The Most Effective Search Engine Marketing Strategy

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The popularity of SEO as a business marketing activity is no surprise. Recent research has shown that nearly 60% of purchases made in a surveyed group started with a search, rather than with company websites or social media ( Source: GroupM and comScore ). million by 2012 ( Source: eMarketer ), the popularity of search marketing is set to continue. Yet undertaking it in conjunction with inbound marketing resources makes it much more lucrative.

Inbound Marketing Tactics to Get Bulk of B2B Marketing Budgets in 2011

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As we head into November and the start of the Holiday Season, B2B marketers are getting into their budgeting mode. MarketingSherpa asked more than 900 B2B marketers how they expected their marketing budgets to change for 2011. Social media marketing.

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Industrial Blogs for Lead Generation Using Inbound Marketing

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If you are an industrial or a manufacturing marketer, you know all about the constant pressure of generating high-quality sales leads. There are three key ideas in the headline of my post – 1) Industrial blogs, 2) Lead generation and 3) Inbound marketing.

Inbound Marketing Must Set the Table for Industrial Sales

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In my conversations with industrial companies about inbound marketing, I find my audience agreeing with me up to a certain point and then there is a big disconnect. I see heads nodding in face-to-face meetings or hear plenty of “Uh-huhs” on the phone when I talk about the benefits of inbound marketing. Then comes the silence because they are having trouble connecting the dots between inbound marketing and sales.

Inbound Marketing Analytics 101

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With “ An Introduction to Inbound Marketing Analytics “, you get an overview of what to measure and why. Especially useful for small companies and those who are just starting out with their marketing programs and need some help identifying key metrics, the eBook is packed with good advice. Inbound Marketing Analytics Overview. In the eBook you will see metrics for the following marketing tactics: Social Media. Email Marketing.

Inbound Marketing Alone May Not Be Enough for Industrial Companies

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Inbound marketing with content has been getting all the attention lately. Consultants and practitioners of “pull” marketing want marketers to abandon “push” marketing because they say it is old school and no longer effective. Ergo, these people are too busy at work and couldn’t be bothered with anything that is deemed as interruption marketing. Engineers and industrial buyers are not unaware of existing solutions and providers.

2012 Content Marketing Trends for Manufacturers and Industrial Companies

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I just finished reading an excellent research report from the good folks at Content Marketing Institute (CMI). This report is chock full of statistics and graphs about B2B content marketing. See my post “How to Coax Content Out of Engineers” ).

How to Outflank Your Competitors With Inbound Marketing?

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As a continuation from Monday's Zoober - Inbound Marketing Methodology to Outflank Your Competition post on listening to your potential customers talking , we will be elaborating more on the next two steps you need to take in order to make inbound marketing work for your business. This is because inbound marketing centres around the strategic use of targeted and compelling content to create and reinforce a relationship with potential leads and customers.

The Nifty 50 Top Women of Twitter for 2011


The answer may come from the email marketing field. Many of these were other B2B marketers, but others were social media experts, journalists, PR professionals, or just plain fascinating personalities. This list will be posted on Cheryl Burgess’ Blue Focus Marketing Blog.

7 Ways to Integrate Search Engine and Social Media Marketing


Inbound marketing is in the middle of an interesting evolution. Historically, search has been a major source of traffic and leads for businesses leveraging online marketing. The important distinction to make is that search and social are not competitive forces.

Best Social Media and Digitial Marketing Research and Statistics of 2011, Part 1


companies now use social media for marketing (though the figure varies widely based on size of company)? Or that a third (or more, depending on which study you believe) of all clicks go to the top result on a search engine query? companies now use social media for marketing.

SEO beyond Search Engine Optimization: Convergence with Content Strategy & Towards a Holistic Strengthening of Digital Capability


The best practices in Search Engine Optimization have evolved over the years to coalesce the ever-evolving research methodologies of the B2B prospects. At a time when the inbound marketing & content marketing strategies were intermingling, to assist the marketers in their bottom-line objective of optimizing the website conversions; other digital realms also started aiding to the standard practices of SEO. Social Media MarketingPrelude.

B2B Marketing Predictions For 2011

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So here is my list of B2B Marketing Insider predictions for 2011. Customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention re-emerge as key metrics B2B marketers will use to measure the performance of their holistic marketing programs. Augmented Reality For B2B Marketing in 2011?"

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Google’s Latest Algorithm Update Raises the Bar for Content Quality

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Last month, Google announced a change to its search algorithm, called the “Panda” update. This change is primarily designed to cleanse Google’s search results of low-quality content. How does Google’s algorithm change affect industrial and B2B marketers? Well, for starters, posting the same article in several article directories for the sake of gaining inbound links is out. That does not mean article marketing is bad or should be banished permanently.

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7 Ways to Integrate Search Engine and Email Marketing


In the world of inbound marketing , integrating tactics provides marketers with incredible leverage. However, integration can often be challenging because individual marketing tactics sometime exist in silos with little collaboration.

Why SEO Is The Key To Successful Marketing

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Everyone uses a search engine! And yet, not everyone in marketing understands the difference between SEO, PPC, metatags and keywords. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is not just about being a successful marketer.

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32 Percent of Marketers Investing in Inbound Marketing in 2011 [Data]


Marketing isn't free. One of the core challenges for marketers is understanding how to allocate limited marketing funds for maximum return on investment. Inbound Marketing on the Rise. B2B Marketers Jump on the Content Bandwagon. Marketing Takeaway.

Why Your Sales Funnel May Run Dry Without a Business Blog

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Industrial marketers who don’t use a business blog are missing a key component of feeding the top of their sales funnels. A business blog is a powerful online marketing tool for inbound lead generation. Happy New Year!

