How To Create Marketing That Doesn’t Suck

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And who doesn’t skip television ads or throw away unsolicited direct mail? of banner ads do not receive any clicks, more than 90% of direct-response emails are never opened and even fewer produce any form of buyer engagement such as clicking on a link.

Email Marketing Awards Winner Proves, with Millions of New Subscribers, that It Pays to Share

B2B Lead Generation

We are generating demand without having to directly pay for the usual media channels like banner ads, Adwords, etc.” Tweet How many emails have you sent prospects and customers this week? How many opened them? How many acted on them?

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Best Google AdWords Tips and Tactics of 2010


Where do image ads fit in the mix? Including Image Ads In Your Marketing Mix by PPC Hero. “Image ads (a.k.a. banner ads) are run on the content network, and they are a great way to add an additional variable to your ad testing, and reach your customers in a new way.&#

Marketing For The Small Business: How To Get Started

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Tactics to look at next include paid search, email, newsletters, webcasts, articles, banner ads and even pay-per-lead programs. I’ve recently spoken to a number of small business owners about how to get started in marketing.

How an Industrial Distributor Uses Content Marketing Effectively

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I have seen some industrial distributors who have taken steps to make their sites more customer-friendly by adding helpful tools such as grouping their products by applications, part number finders, product selection wizards and Live Help. SEO, banner ads and using Mike Rowe from “Dirty Jobs” as a spokesman has proved to be very successful for them according to Deb Oler, VP Gainger US Brands.

3 Ways to Win at Online Marketing By Becoming a Better Writer

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People seek valuable information online, while they easily avoid banner ads and blatant promotional messages. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Today’s article comes from Brian Clark, the founder of highly read and respected Copyblogger and the CEO of Copyblogger Media.

News Feed Optimization (NFO) is the new SEO!

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Remember the days back in 1999-2000 when everyone was trying to get a banner ad on the homepage of Yahoo! 11 B2B Marketing Predictions for 2011 Around this time last year I wrote about the 10.

Testing for B-to-B Marketers: How hard is it?


Split tests are easy to set up, and applicable to any communications vehicle that drives a response—whether it be an email, a landing page, a banner ad, Adwords copy, anything, using free tools like Google Website Optimizer or scores of other SaaS or enterprise software tools.

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32 Resolutions to Prepare for Your 2012 B2B Lead Generation Program


Make sure your landing pages are focused on a singular topic, and are aligned with your paid search ad, banner ad, or social media promotion. Everybody does list-format blog posts this time of year. Thought I’d give it a shot as well, running through a master list of “resolutions” as preparation for improving your inbound marketing and lead generation strategies for 2012 and beyond.

B2B Marketing Stats from HubSpot’s Marketing Data Box


Social media is now in third place (for 61% of B2B marketers), having pulled ahead of B2B publications, paid search and banner ads. HubSpot last week released the Marketing Data Box , a 3.4 megabyte, 65-slide data dump of marketing facts and statistics from a variety of sources.

How important is real-time data? It’s all relative

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To ad networks serving targeted banner ads Web visitors, real time is microseconds. The speed with which social media spreads ideas and information has led many marketers to place a premium on capturing data in real time. But should real-time data be such a priority?

Do you appreciate your blogger network?


Last week, I talked about using the long tail of blogger outreach –the idea that you can’t pin your hopes for most public relations efforts on only the A-list bloggers.

Content Marketing Strategy; How you need both an SEO and a lead generation/landing page plan.


More and more you see ads that promote the content assets available on a landing page. Free demo” “Free white paper” “Register Now” “Download Now” are all common terms seen in ads with the goal to attract a prospect’s attention with a form of thought leadership without having to go through a multi-page website. Banner ads/enewsletter sponsorships.

Content Marketing Strategy; How you need both an SEO and a lead generation/landing page plan.


More and more you see ads that promote the content assets available on a landing page. Free demo” “Free white paper” “Register Now” “Download Now” are all common terms seen in ads with the goal to attract a prospect’s attention with a form of thought leadership without having to go through a multi-page website. Banner ads/enewsletter sponsorships.

Beyond Marketing Automation: Building a Complete Marketing Infrastructure

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But campaign management, which I think is email campaigns but might be Web ad campaigns, also rates as harder than marketing automation. I found a one more survey that listed marketing systems, from the CMO Council in July 2011.

Why Direct Mail & Focus Groups Don’t Mix

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If you simply must get some indication of a direct mail campaign’s potential merits before committing to even a limited test, then consider using online media — email, PPC, or banner ads, say — to test message, audience, offer or creative.

Best Website, UX and Mobile Design Guides and Tips of 2011


Initially it was used for creating an illusion of depth in a 2D video games and adding to the immersion, but now, with the help of well defined imagery, JQuery and CSS3, it can be useful in making your site look more vivid and creative.

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It Might Be Time to Make Age One of Your Segmentation Criteria


And they’re twice as likely to click on a paid link or banner ad. Any demand generation expert worth her salt (and consulting fee) will advise you to segment your sales leads. In its simplest form, segmentation is the process of sorting the names in your lead database into neat little piles. Not unlike what you do on laundry day.

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Is Anyone Left to Click Your Ad?

Digital B2B Marketing

Who is Clicking Your Ad? In 2007, 68% percent of internet users did not click banner ads in a given month. Now Collective Media released new research showing 99% of internet users do not click ads.

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7 Point Checklist for Retargeting Campaigns That AREN’T Creepy

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Last week, I shared the results of an informal survey about banner ads promoting a site or product you recently viewed. More than 90% of the people I spoke with had a distinctly negative view of these ads and the few that liked them were marketers.

