Marketo Email Campaign Keeps It Short & Sweet

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A client confessed recently that one of the reasons his company had selected Marketo as a marketing automation provider was because he was so impressed by their marketing. Full disclosure: Spear Marketing Group is a Marketo agency partner.

We Should Be Asking: “Why Didn’t Marketo Raise More?”

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When I heard word of Marketo’s $50 million round, my immediate response was, “Good for them; better for the industry,” predictable though it may sound. I fully expect this round – which, according to industry observers, brings Marketo’s total raise to $107 million – to brighten the spotlight that’s already shining on marketing automation and related categories like revenue performance management. Marketo recently launched a low-cost product that competes directly against HubSpot.

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Marketo Spark Targets Small Business Marketing Automation

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Marketo today announced the launch of Spark , a new brand aimed at small and mid-size business. Functionally, Spark is pretty much identical to the standard Marketo system. Most of these aren’t of interest to small business, and several involve additional charges even for Marketo’s regular packages. Spark starts at $750 per month with no annual contract, compared with Marketo’s $2,000 per month minimum and annual contract for its full-featured Professional Edition.

Marketo Raises Another $50 Million: Where Does the Money Go?

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Marketo this morning announced a new $50 million funding round, almost exactly one year to the day after raising $25 million in November 2010. In accompanying commentary, the company also revealed its 2010 revenue was $14 million, that it expects 140% revenue growth in 2011 (meaning about $34 million), and that it has about $70 million remaining of its total $107 million raised to date. Remember that Marketo said it has $70 million cash on hand?

Revenue Performance Management: An interview with Jon Miller, VP Marketing and Co-founder of Marketo

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Jon Miller is VP marketing and co-founder of Marketo , one of the marketing automation solutions supported by AcquireB2B , our B2B agency specializing in driving more leads and sales with B2B marketing automation.

An Interview with Jon Miller, Co-Founder of Marketo


We recently had the opportunity to connect with Jon Miller, Vice President of Marketing and Co-Founder of Marketo. Jon leads strategy and execution for all aspects of Marketo’s hyper-efficient demand center (powered by Marketo’s solution, of course). In Marketo’s popular blog, Modern B2B Marketing , he explores everything from lead nurturing and social media to marketing ROI and revenue performance management (RPM).

The Sights of Dreamforce 2011


The Sights of Dreamforce 2011. View more presentations from Marketo. The Sights of Dreamforce 2011 was posted at Modern B2B Marketing - Marketo Best Practices Blog. | [link]. by Rick Siegfried I finally did it. I lost my virginity.

Forget About Hot Leads. It’s Cold Leads that Make the Difference.

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The subject of hot vs. cold leads was a prime topic at a Marketo roadshow event I attended earlier this month, when Paul Albright , the company’s Chief Revenue Officer, gave a compelling presentation on marketing metrics and some of the factors behind his company’s rapid success.

Dreamforce 2011: Will Leave Marketing Automation Alone. But Revenue Performance Management Might Be Another Story.

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I discussed RPM with both Eloqua and Marketo during Dreamforce. I spent most of this week at ’s Dreamforce conference. With 45,000 registrants, the company says that Dreamforce is now the largest technology industry gathering. I don’t know whether that’s true (as someone pointed out, the Consumer Electronics Show is much bigger, for starters).

Lead Generation Losing Out to Social Media? Not So Much.

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A recent industry study on Lead Management Optimization, conducted by CSO Insights and conducted in partnership with SMEI and Marketo , sheds insight on the relative budget marketing organizations are investing in areas such as lead nurturing, social media, and lead generation.

What Does B2B Social Media Success Look Like?


Recently, that’s begun to change a bit as blogs like TopRank and Marketo have highlighted b2b social media success stories. Until recently, most social media case studies have focused on consumer brands.

ExactTarget, Marketo Announce Strategic Partnership to Integrate Marketing Technologies


And during explosive growth like we’re seeing at Marketo, it’s critical to increase distribution reach. We announced a strategic agreement under which ExactTarget will resell Marketo’s Revenue Performance Management solution globally.

Segmentation, Social Media Drive Lead Nurturing Success for iDirect

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First, the company invested in Marketo , a leading marketing automation platform that integrated well with the company’s CRM system, When marketers embark on a formal lead nurturing strategy, opportunities for process improvement can arise in unexpected ways.

Marketo TV Discusses Social Selling with InsideView

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During Dreamforce, Marketo the revenue performance management company hosted a “Marketo TV&# session where they met with dozens of people to discuss marketing automation, social media and Salesforce. facebook google Inbound Marketing insideview marketo sales productivity social selling twitter

No Leads from Social Media? No Excuses.

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Navicure uses Marketo and to track marketing ROI.). b2b demand generation b2b lead generation blog design lead generation marketo pardot silicon angle social media measurement

Marketo Files for IPO: Will High Growth Outweigh High Losses?

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Marketo made good today on its promise to file for an initial public offering (IPO). The S-1 registration statement gives considerable new information about Marketo’s business. Perhaps stock investors will look only at Marketo’s growth rate.

Liveblogging from Dreamforce: 2011 Salesforce Partner Keynote


Marketo also appreciated all the shout-outs during the event. Disclosure: Marketo is a Salesforce partner and sponsor of the 2011 Dreamforce conference. by Maria Pergolino Salesforce partner keynote kicked off my week with quite a bang.

Marketo Announces Japan Expansion


And in our short history, it sure seems like people want Marketo. First, we heard customers in the UK asking for our technology; in 2011 we took the international plunge and hung the first global Marketo shingle up in Dublin. Author: Phil Fernandez It is so nice to be wanted.

