The crisis of buyer information in B2B and how to fix it

Chris Koch

Could it really be that someone I knew was trying to get hold of me? So, like a fool, I finally called back (the iPhone makes it so easy to do!). If you would like us to stop calling you press…”. Yet even in B2B, we have a growing concern over privacy in lead management.

7 reasons why social media success has nothing to do with social media

Chris Koch

This week I was asked to speak on a panel about social media to a group of B2B marketers in financial services. But when the panel was over, I realized something scary: Most of the success factors we wound up talking about had nothing to do with social media. They had to do with other things that companies have to do before they can successfully engage in social media. But I talk to them all the time and I know that’s not the case for most of them.

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What Was Your Favorite Part of Eloqua Experience?

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by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this What was your favorite part of Eloqua Experience 2011? Whatever it was, we have plenty of ways to re-live the memories, again and again. Click here to view the embedded video. Click here to view the embedded video.

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What to Expect at Eloqua Experience

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Eloqua Experience 2011 kicks off after much anticipation. But we also want to add that those heading to Eloqua Experience can expect to learn about a wide variety of B2B marketing topics, from marketing automation to lead management to Revenue Performance Management.

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The crisis of buyer information in B2B and how to fix it

Chris Koch

Could it really be that someone I knew was trying to get hold of me? So, like a fool, I finally called back (the iPhone makes it so easy to do!). With the kind of maddening irony that makes me flash on doing capital punishment-inducing physical harm to a fellow human, I heard a recorded voice say, “Thanks for calling back. If you would like us to stop calling you press…”. You should have seen what they did to doddering seniors’ life savings via the telephone.

Earthquakes & Marketers on the Twittersphere [Chart]

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We used the Eloqua tweet feeder cloud connector to look at the #EE11SF hashtag on Twitter to see when people were tweeting and how the audience for that hashtag grew with each major event. most prescient: “More earthquakes to come at the Markie dinner tonight – make sure.

The Rise of the Marketing Nerds

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He’s run a lot of stuff, and even taken some time to live in France. ” That was the theme of Hilton’s keynote address, “Revenge of the Marketing Nerds”, during the second day of Eloqua Experience 2011.

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5 Foundational Marketing Books You Need to Read

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But, I can tell you there are five books you must-read if you want to acquire foundational knowledge. Good to Great by Jim Collins is the single text to which I return most often. When it comes to “contemporary intelligence,” I have a simple piece of advice.

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6 Signs You Need Marketing Automation

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by Michael Martin | Tweet this You’ll feel it when it happens: When you’re spending all your time managing lists and unsubscribes; when the sales team won’t return your calls; when all the good leads seem to land with your competitor. You’re Losing Good Leads to Your Competitors.

3 Tips to Optimize Your Lead Management System


Not every lead you generate is "ready to buy," and some leads will absolutely never buy your product. In fact, only 25% of new leads could be considered sales-ready, and upwards of 25% are probably never going to buy from your business. Manage those leads !

Video: Happy Holidays from Eloqua

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by Amy Bills | Tweet this If you looked back at holiday greetings sent from family to family over the decades, you’d probably recognize a pattern: a staged photo, plenty of smiles and those awkward sweaters! Just click the image below to watch!

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How Many Fields Belong On Your Landing Pages? [Chart]

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by Egan Cheung | Tweet this One of the most popular requests we get is to look at how the number of questions asked in a form affects whether or not people fill it in. But most of the forms seem to settle between 5 and 10 questions in exchange for an average 40% conversion rate.

Book Review: “Successful Selling” by Matt Heinz

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by Chad Horenfeldt | Tweet this As someone who engages daily with b2b marketers looking to drive alignment between sales and marketing , there are plenty of books, podcasts and blogs out there full of platitudes but short on practical advice. It reads like a guidebook to daily tasks.

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3 Lead Scoring Problems – And How to Solve Them

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Few marketers would argue with the premise that “less is more” when it comes to delivering the right leads to sales. Gone are the days of inundating sellers with poorly qualified leads or “prospects” with little or no interest in buying. But significant challenges still remain for most marketers in developing the right mix of leads that will generate the best results and not waste precious resources. Challenge #1: Inability to score or prioritize all leads.

7 Resolutions B2B Marketers Shouldn’t Make

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by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Every New Years many of us choose to draw up a number of resolutions: areas of our life and work where will improve or kick old habits. But while improving your marketing efforts is a laudable and necessary goal, some resolutions can lead you down a bad road when not completely thought out. We’re Going to Pass More Leads to Sales! For more tips check out our free Grande Guide to Sales Enablement.). We’re Going to Start a Blog!

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17 Marketing Action Items in 140 Characters or Less

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by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Marilyn Cox , Manager of Marketing Operations and Information Engineering at Cincom Systems. Marilyn is an Eloqua client and attended the 2011 Eloqua Experience conference last week. We asked her to share some of her post-event action items and she generously obliges below. I forced myself to focus on 140-character (or less) “Elotweets”. Need to start doing this. Want to hear more?

The Two-Step for Sales Enablement

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by Melissa Madian | Tweet this There was a time I would experience a what-if-no-one-reads-my-stuff panic before sending information out to the sales team. Sales Enablement is kind of like a dance where delivering the right content requires ryhthm, just about posting another piece of collateral to the internal sales portal then wondering why no one was reading or using it. Fact: We use Sharepoint as our internal document management portal.

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A Painless Guide to Planning a Marketing Budget

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I used to be a member of the “dread it” crowd. But now I look forward to the marketing budget process. I have the data to support how and where I spend my money. And I know precisely what my Marketing team has to do to hit those targets. To explain, I created a sample marketing budget below. To perform this “magic trick”, you need to know a few things: 2012 revenue targets by quarter (and the bookings targets) – assume this is $1 million a quarter.

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The Annuitas Group and Harte-Hanks Announce Strategic Alliance


Relationship expands end-to-end demand generation and lead management service offerings for clients. Grand Rapids, MI – August 30, 2011 – The Annuitas Group, an expert provider of lead management process services, today announced that it has formalized an alliance with Harte-Hanks, Inc. Gary Skidmore, president of Harte-Hanks Direct Marketing, said, “ The Annuitas Group offers powerful insights to benefit clients who focus on B2B marketing.

6 Steps to Defining Your Value Proposition from MarketingSherpa

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That’s how Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director and CEO of MECLabs , kicked off the MarketingSherpa B2B Summit 2011 today – and appropriately so. To define your value proposition, you need to understand the environment your ideal buyers live in and their motivations.

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4 Steps for Making Demand Generation More Social

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by Rob Bois | Tweet this Pick up any sales or marketing trade pub, and you’re likely to see that 2011 was the year of social. While B2B companies have jumped on the bandwagon, demand generation marketers often struggle to find its value. And you don’t need to be an HTML jockey.

Top 37 B2B Marketing Posts and Hot Topics August 2010

B2B Marketing Zone Posts

Ten social media and technology mega-trends to watch - grow - Practical Marketing Solutions , August 10, 2010 I just read a fascinating (and lengthy!) report from McKinsey on tech-enabled business trends to watch and thought it was important enough to summarize for our community. 35 (of the) Best Guides to Facebook Marketing, Advertising, Search and More of 2010 (So Far) - Webbiquity , August 26, 2010 Facebook is an extraordinary phenomenon. B to B (18).