Best Content Marketing Guides, Tips and Tactics of 2010


2011 Trends: Content Marketing Is Critical by eMarketer. Post on Google Buzz. How many times have you heard the expression “content is king?&#

33 (of the) Best Marketing Strategy Guides and Insights of 2010


Citing research from eMarketer, Brian Solis documents the continuing shift from interruption-based advertising to earned media engagement as the primary mode of marketing, as well as shifts within the social media landscape (e.g. Post on Google Buzz.

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Best Email Marketing Tips, Tactics and Metrics of 2010


2009 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study by XDXY eMarketing Tips. by eMarketer. Post on Google Buzz. While social media is the flashy show horse of online marketing, email remains the solid workhorse.

List of Brand-Side Corporate Social Strategists: Twitter Edition


Jeremiah Owyang recently published a fantastic List of Corporate Social Strategists for 2011 (Buyer/Brand Side) , an impressive compilation of individuals either holding the title or performing the role of corporate social strategist, defined by Jeremiah as “the business decision maker for social media programs – who provides leadership, roadmap definition, and governance; and directly influences the spending on technology vendors and service agencies.&#. Post on Google Buzz.

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Best Social Media Stats, Facts and Marketing Research of 2010


by eMarketer. Social Media Is Greater Marketing Priority for Small Businesses by eMarketer. It’s Budget Season – B2B Marketing Budget Trends for 2011 by Everything Technology Marketing. Marketers Put More Lead Gen Budgets Online by eMarketer.

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Best Web Presence Optimization Guides and Tips of 2010


Michael Cohn supplies an excellent list of “useful and effective tools that will help you create a buzz for your business,&# from social networks and photo-sharing sites to wikis and review sites. B2Bs Tap Social to Boost Search by eMarketer. Post on Google Buzz.

20 Examples of Great Facebook Pages


According to eMarketer four out of five US businesses with at least 100 employees will be using social media for their marketing efforts this year. of respondents to an eMarketer survey felt that Facebook had a significant ROI, this number is growing.

64% of Small Businesses Don't Consider Social Media Important [Data]


I ask this because, according to research released by eMarketer today , it seems like a lot of small businesses are confused about how engagement in social media can help achieve their business goals. As a business, do you fully understand how social media can benefit your marketing strategy?

1/3 of Marketers Believe Personalized Campaigns Are Highly Effective [Data]


When it comes to marketing campaign effectiveness, personalization may be the way to go, according to new data released by eMarketer. Research conducted by web content management provider EPiServer in March 2011 reveals that one-third of U.S.

Best Social Media and Digital Marketing Research and Statistics of 2011, Part 2


Infographic: Social Media ROI Statistics by Digital Buzz. Executives Fail to Focus on Social Media Marketing Strategy by eMarketer. 2011 Insane Mobile Marketing Facts & Trends by Bit Rebels.

3 Lessons in Measuring Marketing Success [Marketing Update]


The ebook has been climbing the charts this week on, and Romney's team was hoping to "generate social buzz around the former Massachusetts governor's ebook" in anticipation of the debate.".

Identifying the Hottest Social Networks and Niche Sites for Your Target Audience


by Maria Pergolino In the buyer driven atmosphere of 2011, B2B marketing can’t ignore social media. No wonder, in 2011, U.S. billion advertising dollars on social networking websites (According to new estimates from eMarketer.). In 2011, Facebook has 500,000,000 active users.

Top 111 B2B Marketing Posts and 34 Hottest Topics for 2010

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10 Winning B2B Marketing Habits to Adopt in 2011 – Part Two - Great B2B Marketing , December 28, 2010. How to Kill Your Business with One Email - eMarketing Strategist , November 8, 2010. Social Media Budget Ratio in B2B Marketing - Buzz Marketing for Technology , March 9, 2010. Buzz (589). Here it is - the very best posts and the hottest topics for 2010. How do we come up with these - well it’s based on social signals (clicks, views, twitter, delicious and more).

UGG Boots, Mason Jars & Other Trends That Marketing Made You Like


January 2011: Randy Clemens released The Sriracha Cookbook. March 2011: Matthew Inman published a viral love letter to Sriracha on The Oatmeal. So if you're looking to build buzz like Beat by Dre, don't be afraid to color outside the lines.

17 Compelling and Highly Usable B2B Marketing Statistics

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billion this year Source : eMarketer B2B interactive marketing spending will climb to nearly $4.8

An Introduction to 7 of the Most Popular Social Networks for Business


Getting to Know Twitter, The Buzz Generator. Twitter brings a viral, buzz-generating component to your marketing. Google+ launched business pages in fall of 2011, at which point Google+ usage picked up as brands started creating their own pages and building their following.

8 Industry Experts Weigh in on the Toughest Social Media Topics


We asked them one question: What surprised you about social media in 2011, and how did it affect your planning for 2012? Jeff Bullas of noted 7 social media surprises from 2011: In July, Google+ launched, a new social network that no one apparently wanted.

Top 60 B2B Marketing Posts and Hottest Topics November 2010

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Buyers Set the Pace for B2B eMarketing - Marketing Interactions , November 16, 2010 The ability to instantly publish content, send email, and Tweet give the impression that speed is a marketer’s friend. How to Kill Your Business with One Email - eMarketing Strategist , November 8, 2010 First let me start by saying the following story was brought to my attention by my buddy Kimberly LeRiche owner of JKVirtual Office and Fan Page Marketing Magic.

Top 37 B2B Marketing Posts and Hot Topics August 2010

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7 Reasons Print Will Make a Comeback in 2011 - Junta 42 , August 11, 2010 Okay.there, I said it. You’ll find no greater supporter of online content marketing than me, but marketers and agencies are talking up print for 2011. eMarketing Strategist , August 3, 2010 A home page is the page people land on when they go to your main URL such as 7 Reasons Print Will Make a Comeback in 2011 , August 11, 2010. Buzz (62).