What is Browse My Stuff?


Search and navigation within the content community site is better, especially for Blogger/Blogspot blogs. Browse My Stuff allows the creation of topic hubs around virtually any topic. It is flexible in its use, but it is generally designed to allow the creation of either: Public Topic Hubs. White Label Topic Hubs.

Best of 2008: WordPress Tools and Tips


It may seem a little odd to see an article about the best WordPress-related posts on a Blogger blog, but for various reasons the WordPress platform inspires a sort of geeky passion that Google's blogging platform just doesn't.

Your Website Is More Than Great Design


Right now, her pictures of wedding cake designs are giving Blogspot traffic and search rankings that should be the website's. Right now, the North American site (Grader Score: 43) has a blog (the main site does not) with just four posts, the last one in July 2009.

Glossary: 39 Blogging Terms to Know


Avatar - No, this is not referring to the 2009 James Cameron film. Note: Google also has a blogging platform called Blogspot and sometimes referred to as "Blogger".