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7 Mistakes To Avoid In Your Next Webinar Invitation

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The campaign below from Parallels , a Swiss-based software company, provides a handy illustration of those techniques by displaying what key mistakes to avoid. I’ve written a number of times in this space about how to maximize response from email Webinar invitations.

Ranking B2B Marketing Automation Vendors: Part 2

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Summary: Yesterday's post described the objectives of my product fit scores for B2B marketing automation vendors and how I set up the original weighting for individual elements. vendor rankings vendor selection demand generation marketing automation

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Predictions for B2B Marketing in 2011

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Summary: 2011 will see continued adjustment as B2B lead generators experiment with the opportunities provided by new media. Mainstream B2B marketers will purchase marketing automation systems in large numbers, having finally heard about it often enough to believe it's worthwhile. Companies that aggressively seek help in improving their skills will succeed; those who try to learn everything for themselves by trial-and-error will increasingly fall behind the industry.

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Don't Fix Your Marketing Process

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The always-insightful Adam Needles is running a series of blog posts this week that summarize the “real state” of B2B demand generation. So far, his main points have been that the role of B2B marketing has expanded to cover the entire buying cycle from initial lead generation through closed deals and that new technology must be accompanied by changes in people, process and content to have an impact.

Teradata Buys Aprimo for $525 Million: More Marketing Automation Consolidation To Come

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Teradata is a logical buyer, having a complementary campaign management system but lacking Aprimo’s marketing resource management, cloud-based technology and strong B2B client base (although Aprimo has stressed to me more than once that 60% of their revenue is from B2C clients). billion company compared with IBM’s $100 billion in revenue. This excludes email companies like ExactTarget , Responsys and Silverpop [which does have a marketing automation component].)

Top 25 Articles and 8 Topics in B2B Marketing for March 2010

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Best of B2B Marketing. March 2010. Great stuff in the world of B2B Marketing for March 2010. We’ve hit a new low: The shittiest social media marketing plan ever - grow - Practical Marketing Solutions , March 10, 2010 A local news and media company is getting into the social media consulting business. Real Examples of Social Media ROI - Customer Experience Matrix , March 19, 2010 Summary: some published examples of “hard&# ROI from social media.

Report: Blogs Are An Important Part Of The Marketing Mix

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Share: Read more from Social Media Blog , Blogwell , Marketing Mix , Social Media 4 Comments Post a comment Andrew Corliss Nov 9 2010 I believe blogging but all acts of social media are now necessary for businesses. Blogs help deliver information from the company to the consumer.

Internet Trends From The Web 2.0 Summit

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5 Ways To Incorporate Direct Mail Into Your Marketing Mix

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c) regaining popularity in B2B circles. Yet many B2B marketers continue to be allergic to the idea of using direct mail, simply because it seems such a throwback in our mobile-social-online era. Pop Quiz! Direct Mail is: a) more expensive than email. b) quaintly old-fashioned.

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Social Intelligence: The New Imperative in Demand Generation

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The traditional approach to demand generation focuses primarily on outbound offers and campaigns to drive new leads into the funnel. However, the shift in buyer behavior forces companies to rethink their approach to demand generation. Because the buyer relies more on peers and independent research in the early stages of engagement, it has become even more imperative that B2B firms bring sales and marketing together with a shared approach to revenue generation.

Social Media and the Case for Marketing Optimism

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Push vs. Pull The battle has raged within B2B Marketing departments since the dawn of the web: push vs. pull, traditional direct marketing vs. newer inbound techniques like search. See this article for 6 Steps to Find your B2B Audience on Twitter.

Marketing, Death and Taxes

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It means allowing as many employees in our companies to interact with our customers as real people. Follow Me: Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Recent Tweets Have any B2B examples? Augmented Reality For B2B Marketing in 2011?"

Oracle Buys Eloqua: Winners and Losers for B2B Marketing Automation

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Oracle announced today that it has agreed to purchase B2B marketing automation leader Eloqua for $23.50 It suggests that neither Oracle nor Eloqua management felt the company was substantially undervalued.

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Marketing Automation Trends for 2010


Several new vendors appeared on the market, many existing vendors experienced rapid growth, and Marketing Automation as a term gained popularity among B2B marketers. In this post I want to focus on the trends in Marketing Automation for 2010. 3) It’s all about the buyer now, so why are you still writing about “my company this, my company that&# ? (4) Adam Needles , Director, Field Marketing and B2B Marketing Evangelist, Silverpop. Demand Generation?

Lead Nurturing & the 80/20 Rule

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A couple of months ago, in a respected marketing Webzine, there appeared a case study detailing a software company that had gone to impressive lengths to make the most of their investment in marketing automation.

Social Media In Demand Generation: Cracking The Mystery

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by Maria Pergolino So you bought into social media as a B2B demand generation channel. You built your company Facebook page, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts and you sat back and waited for the prospects to bang down your door. B2B Marketing Social Media Demand Generation

B2B Marketing Predictions For 2011

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So here is my list of B2B Marketing Insider predictions for 2011. 2010 was the year social media moved from cutting edge to mainstream (right?). Inbound marketing spend will grab more share of the marketing budget but will stay far from a majority in most B2B companies.

The Brave New World of B2B Marketing - Are You Ready?

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Your B2B markets are changing rapidly. It is now harder than ever for B2B vendors to get the attention of our audiences. B2B buyers are more sophisticated than ever. Brave New B2B Marketing World Welcome to the brave new world of marketing.

