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10 B2B Marketing Lessons from Walt Disney World and Universal Studios


Apple has asked users to “think different” while IBM’s products and services resolve around building a smarter planet. The key in the B2B world is to understand your core market and make everything about your products and services ideal for that segment.

Are Multi-Variate Testing Systems Under-Priced?

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Both types of products tailor Web contents to individual visitors. More intriguing was the realization that sophisticated testing systems could probably charge more if they positioned themselves as targeting tools. Apparently the prices for behavioral targeting products are higher—perhaps because at least some of them base their fees on incremental profits earned for their clients (I know Certona does this).

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BridgeTrack Integrates Some Online Channels

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In fact, despite the press release, BridgeTrack managers have a fairly realistic view of the product’s actual scope. This shows in recent agreements with Unica and Omniture to integrate with their respective marketing automation and Web analytics products. Users of the combined set of products would have many of the the planning, off-line marketing, project management and analytical tools that BridgeTrack itself does not provide.

Marketing Performance Involves More than Ad Placement

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I received a thoughtful e-mail the other day suggesting that my discussion of marketing performance measurement had been limited to advertising effectiveness, thereby ignoring the other important marketing functions of pricing, distribution and product development. For example, the way you test pricing strategies is to offer different prices in the marketplace and see how customers react. Same for product testing and cross-sales promotions.

Deltalytics' Lloyd Merriam Comments on LTV

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Was it our redesigned website, product line expansion, more restrictive (or liberal) returns policies, or new factory that is primarily responsible? Whether a particular strategic driver had a positive or negative affect is difficult enough to discern. Tests can be conducted to measure the impact of, say, introducing a new product line or instituting wide scale changes in pricing.

WMC Interviews: Dale Underwood


EchoQuote enables B2B companies to automatically create customized price quotes based on the requester's email address and distribute lead information to an internal sales team or channel. EchoQuote fills that gap, on a pay-as-you-go pricing model that minimizes risk.

Best of 2007: Website Design


Landing pages are important of course, but not every SEM visitor will convert immediately—some will want to check out your site to learn more about your company, products and/or services first.

Book Review: Value Acceleration


The central contention of Value Acceleration: The Secrets to Building an Unbeatable Competitive Advantage by Mitchell Goozé and Ralph Mroz comes down to three points: 1) virtually every functional discipline in the modern organization (accounting, engineering, production etc.)

4 Ways to Build B2B Customer Loyalty and Generate Referrals


Here are four tactics to enhance loyalty and positive word-of-mouth advertising from your best customers. Low-Involvement B2B Products and Services For low-cost products and services, or infrequently-purchased higher cost offerings, one frequently used method is offering discounts. High-Involvement B2B Products and Services For higher-priced products and services, particularly those which involve long-term interaction between the vendor and the buyer (e.g.

Content Curation Grows Up, Original Content Still Key

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Rohit positioned that, as more corporations and individuals create content, the role of the content curator is needed. Rohit describes this position as: Someone whose job it is not to create more content , but to make sense of all the content that others are creating.

Best of 2007: Articles and Blog Posts on Strategy and Branding


Marketers Can Buy Buzz by MediaPost Online Spin Max Kalehoff of Clickable presents some interesting findings on the (highly positive) correlation between media spending and word-of-mouth "buzz."

Beanstalk Data Adds Service to the Marketing Automation Recipe

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If you’re a true connoisseur of marketing automation systems, references to multi-value fields, SQL triggers, export via Web posts, and import via Web services may have you thinking that Beanstalk is more technically advanced than your average marketing automation product.

ICON16: How Infusionsoft Plans To Dominate Small Business Marketing (and Make Life Better For Small Businesses Everywhere)

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Some companies serving small business have indeed reached multi-million client counts (see table), but their products cost much less and are essential for basic operations.** Infusionsoft’s challenge is to convince a large fraction* small business owners that their product is also essential. Product managers described a plausible glide path from having the system identify opportunities to having it suggest marketing programs to having it execute those suggestions autonomously.

Why Your Content Lacks Substance (and How to Fix It)

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For instance, in 2007, The New York Times came out with an article declaring that we see 5,000 ads and marketing messages per day. If you’re putting out the same content as everybody else, you’re not going to have a unique positioning in the market.

Attack of the Customers Press Release

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Customers are taking their complaints about companies and products to the Internet in record numbers, and a new book tells what is driving this trend and how businesses can avoid being victims of customer attacks. He was inducted into the CRM Hall of Fame in 2007.

Kale, Podcasts & Yoga Pants: The Secret Formula Behind Ideas That Take Off


video series follows Dickson as he tests the power of his product by blending everything from glows sticks to Justin Bieber CDs. Quite simply, Blendtec found a way to position their product as something truly fascinating. farmers grew 57% more kale in 2012 than they did in 2007.

3 Steps to Blow Your Visitor’s Mind with Content Marketing

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You can probably figure out some of the keywords people use to find products or services like yours, but do you understand which queries show the intent to purchase? About the author: Larry Kim founded WordStream in 2007. Social Media Tool or PR Nightmare?

Marketing Craftmanship

Since its founding in 2007, has become an important research tool for job hunters, corporate recruiters, and anyone looking for unvarnished behind-the-scenes insight into what really goes on behind corporate doors. Learning to Live With Employee Opinion.

