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Quick Update: Donut PR Guy Gets Hired


PR guru Greg Hoffman , who taped his resume to a box of Dunkin Donuts in order to get the attention of the hiring manager at Think Partnership , has landed the job. I'm not sure if he got the job more as a result of the donuts ploy or his publicity blitz across the blogosphere, but either way—congrats, Greg. ** The affiliate Internet marketing portal: WebMarketCentral.com Contact Tom Pick: tomATwebmarketcentral.com


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Looking Back at 100: Top 10 Posts


On the occasion of the 101st post to this blog, here's a brief look back at the ten most trafficked posts to this point: 10) Business Blogs: PR Tool or Marketing Tool? 15, 2007) More helpful tools for SEO, marketing research and blogging reviewed. 22, 2007) A quick look at browser branding and geo-targeted web marketing. 29, 2007) Web-based advertising services to consider when you're ready to move beyond Google AdWords and Yahoo!

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Web Conferencing Services Reviewed, Part 2


After February 18th, 2007, it'll cost you a few bucks, but it's worth it.) Marketing Sherpa recently published an excellent and thorough review of webinar / web conferencing vendors. Key finding: "A MarketingSherpa survey last year found that technology marketers ranked webinars as one of the top three marketing techniques and that 35% rated them as “very effective” -- second only to product demos in popularity."

What Works in B2B Technology Marketing


SEO Paid search advertising PR (including speeches, blogs, awards and technical articles) Consistent brand awareness advertising Existing customer referrals Cold-calling can still be effective – if done right. Marketing Sherpa has just published a free whitepaper titled Business Technology Marketing Benchmark Guide 2007-08: Practical Data for B2B Software, Hardware & Services Marketers.

Possibly the Coolest Tradeshow Toy Ever


tags: Ramboll, viZoo, Cheoptics 360 XL, trade show marketing, 3D holographic projector, 3-D, MediaPost icerocket tags: Ramboll, viZoo, Cheoptics 360 XL, trade show marketing, 3D holographic projector, 3-D, MediaPost The web marketing resources portal: WebMarketCentral.com The only Minnesota-based marketing, PR and SEO agency exclusively focused on B2B IT clients: KC Associates Contact Tom Pick: tomATwebmarketcentralDOTcom

The TruthLaidBear Comes Out of Hiding


While The Truth Laid Bear provides a portal and blog search engine for individual bloggers and blog-readers, Kithbridge provides customized technology, services, and strategies for businesses, political campaigns, nonprofits, and other organizations which seek to fully engage with the growing and dynamic world of the blogosphere and new media. Blogger relations, social media outreach and interactive PR for starters. * Again, blogger outreach through interactive PR.

Insight24 - YouTube for B2B Podcasts and Video?


Webcasting and rich media producer ON24 is beta testing a new portal / directory site for B2B webcasts , podcasts , corporate videos, and online demos called Insight24. With content in over 30 business and technology categories, Insight24 has been called " YouTube for B2B podcasts, webcasts etc." but the better analogy might be that it's KnowledgeStorm for online audio and video.

How to Write a Web Marketing Plan - Part 1


Helpfully, however, the Six Pillars model includes interactive PR as a key element; this is an important but challenging area for many PR agencies, let alone small to midsized companies. Stay tuned. ** Terms: web marketing plan, web marketing strategy, interactive PR, Blueliner, Racepoint, Kinetic Results, KC Associates The Internet marketing strategy portal: WebMarketCentral.com Contact Tom Pick: tomATwebmarketcentral.com.

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B2B IT and Social Media 1: The Buyer Perspective


tags: white paper syndication, ITtoolbox, survey, report, social media, B2B, IT, technology, competitive advantage, George Krautzel, Paul Dunay icerocket tags: white paper syndication, ITtoolbox, survey, report, social media, B2B, IT, technology, competitive advantage, George Krautzel, Paul Dunay The web based marketing portal: WebMarketCentral.com The only St. White paper syndicator ITtoolbox recently completed a study of buying influences in B2B IT purchasing decisions.

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WMC Interviews: Alan Douglas


Their Corporate Writer Resource newsletter provides corporate communicators in PR and marketing with concise, practical advice about writing, editing, format, design and writing for the web. Last week I caught up with Alan Douglas, president of Douglas Publications and the Briefings Publishing Group. Briefings offers newsletters, videos, reports and tip books to help professionals sharpen their workplace skills, improve productivity and become a more effective team player and leader.

Two Online B2C Campaigns Worth Checking Out


B2B technology companies generate leads and revenue through smart online marketing by promoting thought-leadership content. Examples include Kinetic Data's Glossary of Business Service Management Terms , Astrocom's explanation of why redundant Internet access is important and how it works, and real customer stories from unified voicemail and PBX-VoIP integrator Unimax.