Sales Enablement Danger


However, even as amazing as email is for demand generation, used outside the context of a solid demand generation strategy, it can have a negative effect on productivity, communications, brand, revenue and growth. Blog Demand Generation Strategy sales enablement

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10 Tips to Plan B2B Content Marketing and Maximize Lead Generation


So here is a fairly obvious statistic from the B2B 2015 Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends Study by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs: 70% of B2B marketers are producing more content this year than last year. Have questions about B2B content marketing?

B2B Marketing Automation Industry Size and Segments

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As I mentioned yesterday, our new B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool (VEST) asks vendors to estimate the number of clients in each of four size categories. The small- and mid-size companies are the heart of the industry , with 55% of the revenue from 33% of the clients.

2010 Will Bring New Features to Demand Generation Systems

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Summary: the demand generation market will continue to grow in 2010, and it may attract some new, big competitors from outside the industry. But the real excitement will be features that expand the scope of demand generation products to support inbound marketing, better measurement, and more efficient content creation. 2009 was a year of tremendous growth for demand generation systems (a.k.a. What will 2010 bring?

5 Sales Closing Techniques

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If you start with the desired project completion date, then backtrack through project milestones to the point where your company’s product or service should be added, in many cases you and the prospect will discover that an order should have been placed some time ago!

The Future of B2B Marketing: It's Social

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I’ve already published my B2B Marketing predictions for 2011 and while I think I captured a good mix of new and traditional issues, I realized that one thing was missing: a common theme. And so this led me to the conclusion that the broader future of B2B Marketing is Social!

Lead Generation to Demand Generation

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How will demand generation evolve? We asked Maria Pergolino "What are key marketing trends and predictions for 2010? What actions should marketers take in 2010?" Blog Modern B2B Marketing Twitter InboundMarketer. Modern B2B Marketing Blog.

What Is The Future Of The Social Media Role?

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How Big Is the B2B Marketing Automation Industry?

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Summary: Here are my estimates for the size of the B2B marketing automation industry, broken down by customer segments. I've been working madly on my new report on B2B marketing automation vendors. These methods all yield similar figures -- around a $200 million in revenue for 2010. That said, here's an excerpt from the report: Revenues for B2B marketing automation systems (excluding related services) were $200 million in 2010, according to Raab Associates estimates.

Ranking B2B Marketing Automation Vendors: Part 3

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This reflects the fact that buyers really do want vendors who have experience with similar companies. vendor rankings vendor selection demand generation marketing automation vendor evaluationSummary: The first two posts in this series described my scoring for product fit.

More New Systems Challenge the Marketing Automation Status Quo

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Other advantages include Google Adword integration; tagging leads by search term and Facebook ad; integration with Webex and GoToWebinar for event management; and a partnership with ZoomInfo to add contact names from companies that visit the client’s Web site.

7 Common B2B Social Media Marketing Mistakes

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To help out my fellow B2B marketers, here is a list of 7 common mistakes that B2B marketers make when jumping feet first into social media marketing. Share: Read more from Social Media B2B Marketing , Social Media Campaigns Click here to cancel reply.

How To Shorten The B2B Buyer Cycle With Landing Pages

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The curious and cautious B2B buyers B2B buyers are curious about how a product can make life easier and business better; however, they are also more cautious when making purchases because a mistake can be costly both for the company and their career.

B2B Marketing Events 2010


What are the key events to attend when you’d like to learn more about B2B Marketing, Marketing Automation, Lead Management? I’ve compiled a list of the events that matter: B2B Marketing Events for 2010. Some featured events: Silverpop B2B Marketing University.

Finding The Time To Tweet or Blog?

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Raab Report: B2B Marketing Automation Revenues to Hit $525 Million in 2012

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I’ve just released the latest edition of my B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool (VEST), which contains detailed analysis of all 22 B2B marketing automation systems. I put this at $325 million for 2011, a 50% increase from 2010.

Top Takeaways From Blogwell Philly 2010

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To review, Blogwell is an event sponsored by the Social Media Business Council , a &# community for social business leaders at large companies.&# To me this means that in many companies, we are still being asked to justify the time, budget or people required to support social media efforts.

Blog Makeover Nets Sales Leads for Software Company

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How do you reinvent a company blog in a way that does more than simply provide a platform for thought leadership? Like many companies, Navicure’s corporate blog had evolved organically over time, and the marketing team was looking to leverage social media for more than just PR value.

The 7 Burning B2B Social Media Questions

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The session will be moderated by David Rosen, Chief of B2B Social Media at Makovsky + Company. We will be discussing what the PRSA is calling “ The Forbidden Dance: B2B and Social Media ”. This is an area of opportunity for B2B companies and needs to be managed very carefully.

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The First (Almost) Clickable Direct Mail

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I can only report that whereas the heady days of mail are long gone, far more B2B clients are utilizing direct mail today compared to say, five years ago. The company behind USB INSERT , US Branding Group , says that initial response has been overwhelming. (I’m

B2B Demand Generation Boot Camp: Next Gen Inside Sales Training

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In our case, we have pretty stringent criteria for success since we are a performance-based appointment setting company. Demand Gen Basics - Yes, we specialize in appointment setting, but we are in the industry of Demand Gen and appointment setting isn't just about dialing the phone any more.

What Were the Biggest B2B Marketing Disruptions of 2011?

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What better time to take a moment to ask, “What were the biggest B2B marketing disruptions of last year?” We recently highlighted the history of the biggest B2B marketing disruptions. So we asked 6 experts to sound off on what they thought the biggest B2B marketing disruptions of 2011. Google+ – Stephanie Tilton, Savvy B2B Marketing. The biggest B2B marketing disruption of 2011? Uncertainty – Joel Harrison, Editor of B2B Marketing.

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