B2B Blogging Trends for 2011


To answer those questions, the founders of the B2B Marketing Zone asked 22 of the most influential b2b marketing and PR bloggers—including Roxanne Darling, Jay Baer, Ardath Albee, Erik Qualman and Chris Abraham—for their prognostications. Post on Google Buzz.

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2011 Social Media Marketing Trends


A new report from Focus, 2011 Trends Report: Social Media Marketing presents observations and predictions from eight leading social media experts (and me) about social media trends and developments to watch for in the coming year. “Social is much bigger than marketing and PR. “Social is much bigger than marketing and PR. Post on Google Buzz.

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Best Social PR Guides, Tips and Tools of 2010


Social media marketing, online PR and SEO are three tactics that are all powerful on their own, but have far more impact when used in a coordinated, synergistic manner. Which online tools are most helpful for PR pros? What does the future hold for online / interactive / social PR? Get the answers to all of these questions and more here in some of the best social PR guides, tips and tools of the past year. Interactive PR Guides, Tips and Tools. PR and SEO.

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What PR Pros Can Learn from The Huffington Post

Modern Marketing

My colleague and friend, Jesse Noyes , said it best: “PR people shouldn’t try to be the news; they should try to participate in news.”. While other companies were out there following Newsweek-era PR practices – that is, adhering to the old-school method of trying to be the news (translation: “Look at how awesome we are!”) – we instead seized an opportunity to climb aboard what was already happening: the major development in the EU.

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2011 B2B Marketing Trends


MarketingSherpa recently released its 2011 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report. Generating PRbuzz&# and having a product perceived as “cutting edge&# were called significant challenges by only about a third of marketers, unchanged from last year. Post on Google Buzz.

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6 Reasons Social Media Sucks, But You Need to Use It Anyway


Marketers follow other marketers, PR pros hang with other PR pros, engineers interact with other engineers. Google settled a lawsuit last fall relating to its Google Buzz service. Social media is the new PR.

5 ways to use social media for solution marketing

Buzz Marketing for Technology

It’s easy to get caught up in the buzz, and the hype, around social media. 5) PR blitz in conversations not publications – The US is becoming a newspaper-less society. Your PR needs to move from publications to conversations.

The Cloud Must Go On – How to Catalyze a PR Win into Revenue with Marketing


Of course, this keynote ousting would have produced epic PR with or without Marc’s brilliant response. But the PR team exponentially multiplied the incident’s value to salesforce.com. Event-specific signage and an entire on-site team drove buzz and awareness.

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B2B Marketing Events Around The World - October 2011

MLT Creative

October 9-11, BOLO 2011 Scottsdale, AZ: Agencyside will be presenting this event where you’ll learn how to stay ahead of the curve in all things digital; from analytics and target marketing to social media and agency management, this event’s topics are cutting-edge and helpful to all marketing professionals. October 10, Monthly Buzz @ Tin Lizzy’s Atlanta, GA: AIGA Buzz is a monthly gathering for free-form design discussions amongst creatives as well as non-creatives.

33 (of the) Best Marketing Strategy Guides and Insights of 2010


As we rely more on all of our employees (not just marketing and PR) to represent our company through social media, how do we train and motivate them to do so effectively? Post on Google Buzz.

Nine Expert Guides to Local SEO


Post on Google Buzz.

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How to Sell, Even if You Hate Selling


Most of us aren’t good at it (if we were, we’d be highly compensated professional sales people instead of managers, marketers, PR practitioners, designers, writers, or whatever). There’s much more, so check out The New Rules of Selling Consulting Services in 2011.

The Future of Social Media


But blogging takes work, as people discovered, which is why of the more than 150 million blogs that have been launched, PR and social media monitoring software firm Vocus tracks only about 20 million. Post on Google Buzz. We live in amazing times.

B2B Marketing Events Around The World - Oct 2011

MLT Creative

October 9-11, BOLO 2011 Scottsdale, AZ: Agencyside will be presenting this event where you’ll learn how to stay ahead of the curve in all things digital; from analytics and target marketing to social media and agency management, this event’s topics are cutting-edge and helpful to all marketing professionals. October 10, Monthly Buzz @ Tin Lizzy’s Atlanta, GA: AIGA Buzz is a monthly gathering for free-form design discussions amongst creatives as well as non-creatives.

78 Tweetable Moments From Social Media Plus #SMPlus

Marketing Insider Group

Returning from a conference I always have that crazy buzzing going on in my head. Brand, Reputation, PR, Community, Cust Serv, R&D, Sales / Leads – “The 7 Business Drivers of social” @jasonfalls. ” @contactjeff: Crisis #PR is now a two-way social media exchange. You hear so many great stories, meet so many great people and then I always try to spend some time processing it all and deciding what actions I am going to take.

55 (of the) Best Social Media Tips, Tactics and Tools of 2010


Should social media be under the overall purvue of marketing or PR? Does social media belong in PR or marketing divisions? Top 10 Responses To Use When Dealing With Social Media Naysayers by PR at Sunrise. by Green Buzz Agency. by Buzz Marketing for Technology.

Best Social Media Stats, Facts and Marketing Research of 2010


For anyone in marketing or PR being asked to make “data-driven&# decisions “based on the numbers&# (and doesn’t that include pretty much everyone in marketing and PR these days?), Post on Google Buzz.

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Best Web Presence Optimization Guides and Tips of 2010


Web presence optimization (WPO)—using tactics like SEO, PPC, online PR, social media, content marketing and reputation management in a coordinated fashion to maximize your online visibility and business results—is the core theme of this blog. Post on Google Buzz.

