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My social media marketing posts from 2011


I have been writing for Biznology every Tuesday since January 18th, 2011, so there are quite a few posts that may well be useful for you now that you never had an opportunity to read before — before you knew about Biznology or me. Read more… Do you appreciate your blogger network?

5 Ways Social Media Can Drive Revenue

Modern Marketing

by Steven Woods | Tweet this There’s no doubt that social media has been a disruptive force on B2B marketing. Yet, many marketers struggle with how to use social media to go beyond awareness, to actually drive revenue. Boosting the Value of Your Marketing.

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40 Awesome Marketing Tweets From 2011

Marketing Insider Group

I try to follow as many really interesting people who write about (or simply share) interesting stuff in the world of B2B Marketing. I just write about whatever marketing challenge hits me in the forehead at that moment. ” Here is my 2011 list of favorite tweets.@

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Is Social Media Really Living Up to Expectations?

B2B Lead Generation

Ann wanted to know how happy the group was with the lead generation results of their social media campaigns. Her question, and too many of her 30-plus responses, illustrated the disconnection between the expectations of marketers who are out on the frontlines every day and marketing gurus proclaiming the wonders of social media. After all, if you Google ”Top 10 B2B Trends in 2011” you’ll see social media listed on every one of them.

Bridging the Massive Social Media Gap Between Sales and Marketing

Sales Intelligence View

In a recent report by the Altimeter group they identified that many companies have formalized their social media efforts for customer facing employees. Whats even more surprising is that 31% of companies still block social media from all employees.

How much is that Facebook Fan worth anyway?

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Vitrue a social media marketing platform determined that the average value of a Facebook ‘fan’ is about $3.60 when it comes to a Media Equivalent Value (MEV) per year. This is the #1 stumbling block I hear from marketers over and over again.

News Feed Optimization (NFO) is the new SEO!

Buzz Marketing for Technology

I mean content that can be used for Inbound Marketing (hat tip to HubSpot who created the term) things that can be shared socially like blog posts, eBooks, videos, podcasts, research reports. 11 B2B Marketing Predictions for 2011 Around this time last year I wrote about the 10.

Best Social Media and Digitial Marketing Research and Statistics of 2011, Part 1

Webbiquity SMM

companies now use social media for marketing (though the figure varies widely based on size of company)? Or which four cities rank ahead of Seattle and San Francisco as the “most networked?” companies now use social media for marketing.

5 Reasons Why Social Media Was Born for SMEs [SLIDESHARE]

Tomorrow People

You don't need to be a big name brand with a six figure marketing budget to make social media work. Social media plays an important role in online marketing and is an ideal medium through which your Small to Medium Enterprise can acquire, nurture and increase leads.

The Secret To B2B Social Media?

Marketing Insider Group

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Top 5 Social Media Trends For The B2B Marketer

Marketing Insider Group

And despite any reservations you may have, social media can help you get ahead. By better understanding their customers’ purpose within each community, marketers can construct the right strategy to both engage and assist.” Augmented Reality For B2B Marketing in 2011?"

13 Mind-Bending Social Media Marketing Statistics


Many of us know that social media marketing is an important part of a solid inbound marketing strategy. However, sometimes we need some backup when speaking with others who might still be struggling to understand how social media fits into the overall marketing mix.

20 Percent of UK Social Networking is Mobile [New Data]


Advertisers, especially small and medium sized businesses, need to start thinking about alternative advertising channels in order to stay competitive without burning through their marketing budget. Inbound Marketing offers a great alternative to traditional advertising methods.

Chart Chat: Social Media Platforms and B2B Marketing


by Maria Pergolino Back on August 18 th , MarketingSherpa posted a chart highlighting which social networks, according to their research, were the most successful when it came to inbound marketing. B2B Marketing b2b marketing Social Media

inbound marketing training for free

The Effective Marketer

Free Marketing Training from IMU After watching the classes, my take on the University is: Positives: Online archives from each class including slides available on-demand helps a lot when you have busy schedules like mine, and also allows watching at your own pace (i.e.

Why Do You Tweet? Social Media And Your Personal Brand

Marketing Insider Group

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Social Media Minute: 11 Twitter Uses for B2B Marketing

MLT Creative

Just in time for 2011, here are 11 uses for Twitter for B2B marketing: Post links to your website, blog, e-newsletter or anything else digital on your Twitter account. When you talk to people on the phone or in person, ask them to join your social networks.

New Features Added to B2B Marketing Zone and Social Media Informer

Webbiquity SMM

Several great new features were recently added to the B2B Marketing Zone and Social Media Informer by co-founder Tony Karrer. Topics on B2B Marketing Zone include social media , inbound marketing and business blogging.

The Ultimate Glossary: 120 Social Media Marketing Terms Explained


Thus, while we're all learning about social media and inbound marketing as well as teaching others about it, having a resource that quickly and clearly explains all of the basic terms and applications is critically important. Klout - Klout is a measure of social influence.

