Shel Holtz asking if I would help him promote FIR for him via my social networks. Experimenting keeps Abraham Harrison au courant.

Twitter success demands both top influencers and everyone else


The Internet created something that not enough social media consultants and coaches support and advise: the ability to expand circles of influencers, to engage with anyone and everyone. Online social networks have made all of this even easier to the point where it is becoming less of a potential and more of a promise, an eventuality. For some reason, many of my social media and digital PR folks disagree. Image via CrunchBase.

7 Common B2B Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Marketing Insider Group

To help out my fellow B2B marketers, here is a list of 7 common mistakes that B2B marketers make when jumping feet first into social media marketing. Expecting instant results – Social Media is not a one-way street and requires time to build trust and relationships within a community.