Companies Relying on Online Lead Generation Are 2X More Profitable [Data]


These results are consistent with HubSpot's 2011 State of Inbound Marketing report, which found that inbound marketing is far more cost effective than traditional, outbound methods. On the other end of the spectrum, the 3 least effective techniques were: Banner Ads.

Stop Advertising and Give Them Content! [The Numbers Prove It]

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But instead, below are real results comparing an ad unit to other elements of the page. Banner Ad: The top banner ad is outperforming the industry average 0.10% click rate [actual rate has been removed to protect client and publisher details, advertising has 'performed well' on a number of measures]. Social media links: Even though it is below the fold, the click rate on a link to the client’s Twitter account is 2x the top banner ad.

90 Tips to Make Your Blog Rock

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This post started with an article earlier this year on “ 30 Tips To Make Your Companies Blog Rock ” and I had quite a few comments by readers and so added more tips on more keys to making a blog successful. It will be a constant resource for clients as well as adding to your websites SEO.

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9 Amazing Mobile Marketing Statistics Every Marketer Should Know


If you’re like most people, you’ve never scanned a QR code or clicked on a mobile banner ad. This is a guest blog post written by Jamie Turner.

How to Optimize Your B2B Marketing and Sales with Online Video


In fact, this month the Volkswagon Darth Vader ad attracted 20% of the record-breaking viewership for the entire SuperBowl XLV in just 36 hours. Remember how much of a game-changer television ads were to print and radio? Replace static ads with viral pay-per-click (PPC) displays.

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7 Tips for Growing Your Email List With Sweepstakes


In order to maximize list development during a short time period, you must have a plan in place prior to launch that includes automated emails, banner ads, social and mobile announcements, etc.

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How to Boost LinkedIn Lead Gen With Targeted Company Pages


If you create banner "ads" on your page besides the standard dropdown box offers, you can add a tracking token to each image and measure how successfully those particular offers performed.

Should Businesses Use Coupon-based Services? [Marketing Cast]


“In history, there has always been a new form of advertisement,” says David Meerman Scott referring to radio ads, TV ads, online banner ads and the like. Many companies are now perceiving coupon-based services as the magic bullet to grow sales online.

Banners Have 99 Problems And A Click Ain’t One

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A couple of years ago, when he was still with WPP’s Mindshare, I heard Scott Sorokin explain how 99.99% of people who see a banner ad will ignore it. But clicks aren’t the only problem that banners face. Click fraud: Websites that fake clicks on banners.

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How Do You Leverage Paid Media? [Marketing Cast]


An example of that would be Google AdWords: you pay for ads that show up next to specific search results. Paid media encompasses a range of formats, including banner ads, GroupOn emails and even press releases.

Optimization Testing: Don't Obsess Over Conversion Rates


But is it fair to hold, for example, a banner on a home page responsible for higher or lower conversion percentages? Banner ad test: More traffic was driven to your site, conversion rate decreased, revenue increased.

How Do You Make the Most of Web Ads? [Marketing Cast]


In an effort to capitalize on cross-channel marketing, many businesses experiment with online ads. Web ads can be used to promote new content offers or product discounts. But how do you ensure your online ads generate maximum conversions? In today's episode of the Weekly Marketing Cast , David Meerman Scott shares some thoughts about making the most of Web ads. Check out the video below to hear his advice: Ad Copy & Graphic Lead to High Clickthroughs.

Make Your Online Display Ads More Effective with SnapApp


and.3%, it's no surprise that achieving ROI goals through traditional online display ads has become increasingly difficult. Most banner ads push a message to the user in a way that other content on the page (articles, videos, games, forums, etc.) Those ads stand out as distinctly ad content, and unappealing. Users become "ad blind."? Instead of running a traditional banner ad, try a SnapApp!

When Did Programmatic Advertising Start: A History Lesson


Remember those banner ads that you used to see when scrolling through MySpace or talking to your best friend via the antiquated AOL Instant Messenger? According to Wired , the very first banner ad was run by AT&T, “prophetically asking, ‘Have you ever clicked your mouse right here?

Top Marketing Predictions For 2015

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Budgets shift out of paid promotion (advertising), “through” social (ads on social) and into owned media ( brand content hubs ). Banner ads (less video or mobile) will also start to decline.

An Inconvenient Truth: Your Advertising is Invisible

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A growing portion of online advertising is purchased through DSPs and ad networks, and with literally millions of sites that sell ads through these channels, online advertisers cannot rely on knowing every site their ads are on. So how many banners really go unseen?

The Death of Magazine Advertising [FLIPBOOK]

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There was a time when you'd go to the newsagent, buy a magazine and then search page after page of ads in the hope of some content. Circulation figures are down and, with them, ad spending. On a psychological level, ads could be seen as an endorsement.

B2B Industrial Marketing: Recap of GlobalSpec’s Economic Outlook Survey 2012

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More than half (56 percent) of industrial companies have focused more time and effort on entering new markets in 2012 than they did in 2011 (37 percent).

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How to Create Genuine Experiences in Your Online Marketing Campaigns

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They use the internet every day and are no longer phased by fancy blinking banner ads or emails that promise they will make $5,000 in a single week. Users online are smart.

Native Ads Vs. Display Ads: What are the Differences?


That was, in fact, the year that the first display ad was published. It was a banner ad, produced for AT&T by McCambley, and it looked like this: It’s interesting to note that the first ever online ad didn’t feature the logo of the advertiser. What are Display Ads?