American Privacy 2011 – Empowering the Consumer


The flurry of big privacy announcements at the end of 2010 – each one trying to outdo the others – made clear that US privacy is coming alive in 2011. American Privacy 2011 – Empowering the Consumer was posted at Modern B2B Marketing - Marketo Best Practices Blog. | [link].

Fast and Furious Feature Releases – A Marketo Community Update


by Heather Watkins On December 6, 2010, Marketo launched its revamped customer community on the platform to give our customers the ability to: Get product answers quickly. Connect and share resources with other Marketo peers. Suggest features for the Marketo Roadmap.

Dialogue Marketing: A Conversation with Maria Pergolino

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Late last year at the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco I was fortunate enough to chat with Maria Pergolino , Marketing Director at Marketo (and renowned all-around Content Marketing Queen.) Compliments to the Marketo team for their first-rate production.).

Is a Player in Marketing Automation Software?


In this case, we suggest seeking out a best-of-breed vendor, such as Marketo , Eloqua , Genius , Manticore Technology , Genoo or the wide variety of other systems. Guest post by Lauren Carlson. is the cloud computing darling of customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Top Findings from the Marketo Email Marketing Benchmark


by Jon Miller The Marketo Email Marketing Benchmark tracks what’s working – and what’s not – for today’s email marketers and top performers. Top Findings from the Marketo Email Marketing Benchmark was posted at Modern B2B Marketing - Marketo Best Practices Blog. | [link].

Marketing Automation: What Is It & Why Do I Care? (Webinar)

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B2B Marketing Lead Management Lead Nurturing Marketing Automation eloqua marketo revenue cycle management revenue marketing silverpopDo you feign understanding when your CEO talks about “sales and marketing alignment”?

2011 Lead Management Optimization Survey shows less focus on branding, more on customers


The chart below shows how funds were allocated for 2011 among companies surveyed. 2011 Lead Management Optimization Survey shows less focus on branding, more on customers was posted at Modern B2B Marketing - Marketo Best Practices Blog. | [link].

Marketo’s Lead Nurturing in Less Than 5 Minutes


Our friends at Marketing Cloud recently posted a Brainshark about Marketo. Within the space of five minutes, it provides a useful introduction to the hows and whys of Marketo’s lead nurturing. what revenue performance management solutions from Marketo can do for businesses today.

The Marketo Greeting Maker: Create a Fun Personalized Holiday Message worth Sharing


Get started creating your very own custom holiday message with the official Marketo Holiday Greeting Marker ! The Marketo Greeting Maker: Create a Fun Personalized Holiday Message worth Sharing was posted at Modern B2B Marketing - Marketo Best Practices Blog. | [link].

Marketo’s Position on the New Privacy Developments


Many Marketo customers and partners have been asking what effect these potential new regulations will have on Marketo’s industry leading solution and the overall marketing automation space. Marketo believes this level playing field will be great for our customers’ businesses.

B2B lead qualification and scoring

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Using the criteria I’ve listed above, plus the information in The Definitive Guide to Lead Scoring published by my friends at Marketo , you’ll be able to design a process that ensures Sales only gets sales-ready leads. The growth of the Internet has changed B2B buyer activity.

B2B Marketers Learn to Break Through Barriers at BMA Unleash 2011

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” The 2011 Business Marketing Association International Conference (BMA Unleash), June 1-3 in Chicago, had a similar effect on the more than 600 corporate marketers and agencies in attendance. In February 2011, he became the youngest driver in history to win the Daytona 500.

Marketo’s Demographic Lead Scoring – Some Less Frequently Used Scores


Marketo’s Demographic Lead Scoring – Some Less Frequently Used Scores was posted at Modern B2B Marketing - Marketo Best Practices Blog. | [link]. by Maria Pergolino Lead Scoring isn’t hard, but it does need regular tweaks.

How to Improve Your Marketing Automation ROI

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Effective B2B marketing processes plus automation yield outsized returns.

ROI 227

Marketing no longer gets a pass – inspiration from Marketo CEO Phil Fernandez


by Maria Pergolino Phil Fernandez, CEO of Marketo, was a guest on the SLMA Radio show, a weekly program that showcases the voices of industry leaders. At Marketo, we believe all this is changing, and our mission is to transform it for good.

Is Your Web-based Content Driving Away Sales Leads


source: Marketo ). Today's guest blogger, Reg Nordman, is the Managing Partner for Rocket Builders , a Vancouver based sales and marketing consultancy for high growth companies.

Drinking Our Own Champagne: How Marketo Uses its Event Marketing Software at Dreamforce


One of Marketo’s most significant events to attend and sponsor is Dreamforce ; every year we make an effort to get the most from this critical industry-leading conference. Another innovative way we use Marketo for events is by seamlessly integrating it with online webinar providers like WebEx.

Marketing Automation Skills are Scarce: Strategies to Close the Gap

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The marketing automation industry continues to grow quickly, with many vendors announcing their client bases have more than doubled in 2011. It's applied by Marketo , Pardot , Act-On Software , Genius , Net-Results , and many others.

Fergus Gloster, Managing Director of EMEA, Discusses Marketo’s Rapid International Expansion and More


by Phil Fernandez On April 18 th , we announced the appointment of Fergus Gloster, the former SVP of corporate sales and a founding director of’s European operations, as Marketo’s managing director of EMEA. Phil Fernandez]: Talk to me about why you signed up with Marketo.