[2009, CTR] 7 Common (and Dangerous) Misconceptions About SEO
    It''s a figure that has doubled since 2009. One important metric for growing your search traffic is your clickthrough rate (CTR). Google Authorship puts a face and a name to the search engine results, helping to build trust, communicate relevance, establish credibility, and improve CTR -- in some cases by upwards of 150%.". With regular algorithm updates and new factors influencing search all the time, search engine optimization is a bit of a moving target these days.
    [2009, CTR] Why You Might Want to Be More Negative in Your Marketing
    For a great example of using multiple villains in your marketing, just check out Career Builder's 2009 Super Bowl commercial, brought to my attention via Graeme Newell and 602 Communications. There's no question that marketers capable of inspiring people -- take charity:water's unbelievable case study videos , or even our own founder Dharmesh Shah's deck on creating a company we love at HubSpot -- see unbelievable success from their efforts.
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    [2009, CTR] One Third of U.S. Online Ads Now Served By Facebook
    Instead, online marketers need to focus on click-through rates (CTR) and ultimately, lead and sale conversions. 27 in 2009 to $.49 Connect with HubSpot According to comScore, 1.1 trillion ads were served to U.S. internet users in the first quarter of 2011. Of those 1.1 trillion ads, 346 billion of those (31%) were on Facebook. That's right -- you read that correctly. Facebook now serves nearly one third of all online advertisements in the U.S.
    [2009, CTR] Best Social Media Stats, Facts and Marketing Research of 2010
    And email messages that include at least one social sharing option generate a more than 30 percent higher click-through rate (CTR) than emails with no social sharing options. 54% of small and midsize businesses (SMBs) were using social media to promote their businesses as of September 2010, double the number using these sites in December 2009. Study: Social Media Affects SMB Purchasing Decisions by HubSpot Blog. last year (2009).
    [2009, CTR] Best Social Media Stats and Market Research of 2010 (So Far)
    30% of social media users access a social media site “several times a day,&# up from 18% in 2009. New Chart: Survey Says Inbound Marketing Budgets on the Rise by HubSpot Blog. 85% view company blogs as “useful,&# while 71% said the same for Twitter (up from just 39% in 2009). Erik Qualman updates some statistics from 2009, showing how rapidly this landscape is changing. 2009 Twitter Demographics and Statistics Report by iStrategyLabs.
    [2009, CTR] MarketingSherpa Marketing Summit, Top 20 Posts from Day 1
    19%-44% CTR. www.facebook.com/hubspot has 6,000+ fans & FB is a top 10 source of leads for HubSpot #sherpab2b09 InboundMarketer : Almost everyone at MarketingSherpa has a corporate Twitter account, though less than half of those people read Twitter daily #sherpab2b09 InboundMarketer : Less than half of those at MarketingSherpa have company Facebook pages, & less than 10 update those pages daily #sherpab2b09 And for the light hearted chuckle.
    [2009, CTR] MarketingSherpa Marketing Summit: Top 20 Posts from Day 1
    19%-44% CTR. www.facebook.com/hubspot has 6,000+ fans & FB is a top 10 source of leads for HubSpot #sherpab2b09. TJMcCue : RT @ MarketingSherpa The 5 levers for improving lead-gen performance: [link] #sherpab2b09. amberjwallace : RT @juliepower : Best viral marketing campaigns by b2b and b2c from Sherpa [link]. ajdun : Great stat from Sirius Decisions via #sherpab2b09 80% of leads DQ by sales go on to buy in 24 mos.