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30 Awesome Blogging Guides, Tips and Resources


Those getting started or already active in blogging will discover how to: • grow blog traffic, • make content more valuable to readers, • increase blogging productivity, • generate more comments and social shares, • find royalty-free images, • promote your blog, and.

Social Proof: Are You Using Client Recommendations?

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Here’s why: Customer ratings and reviews are one of the ways we decide and choose to buy products online. If there are two pairs of shoes I’ve selected for my size and price, I’ll go with the one that has 5 stars over 4. Do these same persuasion tactics work for sites and businesses that aren’t selling physical products? One was a product, the other an experience, and they wanted to compare selling volume when recommendations were used.

9 Reasons Your Marketing Agency's Retainers Aren't Bigger


Clients expect you to have expertise in the software products they've chosen. When I joined HubSpot in 2007, web content management systems were still pretty new and HubSpot was really just a blogging platform with some keyword research tools and a form builder built into it. Not price.

Crunchy, salty, nutritious news & views on B2B marketing for technology companies | Velocity - the B2B marketing acceleration agency for technology companies

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But the excitement is tempered… Read more… Neil Stoneman | April 20th, 2009 | no comments How strong is your B2B positioning? Positioning is one of the essentials of B2B marketing but it’s very rare to see it done well. “That… Read more… Doug Kessler | November 28th, 2008 | no comments Evel Knievel, corporate positioning & corporate message development B2B tech companies are often run by engineers.

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101 Sure-Fire Ways to Make People Hate Your Marketing


8) Automatically Direct Message (DM) every new follower you get with a link to your pricing page. And if they followed you, they must be ready to talk pricing, right? 11) Make your business blog all about promoting your products/services.

How to Calculate Social Marketing ROI

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EMC is a premium-priced provider whose philosophy is to always go the extra mile to take care of the customer. That’s what Pitney Bowes did when a 2007 Postal Service rate increase prompted 430,000 calls from customers.

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Six Ways Infographics Changed the Course of Human History


Likewise, the use of infographics on the Internet —where users are barraged with a constant stream of changing information—has grown by nearly 1,000 percent since 2007. Guest post by Payman Taei. A picture truly tells a thousand words.

10 Actionable Blog Tricks to Skyrocket Your Sales


Your keyword strategy shouldn’t revolve around scoring the top position for the easiest keywords to rank for, or beating out your competitors. Back in 2007, marketing guru Marcus Sheridan was the owner of a struggling swimming pool business. Naturally Showcase Your Product or Service.

How to Reduce Information Overload |

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A Blog on Creativity, Productivity, and Happiness. Here are the reasons that I decided to consciously reduce my information appetite: Productivity Loss - In the face of too much information, we can easily get lost in the details. Did you notice a positive difference in your life?

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Centrifuge Systems Offers Powerful, Flexible Link Analysis

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However, it is currently looking for additional applications such as marketing analysis to understand relationships between customers, locations and products. Setting up a project involves uploading data to the server, connecting to it, and then dragging data elements into position as dimensions and measures. Centrifuge was founded in 2007 and has multiple government clients, plus a few in private industry.

Beyond Financials: VC & IPO Due Diligence on Sales & Marketing Metrics


Curious about how long each has been a public company, I checked on the years in which their stocks were offered: – 2004; SuccessFactors – 2007; and NetSuite – 2007. Extensive pricing pressure from competing services/products at lower prices. Frequent and rapid new competitor product introductions.

Online Persuasion: What Do Clients Say?

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Here’s why: Customer ratings and reviews are one of the ways we decide and choose to buy products online. If there are two pairs of shoes I’ve selected for my size and price, I’ll go with the one that has 5 stars over 4. Do these same persuasion tactics work for sites and businesses that aren’t selling physical products? One was a product, the other an experience, and they wanted to compare selling volume when recommendations were used.

The Best Ways to Hit the Bullseye with Experiential Marketing

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However, often boasting big price tags, the trick to successful experiential marketing lies in the balance between cost and creativity. There is no product here. In 2007, HBO proved this with its Voyeur project.

Alterian Pushes Into Social Media Management with Techrigy Acquisition

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2007), email (Dynamics Direct, 2006), marketing resource management (Nvigorate, 2006), and hosted analytics services (MarkIT, 2005). I expect Alterian to extend the product to monitor and manage individual relationships, thereby integrating social media with other aspects of customer management. The semantic engine can also tag posts with positive or negative brand sentiment, content tone and emotions. Of course, pricing could change under the new ownership.

Best of 2008 (So Far) - SEO Guidance, Part 3


Cheap SEO: it's about quality, not price by Internet Business U.K.-based based SEO consultant Brian Turner makes a compelling case for buying SEO services based on your specific needs—but most definitely not on price.

Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy: IT Budgets into 2011 - Robbing Peter to.

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The good news is that the second half of 2010, projections are in line with Gartner’s survey in the fourth quarter of 2009 when CIOs reported IT budgets would increase, on average, by only 1.3%, and spending outlooks are more positive than earlier surveys.

Cleveland’s Weird Tech Culture, and 5 Other Stories You Should Read


P&G has established itself as an industry titan through a relentless pursuit of pioneering research, creation of an diverse product line, and aggressive marketing strategy. Acquiring Gillette gave it a commanding position in the men’s razor market, and Thompson points to Gillette’s $57 billion price tag as proof that Dollar Shave Club’s $1 billion acquisition has been severely overhyped.