Inbound Marketing Leads Costs Less

Marketing Insider Group

Recently I had a conversation with a fellow marketer who challenged the notion that inbound leads costs less. I tried to identify the challenges of using paid search as a proof point that pull marketing is not a cheaper, more effective approach. What is Inbound Marketing?

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B2B Marketers – It’s Time to Face Your Fear of Facebook

B2B Marketing Traction

The reaction was so intense I removed all mention of Facebook in the social media presentations I did for most of last year. Facebook has the highest number of members of any social networking site. Reality: Facebook Is a Marketer’s Dream. Tweet.

5 Reasons Why Social Media Was Born for SMEs [SLIDESHARE]

Tomorrow People

You don''t need to be a big name brand with a six figure marketing budget to make social media work. Social media plays an important role in online marketing and is an ideal medium through which your Small to Medium Enterprise can acquire, nurture and increase leads.

7 Social Media Time-Sucks to Eliminate Today


In inbound marketing, we talk a lot about optimization -- optimizing your content for search engines , optimizing your website for lead generation , optimizing your social media presence. But another very important thing inbound marketers must optimize is time.

Does LinkedIn Make Your Phone Ring?

B2B Marketing Traction

I wish I could remember who first invited me to connect, because today, over seven years later, LinkedIn makes my phone ring and my inbox fill up with inquiries from prospective clients and recruiters looking for an outsource marketing help. Inbound Marketing LinkedIn Social Media/Web 2.0

How are successful salespeople leveraging social media for selling? Part 2of3

Sales Intelligence View

This is part two in a study we created along with to discuss the best practices to leverage social media for sales teams. This is going to be a 3 part series that covers what successful salespeople are doing to leverage social media in lead generation and accelerating their opportunities. Much appreciation to these experts for taking the time to address the question “ How do your successful salespeople leverage social media for selling? “.

101 Vital Social Media and Digital Marketing Statistics for (the Rest of) 2013

Webbiquity SMM

As marketing becomes more data-driven, it’s vital to use data to keep up with trends, competitor strategies, and developments in your market. of all marketers love blog posts about marketing statistics. For example, 93% of marketers use social media for business.

6 Ways to Waste Inbound Marketing Effort


Having a "set it and forget it" mentality isn't one that effective inbound marketers are familiar with. Unfortunately, a lot of marketers out there aren't leveraging all the opportunities inbound marketing offers to generate the best results.

The Ultimate Guide to Optimized Social Media Updates


Participation in social media should be a staple for any business leveraging inbound marketing. One of the critical social media best practices we discuss often is regularly publishing content and updates to the social networks in which your business participates.

6 Compelling Social Media Stats Marketers Should Know [Data]


This week, the media research firm Nielsen released its Q3 report on the state of social media. Unsurprisingly, social network usage is up, and the findings showed that nearly 80% of US internet users spend time on blogs and sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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Top 3 Predictions for B2B Marketing in 2012


With 2012 right around the corner we are looking forward to a fresh New Year full of new marketing challenges and opportunities. Take a look at our top 3 predictions for B2B marketing in 2012. Inbound Marketing Becomes a Mainstay. Mobile Marketing Continues to Grow.

Social Buyerology: Understanding Buyers in the Social Age

Tony Zambito

The pendulum has been swinging rapidly during the past two years with respect to understanding buyer behavior and interactions in the social age.   We are also witnessing the phenomenon of buyers in B2B marketplaces becoming more social in their interactions. 

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7 Tactics to Delete From Your Social Media Strategy NOW


Social media is the cool kid on the inbound marketing block right now. Most members of the marketing community are obsessed with the toipc and are moving fast to develop new social media strategies. Assumptions - The social web isn't linear.

How to Successfully Integrate Social Media and Email [Free Ebook]


There's a common misconception among many marketers that email is dying in the face of social media marketing. While social media is a hot marketing channel, this opinion couldn't be farther from the truth. Why Social Media Makes Email More Powerful.

55 (of the) Best Social Media Tips, Tactics and Tools of 2010

Webbiquity SMM

If 2009 was the year many marketers puzzled over, poked at and pondered incorporating social media into their marketing mix, 2010 was the year of diving in. Now that social media has advanced from the “should we do it?&# by Served Fresh Media.

How to Create a Winning Contest with Social Media


Social media, specifically, enables you to reach a very large audience for little cost, which makes it a superb outlet for contests and giveaways. People love to share great content, and the social channel only makes it easier to spread the word about your promotion.

102 Compelling Social Media and Online Marketing Stats and Facts for 2012 (and 2013)

Webbiquity SMM

With 92% of companies now incorporating social media into their marketing efforts, it’s no longer sufficient to just “be there” on social networks. What do buyers really want from social media marketers? Marketing Charts ).

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Marketing Charts and Trends « The Effective Marketer

The Effective Marketer

The Effective Marketer Effectiveness is a discipline and it can be learned Home About the Effective Marketer Books Speaking Marketing Charts and Trends With an impressive collection of charts, HubSpot released The Marketing Data Box.