Summary of Sold-out "Science of Inbound Marketing" Session at Dreamforce 2011


Key Points from "Science of Inbound Marketing" Session. People hate outbound marketing (cold calls, spam, junk mail, etc.) This makes inbound marketing a much more effective, and cheaper way to reach people. It is entirely possible for your marketing not to suck.

Siri, The Snarky Inbound Marketer


Although Siri can schedule your appointments and write memos, did you know she's also an expert inbound marketer? That's right, Siri's been built from the ground up to teach you about content creation , social media, and even marketing automation. Siri: The Inbound Marketer.

Inbound Marketing Bounce Pass: B2B Inbound Links

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When I hear the color announcers admire a quick inbound pass, I’m reminded of how website inbound links can be just as commendable. What's so great about inbound links? Search engines place emphasis on the authority of a web page to determine search rankings.

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How Blogs Help Manufacturers Enter New Markets

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They now find themselves in uncharted waters where they have to think of and appreciate marketing as something more than mere sales support. It is time to get out of your comfort zones and rethink your industrial marketing strategies and tactics if you want your company to survive and thrive. Entering new markets (49%) is cited as one of the top three areas where manufacturers and industrial companies will be spending more time and effort in 2011.

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Best Web Presence Optimization Guides and Tips of 2011


Inbound Marketing: Unlock the content from your emails and social marketing by MarketingSherpa Blog. Observing that email marketing efforts often produce “a mountain of content, but little of it gets used for marketing,” Adam T. by Search Engine Land.

How Landing Pages Can Make or Break Lead Generation Campaigns

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A landing page in online marketing refers to a page on your site that visitors see (land) after clicking on a link from another page on your site or an email campaign. The sole purpose of a landing page is to convert those clicks into contacts in your marketing database.

Inbound Marketing Leads Costs Less

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Recently I had a conversation with a fellow marketer who challenged the notion that inbound leads costs less. They pointed to the high cost per lead of some paid search (PPC) campaigns as evidence. It’s about lining up marketing efforts more closely to the buying process.

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How to Search Engine Optimize a Blog [Infographic]


Blogging is a powerful inbound marketing tool not just because it helps you educate prospective customers. Blogging also provides search engines with fuel they love: fresh and original content. Marketing Takeaway.

inbound marketing training for free

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Free Marketing Training from IMU After watching the classes, my take on the University is: Positives: Online archives from each class including slides available on-demand helps a lot when you have busy schedules like mine, and also allows watching at your own pace (i.e.

Making Your Industrial Website Be All It Can Be

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Right from the get go, the entire focus of the site redesign is on search engine optimization (SEO). One of the big draws of inbound marketing with content is that it helps a website get found early and often by its target audience. Search engines and SEO will drive traffic to your industrial site but it is your site’s content that must convert it into qualified leads. Remember the old US Army commercial – “Be All You Can Be?”

6 Ways to Waste Inbound Marketing Effort


Having a "set it and forget it" mentality isn't one that effective inbound marketers are familiar with. Unfortunately, a lot of marketers out there aren't leveraging all the opportunities inbound marketing offers to generate the best results.

Content Marketing: Think Like a Publisher, Act Like an Investor

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Thriving in today’s content-driven online marketing world, demands that you think like a publisher. That’s the battle cry among content marketers. Just as publishers start by learning everything about their target audience and what information they want, content marketers must realize it is not about them but about their customers. Content marketing succeeds through quality, not quantity. They use the entire spectrum of content and social media marketing.

Build Industrial Websites as Dynamic Blog Sites

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By now, most industrial marketers are aware of the power of inbound marketing for lead generation. A blog is considered the cornerstone of an effective inbound marketing strategy. What if you could combine the best of both these marketing tactics? I’m talking about creating a blog site with dynamic content instead of a static digital marketing asset.

5 Ways Inbound Marketing Drives B2B Ecommerce


This is a guest post by Kevin Cooper, VP of Sales and Marketing at Insite Software. To learn more about Kevin, register for his upcoming webinar with HubSpot entitled "B2B eCommerce: The Next Frontier of Inbound Marketing". Search engine crawlers LOVE new content.

The Quintessential Summer Reading List for Inbound Marketers [Free Ebooks]


Because marketers should constantly be learning, too, we've put together the following list of must-read, free ebooks for inbound marketers this summer. 8 Must-Read, Free Ebooks for Inbound Marketers This Summer. School's out!

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5 Must-Have Characteristics of an Inbound Marketing Agency


Inbound marketing takes time. It can be hard for businesses to find the necessary time or internal resources to learn and/or implement search engine optimization and social media campaigns (to name a couple) for themselves. A Website Optimized for Inbound.

Inbound Marketing Lessons from the Hotel Industry


This week I was lucky enough to travel to Florida for Social Fresh Tampa to teach and learn about Facebook advanced marketing tips. Brian breaks out his marketing efforts into three areas with different goals and tactics. Marketing Takeaway.

11 Ways to Totally Screw Up Your Inbound Marketing


There are a lot of rules to follow to create a (near) flawless inbound marketing strategy. Before getting to work on your next inbound marketing campaign, make sure you're not setting yourself up for dismal results by ignoring some of the inbound marketing musts.

The Business with No Salespeople – How Inbound Marketing Works [SLIDESHARE]

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We're a pretty hostile bunch when it comes to tired, washed out and, frankly, quite useless marketing techniques such as those. Why isn’t your marketing getting the same results? You can do inbound marketing, too. Content marketing. You didn't read that wrong.