Best SEO Guides, Tips and Resources of 2010


Sutton reports on MarketingSherpa research showing that more marketers view SEO as “very effective&# than PPC at increasing brand/product awareness (42% to 34%), improving brand/product reputation (29% to 19%) and improving PR (27% to 6%). SEO Planning for 2011 by Search Engine Watch.

90 Tips to Make Your Blog Rock

delicious b2bmarketing

Reply theComplex 2011 January 3 at 3:28 pm Fantastic tips, Jeff! Reply Charity Hisle 2011 January 4 at 6:28 am Love the tips, will try to implement them all in 2011! Reply Pete Carr 2011 January 4 at 7:46 am Hi Jeff, What a comprehensive list.I

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Blog Marketing Tactics - 10 Tested, Proven Ideas

delicious b2bmarketing

Provide relevant, timely information to established media This is a really simple tactic I came up with as a PR strategist. The Future Buzz Facebook page is being used primarily as just another way for readers to get content 8. The better the post, the more PR it pulls.

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The Best Sales Groups on LinkedIn

Sales Intelligence View

Innovative Marketing, PR, Sales, Word-of-Mouth & Buzz Innovators. LinkedIn’s largest Marketing & PR Innovation Group. LinkedIn has quickly become one of the most effective and business-savvy social networking sites. Sales professionals are able to take advantage of valuable insight about prospects and peers, in turn developing a strong network that translates into increased productivity through resources, tips, advice and much more.

18 Insightful 2012 Marketing Predictions From the Experts


A lot of wonderful things happened in the world of marketing in 2011 , but in the fast-paced world of inbound marketing, it doesn't behoove us to dwell on the past. Todd Defren, PR-Squared (Learn More on About.me ). ".paying Todd Defren, PR-Squared (Learn More on About.me ). ".use

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16 Google Tools to Improve Marketing Effectiveness


One of the keys to successful PR is to leverage the buzz around hot news. Are you one of the people who use the word “Google” as a verb? If so, you surely realize the critical importance the search engine plays in the evolving business environment.

39 More (of the) Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Insights of 2011


YouTube etiquette for 2011 by iMedia Connection. ” He then describes the usefulness of awareness, buzz, reach and sentiment as measures of social media value. And Tumblr is among the fastest-growing networks, tripling its user base in 2011.

Best Social Media and Digital Marketing Research and Statistics of 2011, Part 2


Infographic: Social Media ROI Statistics by Digital Buzz. 11 infographics for your next presentation by Ragan’s PR Daily. ** 5 STARS. Arik Hanson shares a collection of “Infographics that would fit nicely into many digital marketing/PR presentations.”

6 Twitter Tips for Building Relationships and Generating Media Coverage


The following is an adapted excerpt from our new, free ebook, " How to Use Twitter for Business: An Introductory Guide " for 2011. Learn how to start using Twitter in 2011 to achieve your business goals.

How to Create a Winning Contest with Social Media


Generate pre-contest buzz. Contests present a terrific way to create PR opportunities and to reach out to your target audience effectively. It’s a fact: people like to win stuff. When you pair the word “prize” with an objective, you can generally expect a good outcome.

Lessons in Crisis Communication From the Amazon Cloud Outage


What’s of greater interest was the instant explosion of online buzz about the issue. What Netflix failed to do was address the sheer volume of buzz around the issue. Learn more about how you can infuse social media into your PR efforts for maximum results.

Twitter’s Population Growth: Where is everyone coming from?


In 2010, Massachusetts also saw a lot of buzz in the Twittersphere around political campaigns and the 2010 elections. Free Download: Twitter for Marketing and PR. Want to learn more about using Twitter for Marketing and PR?

How to Become a Stellar Guest Blogger

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whereas the earlier is done to gain exposure to targeted crowd and increased “followership&# , the later was really to strengthen the PR and build rank through incoming links.

Top 111 B2B Marketing Posts and 34 Hottest Topics for 2010

B2B Marketing Zone Posts

Best Social PR Guides and Tips of 2010 (So Far) - Webbiquity , September 1, 2010. New Breed of Analysts - PR Meets Marketing , April 18, 2010. 10 Winning B2B Marketing Habits to Adopt in 2011 – Part Two - Great B2B Marketing , December 28, 2010. Social Media Budget Ratio in B2B Marketing - Buzz Marketing for Technology , March 9, 2010. Buzz (589). Here it is - the very best posts and the hottest topics for 2010.

Monitoring vs Analytics [Infographic]

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Many of my friends in PR firms use this service and I have heard of some bigger firms as well. They have 150 people in Toronto, New York, and London and have plans to double that in 2011.

The More Industrial Marketing Changes, the More it Stays the Same

Industrial Marketing Today

Here are some other key findings from their report: 83% of the companies expect their sales to increase in 2012 and 35% of them are spending more on marketing in 2012 than they did in 2011. I’m not trying to be clever or facetious with my headline.

Why CMOs Should Engage With Niche Bloggers

Modern Marketing

” Savvy CMOs are amping up this strategy to create genuine buzz. To the consumer, it passes the smell test that most PR blitzes fail. Did you know there are over 4,000 MarTech solutions on the market—a 2500% increase over 2011?

Top 15 Advertising Agencies on the East Coast USA


Case Study: Cracker Barrel wanted to create some buzz on their 50th anniversary and called in Hill Holiday for help. Furthermore, they focus on brand communication, PR, and more. Furthermore, they help their clients with their pr, digital marketing, and CRM services.

7 Companies That Jumped on a Viral Craze at Just the Right Time


In April 2011, the world was obsessed with the Royal Wedding. LMFAO's song "Sexy and I Know It" hit the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States in September 2011. Hunter PR Says Stuff PR People Say. Remember what you thought when you first saw the Old Spice guy?

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