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B2B IT and Social Media 2: The Vendor Perspective


social media, B2B marketing, tools, Paul Dunay, Buzz Marketing for Technology, Robert Lesser, LeadGenTools.com, research study, blogs, RSS, vendors, buyers, Douglas Karr, Marketing Technology blog The website marketing strategies portal: WebMarketCentral.com The only Minneapolis-based agency focused exclusively on marketing, PR and SEO services for B2B technology companies: KC Associates Contact Tom Pick: tomATwebmarketcentral.com

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WMC Interviews: Janine Popick


an easy-to-navigate website, tons of marketing resources, PR, tradeshows (we're going to eBay Live in June!) JP: Being a direct marketer I really discounted PR in the beginning. Now with social networks, blogs, reviews, you've got to put a ton of effort into PR since your PR is really in the hands of anyone who can publish to the web. I recently caught up with Janine Popick , founder and CEO of VerticalResponse.

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Viral Marketing for B2B Lead Generation, Part 1: Viral Media


Viral marketing campaigns can be effective for B2B marketers—but they aren't easy to pull off. The next three posts here will offer some ideas about programs, promotion, and pitfalls to avoid that may help in developing successful B2B viral marketing campaigns, based both on my own experience and research by MarketingSherpa. Most Popular Forms of Viral Media Online video is the most popular viral medium for both B2C and B2B use.

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Executive-Level Web Analytics, Part 2


ThinkMetrics CEO Brandt Dainow recently wrote a piece for iMedia Connection on the Worst Website Measurement Mistakes. Dainow advises web marketers to ignore total site traffic and focus on conversions. While the article is useful overall and Dainow's arguments are valid, I have one slight disagreement with him and one observation to add.

More on (Moron?) Behavioral Targeting


Shortly after my last piece on behavioral targeting for online advertising came out, the folks at MediaPost published three more enlightening articles on the topic. First was What's Next in Ad Targeting? from Dave Morgan of behavioral targeting advertising network Tacoda. Morgan makes three key points about targeted online advertising: 1) "you have to know something about a lot of different consumers and their actions within digital media and marketing environments.

The Right Kind of Behavioral Targeting


The recent acquisitions of DoubleClick by Google and RightMedia by Yahoo are rightfully raising privacy concerns about behavioral advertising. E-Commerce Times has reported that the FTC is investigating these deals because " Privacy issues and antitrust concerns go hand-in-hand, since the mergers mean combining overlapping databases about consumers' online behavior, from search terms and e-mails to digital photo collections and advertising clicks."

Book Review: Made to Stick


Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive And Others Die by Chip and Dan Heath explores why some ideas "stick" in our consciousness while others are never understood in the first place and are quickly forgotten. The authors cite two examples early in the book, from opposite ends of the political spectrum, to illustrate stickiness: Ronald Reagan's "It's morning again in America" and James Carville's "It's the economy, stupid" (proving that sometimes stickiness is more a matter of luck than brains).

Executive-Level Web Analytics


If most of your traffic comes from customers looking for support, both your product and your marketing probably need improvement. ** Terms: web analytics for executives, WebSense, search marketing analytics The website marketing information portal: WebMarketCentral.com The B2B IT PR and lead generation experts: KC Associates Contact Tom Pick: tomATwebmarketcentral.com

Book Review: The Black Swan


Most business and marketing books are written for the broadest possible audience, have the tone of a motivational speaker, and offer specific, concrete guidance on topics such as drawing more web traffic, better organizing your time, or closing the big sale. The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable , by Nassim Nicholas Taleb , is none of those things.

Best of 2007: Web 2.0 Sites


A number of new social networking, social search, social bookmarking, and other Web 2.0-related websites and tools either got their start or got traction in 2007. TopNetPix Billed as " an aggregator of the best sites, the best content and the best search results on the Web," TopNetPix brings together an extraordinary amount of news, blog and shopping content and enables you to create your own customized portal containing the web parts you find most interesting and useful.

How to Calculate Social Marketing ROI

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That’s what Pitney Bowes did when a 2007 Postal Service rate increase prompted 430,000 calls from customers. Let’s say we implement a customer self-service portal as a way to reduce support costs. We assume that the portal will require half of one full-time equivalent (FTE) employee to administer, that the fully loaded cost of that employee is $70,000 and that the portal will enable the company to eliminate one support position at a fully loaded cost of $70,000.

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What is Newsjacking and how to generate content through the buzz


David Meerman Scott launched the book “ The New Rules of Marketing & PR ” in 2007 to address changes in the way we work in these areas as the internet grows.

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B2B Marketplaces: A New Breed Takes On an Old Problem


The company was acquired by an Italian cement maker in 2007 for $15 million. GetApp.com business software portal: unlike broad-based b2b market sites, GetApp.com is focused on a specific niche—business software, SaaS and cloud-based applications. CD/DVD duplication or mailing services ) but shouldn’t be relied upon as the sole source for more involved, strategic purchases like enterprise software or a PR agency.

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Blog Marketing Tactics - 10 Tested, Proven Ideas

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Provide relevant, timely information to established media This is a really simple tactic I came up with as a PR strategist. Pull PR Pull PR (or inbound PR) is exactly what you think it is – it’s the opposite of traditional PR. Whereas traditional PR pros will push their messages to media and influences in the formats of press releases, pitches, etc. pull PR is, in my opinion, a superior approach: you draw media to you.

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Strategic Guy: Three Phases of Social Media Maturation

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